The Most Heartwarming Weddings Ever Seen On TV

In real life, weddings can be nerve-wracking, fun, and downright emotional. But, the same is true for the weddings we watch on television. For years and years, we wait patiently for our favorite TV characters to get their love lives together and when they finally do — viewers are there to witness all the cheesy, tear-jerking goodness that is their wedding.

While some television weddings are disappointing, or flat-out terrible, others are sweet, charming, and effortlessly tug on our heartstrings. From Lorelei and Luke on Gilmore Girls to Izzie and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy, here are the top TV weddings we’d RSVP for again and again. Hey, we might even volunteer to be a bridesmaid!

1. Dwayne and Whitley, A Different World

On A Different World, our favorite college sweethearts almost didn’t get married. Like, Whitley was two seconds from marrying someone else when Dwayne Wayne crashed the wedding to proclaim his love to her. After a few seconds of utter chaos and confusion, Whitley took off running back down the aisle into Dwayne’s arms. And the two tied the knot in a quickie ceremony, where Whitley’s mom proceeded to faint.

2. Phoebe and Mike, Friends

Everyone always thinks about Monica and Chandler’s nuptials being the greatest on the show, but Phoebe’s happy ending was a long time coming. She hilariously struggled for seasons to find the perfect guy for her and once she found him, not even a snowstorm wasn’t going to get in the way. Despite the bumps in the road, this wedding was dream-like.

3. Monica and Chandler, Friends

Monica and Chandler were an unexpected pairing from the jump. Monica was type-A and desired marriage and a family, whereas Chandler was a man with serious commitment issues. But, throughout the show and their relationship, the two proved to not only be a hilarious duo but undeniably compatible. It’s like they perfectly balanced each other out. The wedding episode encompassed everything the couple was — funny and sweet, while completely true to their quirky characters.

4. Zack and Kelly, Saved by the Bell

This couple was so dope that they got their own TV movie! If you stuck with the high school crew all the way through the college years then you know that Zack and Kelly finally got hitched after several seasons of back and forth. They attempted to elope in Vegas and that was a bust, but that didn’t stop the lovebirds from making it happen. Although the ceremony didn’t happen at The Maxx, they eventually got to say “I do” in an outdoor wedding with the entire Bayside gang by their sides.

5. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

Can we just pause for a second and admire how amazing Blair’s dress is? The wedding ceremony was truly a shotgun one to ensure it was over before the cops showed up to arrest Chuck and Blair, but it was still sweet to watch. That said, the Upper East Side couple was too cool to say traditional vows and instead swapped the lengthy verses for something simpler. “Three words, eight letters” from Chuck and “one word, three letters” from Blair. Aww!

6. Becky and Jesse, Full House

After a super random arrest in Tomato Country and years of failed relationships, playboy Uncle Jesse finally made it down the aisle. Once he and Rebecca exchanged their obligatory vows, the touching nuptials were capped off by Jesse performing a romantic cover of The Beach Boys’ “Forever.” And if that wasn’t sweet and cheesy enough, the performance was accompanied by a large gospel choir and a montage of the couple’s journey together.

7. Cory and Topanga, Boy Meets World

Hands down, this is one of the best TV weddings of all time! Not because they had the best food, or cake or dresses, but because we witnessed literally every step of this couple’s relationship. From their first kiss in middle school to them finally walking down the aisle years later, Cory and Topanga’s ceremony was one of the most emotional episodes of the ’90s teen series. Additionally, a bromance moment at the altar between longtime BFFs, Cory and Shawn also sets off the waterworks.

8. Izzie and Alex, Grey’s Anatomy

A cancer-stricken Izzie had spent all her free time in the hospital planning a wedding for Meredith and Derek. And when her health started to take a turn for the worst, they gifted the wedding to Izzie and Alex, who weren’t even engaged! It was such a touching moment with the whole hospital crew there. Too bad the marriage didn’t last.

9. Fran and Maxwell, The Nanny

When Maxwell and Fran met, it was clear to any fan of the show that they would eventually hit off, despite being polar opposites. They always found a way to bring out the best in each other, their romantic chemistry was off the charts, but The Nanny seemed to enjoy dragging out their courtship forever. And when it seemed like all hope was lost, finally, the show gave us what we’d been waiting for: Fran and Max Sheffield.

