20 Celebrity Parents Who Named Their Kids The Most ~Unique~ Names

Parents want their child to be named something unique and beautiful, which is why most mothers and fathers start searching for the perfect name months before their child even arrives. However, celebrities take the whole name searching process to the next level, and instead of choosing something pretty, they often choose something completely kooky. The only good thing about some celebrity baby names is that no two are alike, and when you’re naming your child Petal Blossom Rainbow or Rocket Zot, well, that’s probably a good thing.

Of course, the other side of things is that unfortunately, having an atypical name and celebrity parents definitely makes you stand out in a crowd. And for schoolkids who want nothing more than to be “normal,” this poses some problems. Below are 20 really interesting celebrity baby names, and it’s lucky that these kids have famous and powerful parents, because otherwise, they may have been the butt of the playground joke.

20. Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow

Baby Name: Apple

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow decided to name their first child, daughter, Apple, after — you know — the fruit. But why apple? Do the couple just really like this fruit more than others? Whatever the reason, the fruity moniker definitely deserves a spot on the bad celebrity baby names list.

19. Shannyn Sossamon

Baby Name: Audio Science

But if you thought the name Apple was bad, it’s nothing compared to Shannyn Sossamon (pictured) and Dallas Clayton‘s baby name, because they named their son, Audio Science. The couple got together in 2002 (before splitting in 2004) and their little boy was born on May 23, 2003. Sossamon has previously admitted that when she became pregnant at aged 23, it wasn’t exactly part of the plan.

“I wasn’t ready to be a mom, but if you have any desire to be a better person, having a baby kicks it right into gear,” told Daily Mail. “Now I’m a better actress and a better mother.”

18. Rob Morrow and Debbon Ayer

Baby Name: Tu

Rob Morrow and Debbon Ayer decided to get inventive with their daughter’s name by using her last name as inspiration, thus they named her Tu Morrow (you know, like tomorrow). Seems pretty cruel, right? Then again, the rules that apply to the rest of the world when picking out a name don’t really seem to apply to celebrity baby names.

17. Michael Jackson

Baby Name: Prince Michael “Blanket” II

Michael Jackson welcomed his third child, Prince Michael II aka Blanket into the world via surrogate (the identity of his mother is unknown) on Feb. 21, 2002. In 2015, reports claimed that Blanket, who is now in his teens, no longer wished to be referred to by that name and had gone about changing it to “Bigi.” He was reportedly bullied for years because of his name and decided he wanted it to end. Bigi is still pretty unique though!

16. Sting & Frances Tumulty

Baby Name: Fuchsia Sumner

Sting and his first-wife, Northern Irish actress Frances Tumulty, named their daughter after a pinkish color. Her name is Fuchsia Sumner. Luckily her name is not out of place (at all, really) in the entertainment industry, so it makes sense that Fuchsia has gone on to pursue a career as an actress. Some of her roles include Saving Mr. Banks and Billy The Kid.

15. Jools and Jamie Oliver

Baby Name: Petal Blossom Rainbow

Jools and Jamie Oliver are known for choosing kooky baby names, and all of their children have been named something unusual — usually more than one bad celebrity baby name in a row. The parents have faced criticism for their choice of names, but according to Jools, everyone should just mind their own business.

As for how the name Petal Blossom Rainbow came about, Jools revealed during an interview with The Telegraph, “I’m not sure where Petal Rainbow came from – apparently it’s a My Little Pony! I wanted to call her Rainbow but Jamie told me to calm down.”

14. Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza

Baby Name: Jermajesty

Turns out Michael was not the only member of the Jackson family to get really inventive with his choice of baby names, because Jermaine Jackson and decided to name their son Jermajesty — kind of like, your majesty, but with a “J” for Jackson.

All of Jermaine’s children are named with the letter J. According to Time magazine he said, “Well, I like the letter J. Both my first name and my last name start with it. So that’s nice. Also, my three previous kids — Jeremy, Jourdynn, and Jaafar — obviously have done well by it…”

13. Penn Jillette & Emily Zolten Jillette

Baby Name: Moxie CrimeFighter

Perhaps the most bizarre celebrity baby name on this list is Penn Jillette & Emily Zolten Jillette’s daughter, who they named Moxie CrimeFighter. Penn discussed the very different name during an interview with The New York Times and said, “Moxie is a name that was created by an American for the first national soft drink and then went on to mean chutzpah, and that’s nice.” HM.

