17 Fall Outfit Ideas Inspired By The Characters Of Gossip Girl

There are a lot of ahhhhmazing teen dramas. See: The O.C., Pretty Little Liars, and One Tree Hill, to name just a few. However, Gossip Girl was in a class all its own. Part of that obviously had to do with the fact that the show gave us an insider’s look into the ~secret lives of Manhattan’s elite~, but it was also because of Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), the great soundtrack, the #hairinspo and, of course, the fashion. Even if you weren’t dying to know what was going on with Chuck and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), you tuned in because you wanted to see what Blair and Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) would be wearing. *Spoiler alert:* They never disappointed us.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for fall and you’re in need of some inspiration, the girls of Gossip Girl are your perfect muses. Admittedly, they should be your muses for all seasons, but the fall is as good a time as any to start. Even if you don’t have the budget to snag designer duds fresh off the runway, you can still get an Upper East Side look for less thanks to our help. Here are 17 fall outfit ideas inspired by our fave Gossip Girl characters. xoxo

1. Blair’s Mustard Dress and Headband

We could always count on Gossip Girl to deliver the hottest trends practically straight off the runway. However, the show could also give us some major vintage inspiration. Just see Blair’s cream and mustard dress for proof. Thankfully, you don’t need to go trolling through vintage markets to get a similar style. You can find a brand new one the next time you’re at the mall.

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2. Serena’s Tan Leather Jacket and Blair’s Blue Coat

There is just so much fashion happening here, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Serena is serving up some effortlessly chic schoolgirl style with her tan leather jacket, undone tie, and plaid skirt. On the other hand, we have Blair giving us major glamour with the blue coat with cropped sleeves, sunglasses,, and that kerchief. Fierce. Get your BFF and copy these looks from head to toe. Sure, these ones are a bit more pricey — but they’ll be a staple.

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3. Serena’s Tan Leather Jacket and Striped Top

Gossip Girl fans will probably remember this outfit way back from the first episode because it is what made us fall in love with Serena’s effortless, bohemian style. Instead of just dreaming about the lewk, use it as inspiration. Ditch your usual black leather jacket for a tan version. Layer a classic Breton stripe top underneath and tie a printed skinny scarf around your neck. See? You’ve just mastered Serena van der Woodsen style.

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4. Blair’s Two-Tone Trench Coat and Beret

If Blair decreed that the beret was back, then it is best to follow her lead. In fact, berets have actually become more and more popular since Gossip Girl aired so she was definitely onto something. For a look Queen B would approve of, pair a bold hat with a trench coat in a clashing color. If you can find a trench coat with a contrasting collar, that’s even better. Don’t forget a chunky necklace for a little extra glamour.

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5. Serena’s Metallic Coat and School Uniform

Remember Serena and Blair’s face-off on the steps at The Met? Ahhh, memories. In addition to being a major power play, it was also a major fashion battle. Serena put up a good fashion fight by pairing her school uniform with a long metallic coat and tall boots. This is one of the rare times where we would willingly wear a uniform—and that even includes the plaid tie with the coordinating kilt.

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6. Blair’s Check Coat and Red Bag

Don’t fear those colder autumn days when you have to put on a more substantial coat and gloves. On those brisk days, just look to Blair’s black and white check coat for inspiration. Her outerwear is already slaying, but she has taken it to another level by pairing it with an oversized red bag and black leather gloves. Make like a true Queen B and get your hangers on/squad to wear coordinating styles.

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7. Blair’s Victorian Blouse and Navy Jacket

Bless Blair for opening up our minds to so many different styles. While you might have previously declared a Victoriana blouse as frumpy, Blair proved that it could be supremely chic. She paired hers with a black dress and a black bow around her neck. Then she pulled on a navy jacket and a skinny yellow headband. Try the layered look to keep warm this fall. There’s no need to resort to that puffy jacket just yet.

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8. Serena’s Cozy Sweater and Jeans

Now this is the outfit you want for Netflix and chill. It’s cute and cozy, but it’s still chic enough if your bae/gossip guy comes over, or you need to go on a chocolate and ice cream run. Leave it to Serena to make lounging in bed half-curled up look so good. Ditch the old college hoodie for a sleek long cardigan and dark wash jeans.

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9. Serena’s Black Coat and Patterned Scarf

If there’s one thing that we learned from Gossip Girl, it’s that even the most basic pieces don’t ever have to look boring. Case in point: Serena’s black coat. It has been dressed up with coordinating black gloves, a red bag and a multicolored, printed scarf tied artfully around her neck. Of course we cannot ignore those flowing blonde waves.

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10. Blair’s Plaid Dress and Statement Necklace

Don’t be too sad about the days when you can no longer wear your T-shirt and shorts outside. Why? Because it means that you will be able to bring out your long-sleeved dresses. If you’re having a bit of brain fog on how to style them, allow Blair to show you how it’s done. She paired a chic black and white plaid dress with a coordinating chunky necklace.

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11. Blair’s Dogtooth Coat and Brown Scarf

Just try to take your eyes off the beauty that is Chuck Bass for a second and take a look at Blair’s expert pattern mixing. The dogtooth coat would be fabulous on its own, but the contrasting scarf takes it to swoon-worthy Gossip Girl levels. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of mixing different patterns and whether they “go” or not. When you have two different neutrals colors like this, it will work.

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12. Blair’s Red Sweater Dress and Black Hat

We loved Blair for her headgear, especially her headbands at the beginning of the series. As her style evolved, she began experimenting more with hats. Turn yourself into a hat person by pairing a black hat with an eye-skimming brim with a red sweater dress. If dresses aren’t your thing, try a cozy red sweater with skinny black jeans. No matter what option you go with, do not forget the necklace.

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13. Blair’s Black Dress and Silk Headband

We just couldn’t create a list of fabulous Gossip Girl outfits without featuring a few of Blair’s famous headbands. Her black dress and headband combination is anything but basic thanks to the cute button-up dress with long sleeves and the dove gray satin headband. Notice the placement of the bow on the hair band? That is definitely not an accident.

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14. Serena’s T-Shirt, Vest and Skirt

There are those blessed days in fall when the weather can get quite balmy again. When Mother Nature throws you for a loop, take a page out of Serena’s style book and layer a vest over a T-shirt. Keep the schoolgirl vibe going with a plaid skirt and a skinny undone tie. And don’t forget the beachy blonde waves.

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15. Blair’s Statement White Blouse

White blouses are a wardrobe staple, but most of us find them to be a bit, well, boring. Don’t settle for any old plain button-down. Make like Blair and select a shirt with unique details like pleating or piping…or both! Then add a bow around your neck and fasten it with a brooch. No, it definitely isn’t too much.

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16. Blair’s Green Coat and Beige Sweater

This is the sort of outfit that will make you very excited for fall. Take a cue from Blair and embrace the season’s color palette in your wardrobe. A deep green coat paired with a beige cable knit sweater equals a chic look. Put an Upper East Side spin on it by accessorizing with a black designer handbag and flowing curls. If you can find a cute boy, that’s even better.

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17. Serena’s Red Dress and Blair’s Blue Dress

Remember when Serena and Blair had that impromptu photo shoot on the street wearing coordinating fitted dress with low backs? Of course you do. The dresses would work in spring and summer, but they’re great for a fun night out with the girls in the fall….or even a hot date. Whether you go red or blue, just remember to finish your dress with a waist-cinching skinny belt.

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