10. Toni and Todd, Girlfriends

Sure, seeing high-maintenance, sarcastic Toni get married to a guy she never imagined she’d end up with was satisfying to watch. But, the best part of the wedding day was the reunion between the four titular characters before the ceremony. Joan, who’d been planning her wedding in her head for years, was jealous of Toni for tying the knot first. Toni disinvited her from the wedding, but luckily the two rekindled their friendship just in time for the party to start. Sisters before misters!

11. Melanie and Derwin, The Game

After a tumultuous relationship from college to pro-football, Melanie and Derwin finally got hitched.  But, just before they say “I do” in front of their family and friends, Melanie excuses her soon-to-be-husband to go to the hospital as his baby mama goes into labor. Totally a “WTF” moment, but it leads to the most tearjerking, intimate wedding in the hospital’s chapel later that night. John Legend‘s “This Time” plays in the background while the two laugh, cry and exchange the most heartfelt vows. Seriously you could listen to them over and over again and still need a box of tissues.

12. Miranda and Ben, Grey’s Anatomy

Miranda Bailey is truly one the most underrated characters in Grey’s history. Her character is known for being super ambitious, sarcastic and at times a bit bossy. That’s why it was so nice to watch her find love again. She was married when the series first started, but her husband divorced her for being too involved with work. Heartbreaking to watch for women who question daily if they are able to have it all. Luckily she met Ben Warren, who matched her ambition just as much as his love for her, and the two were able to prove that women can have it all. Swoon!

13. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Anytime the dress is handcrafted, you know the wedding will be good! The hilarious couple’s simple vows — “I love you, and I like you” —  and watching Ron walk Leslie down the aisle, made for absolute TV wedding perfection. This was a couple you just couldn’t help but root for and watching Leslie get her happy ending was seriously satisfying.

14. Arizona and Callie, Grey’s Anatomy

At Grey Sloan Hospital, it’s always a good day to get married! But for Callie and Arizona, the road to marital bliss was long and bumpy. Callie struggled to come to terms with her sexuality and struggled even more to get her family on board, but no matter what anyone thought, she wed Arizona with Dr. Bailey officiating. It was seriously adorable.

15. Crosby and Jasmine, Parenthood

If you’ve got a live chorus singing as you walk down the aisle, you win in Bride Wars. “To Make You Feel My Love” can be heard as Jasmine towards a smiling Crosby. But, hold the tears. The best part of the whole episode: Their son, Jabbar’s giddy smile and sweet applause throughout the entire ceremony. Cue the waterworks.

16. Lorelei and Luke, Gilmore Girls

This wedding has been a long time coming. After seasons of watching their flirty banter, nights of arguing (like they were already a couple) and plenty of heartfelt cry sessions over coffee at the diner, Lorelei and Luke finally tied the knot in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But, in true Gilmore Girls fashion: the two decide to elope the night before their actual wedding in the middle of Stars Hollow under the gazebo. As if that wasn’t enough to make you use the crying emoji times 100, their first dance was to “Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips, the same song their very first dance was to during season four of the original series on The CW.

17. Piper and Leo, Charmed

We dare you to find another TV wedding as unforgettable as this one. Not because of the dress, or her hair, or the cheesy vows, but because it was officiated by a freaking ghost! Yes, like a legit real ghost. Shouldn’t be too surprising being that Piper and Leo had to literally defy the heavens in order to make their relationship work. Or because Piper is a witch. But still. A ghost? That’s some next level stuff.

18. Santana and Brittany/Blaine and Kurt, Glee

Double weddings seem like a terrible idea and a pain to pull off unless of course, you’re on Glee. This show managed to pull off a spontaneous, double same-sex wedding without making it seem too cheesy. Beyond the double vows and a double helping of love, a performance from Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Coolidge, and Gina Gershon make this episode a must-watch.

19. Miranda and Steve, Sex and the City

At first, Miranda isn’t too keen on having a wedding. According to her, she already has a child, so “the jig is up” and there’s no point in wasting money, time, or good shoes on a public declaration of love. But she soon realizes that she actually does want to stand up in front of her friends and say “I do” to Steve, giving us a cute little garden wedding without the typical white dress hoopla normally shown on TV.

20. Jim and Pam, The Office

We dare you not to laugh and sob through this entire ordeal. Everyone dancing down the aisle? Amazing! Jim and Pam’s private photo moment? So sweet! When Jim cuts his tie after Pam’s veil rips? Goals! And when the two escape the church for a secret ceremony with nothing but a look of pure happiness on the groom’s face? Best wedding ever.

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