12. Chris Brown & Nia Guzman

Baby Name: Royalty

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman’s daughter, Royalty is adorable, but her name is definitely not the norm. That said, these ~royal~ type of names, like King and Prince, are definitely becoming a bit of a trend among celebrity babies in recent years.

The rapper didn’t appear to have any part to play in the naming of his daughter, though, because a paternity test when she was several months old revealed that the little girl was his.

11. Frank Zappa & Gail Zappa

Baby Name: Moon Unit

Frank Zappa and Gail Zappa named their eldest child Moon Unit when she was born on September 28, 1967, but some may say she got lucky because one of her siblings was later named Dweezil. Moon Unit is probably the most well-known of the couple’s four children and she has enjoyed success in the entertainment industry as an actress.

10. Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Baby Name: Ace Knute

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson named their second child, a son, Ace Knute. There has been a lot of speculation about where the name came from and according to reports, Knute pays tribute to Johnson’s Swedish grandfather. So, if you think about it, this name is actually kinda cute cause “Ace” really isn’t that bad at all!

9. Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Baby Name: Bronx Mowgli

Another Simpson that has a penchant for unusual names is Ashlee Simpson. She named her son with rocker Pete Wentz, Bronx Mowgli. Wentz has previously discussed his son’s name and revealed that Mowgli was indeed named after the main character in the book-turned-Disney-movie, The Jungle Book.

8. Sam Worthington & Lara Bingle Worthington

Baby Name: Rocket Zot

For two people who make sure their son isn’t often spotted while they’re out and about, Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle Worthington named their son a name that was sure to stand out: Rocket Zot. They were also not impressed by the backlash that they received for the odd celebrity baby name. At the time, Lara took to Twitter to slam publications that had made fun of the name. She also revealed that Zot was a tribute to her late father, whose nickname had been Zot.

7. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Baby Name: Zuma Nesta Rock

This No Doubt gal and Bush guy named their middle son Zuma Nesta Rock. It’s one of the more unusual celebrity baby names, but apparently, the name Zuma may have been inspired by Zuma Beach in Malibu, California, a place that Gavin is apparently a big fan of.

6. Jason Lee & Beth Riesgraf

Baby Name: Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee and Beth Riesgraf named their son Pilot Inspektor Lee. Turns out this bizarre name was inspired by a song. Lee revealed during a 2005 interview with Entertainment Weekly that the opening track on Grandaddy’s 2000 album, The Sophtware Slump blew him away, and served as inspiration for his son’s name.

5. Bob Geldof & Paula Yates

Baby Name: Fifi Trixiebell

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates named their daughter Fifi Trixiebell (although it should be noted that all of their daughters have incredibly strange names). Her name was reportedly chosen because Fifi is her aunt’s name, and Trixibelle was because Yates apparently, wanted to have a “belle” in the family.

4. Holly Madison

Baby Name: Rainbow Aurora

Holly Madison and Pasquale Rotella named their daughter Rainbow Aurora, which is actually quite pretty sounding but still quirky, too. The couple came under fire for the name that they chose and Madison felt the need to defend it on her blog several days after giving birth.

She wrote, “I have always loved the name Rainbow. There was a girl in my school a few years younger than me named Rainbow and I was so envious of her name because it was so pretty and unusual…”

3. Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis

Baby Name: Denim

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis named their son after a fabric. Her eldest son is named Denim, a name that is definitely up there with the strangest celebrity baby names. Braxton has previously given an explanation for this, saying, “My son Denim, it was supposed to be spelled D-e-n-h-a-m, like Oldham, but when we were in the hospital, in Atlanta, the nurse said ‘how’s little baby Den-ham?’ So we started spelling it like the jean. I changed it to the jean. Some people say it’s French, and some people say it’s English.” HM.

2. Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef

Baby Name: Sno Filmon Dot Com

Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef gave his son a name no one will ever forget, but one that is going to take the little boy a while to learn how to write when he’s in the first grade. The rapper named his son, Sno Filmon Dot Com Cozart. FilmOn.com is apparently the name of his record label, and he reportedly decided to name his son this to promote an album. Literally, WHAT!

1. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

Baby Name: North

Another couple who decided to name their child because of their surname was Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, who was born on June 15, 2013, and they decided to name her North. So her full name would be North West. The couple calls her Nori for short — but it truly seemed like a tabloid joke when news of the name first broke.

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