The Definitive Ranking Of All The Disney Princesses

If you’re a female between the ages of two and 35, I know that you have some serious Disney opinions. A debate for the generations has consistently been who is the best official definitive ranking of all the Disney Princesses. For reals. It’s completely unbiased (JK — it’s completely biased).

For official rules and purposes, this list will consist of all the royal highnesses that have been announced and marketed by Disney as princesses, plus there are a few ~unofficial~ Disney princesses in the mix, because sometimes Disney’s rules about what does or does not consist of a princess is pretty lame (IMO). But sorry, guys — no new TV princesses, which means cuties like Elena of Avalor unfortunately didn’t make the cut.

Their ranking is based on the likeability of their movie, their personality, and other completely trivial aspects like songs and hair (duh — those are kind of the most important parts, right?). While I was pretty sure that I, one day, would grow up to become a Disney princess (spoiler alert: I didn’t), a grown-up girl can dream and judge the official Disney princesses to quell the pain of those hopes never becoming a reality, so here we go.

16. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Who are you? You spend your whole movie sleeping so I don’t even know you at all. When you aren’t sleeping, you’re frolicking through the woods with animals and a man you don’t even know, which is honestly a bit creepy. If I see a man I don’t know while in the woods, I run… I don’t dance with him. For these reasons, you’re last. It all worked out for you in the end, so hopefully, this ranking doesn’t come as too much of a blow to the ego.

15. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

People love Ariel and The Little Mermaid and I get that. It’s a cute movie, great songs, cute guy, and fun characters. But Ariel is just kind of annoying. Giving up her voice for a guy she’s never met? What kind of crap is that? (Honestly, that’s gotta be a metaphor — right?) Running away and worrying her father? Irresponsible and not role model material which is why she is almost last.

14. Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

My reaction to this classic Disney flick will always be “WTF?!” This movie so weird and terrifying. The witch will give you nightmares and so will Snow White’s gaping reaction face. If there’s one thing we learn here, it’s that taking food from a creepy-looking stranger is no good. I also don’t like how Snow White cleans and cooks for seven little men. I’m sorry, are we not feminists? That’s a lot of work I’m not down with.

13. Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda is a super hot gypsy. I legit wish I looked just like her. She is kind and sweet and even saved poor Quasimodo’s life. Then she befriended him and showed him the time of his life. She also led him on. I don’t think she meant to, but it happened and we can’t blame the guy for thinking he had a chance. And it was really sad when she chose the hot blonde guy over him.

12. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Tiana gets major props for being a working girl and not being born a princess, just like us regular folk. Unfortunately, her movie just wasn’t that awesome. While we’ve gotta give it props for (finally) including some more diversity to the Disney princess genre, unfortunately, many critics were quick to point out that The Princess and the Frog didn’t exactly break offensive stereotypes as much as the animated film perpetuated them.
Even so, we’re happy that Tiana did get her happy ending with her prince husband. She even gets her huge restaurant like she always dreamed of having. So props to Tiana for getting lucky, finding a prince, and making delicious beignets. Get it girl!

11. Anna from Frozen

If you’ve been alive for the past four years, you know how extremely popular the movie Frozen was and how ape sh*t little girls go for Anna. She’s awkward which is relatable and sings cute songs which are just plain fun. But that said, she is a little naive. Agreeing to marry a man you met that day is horrible judgment. She should also know her sister needed some space after the whole freak-out ice situation but instead made the whole thing about her feeling isolated from big sis which is just annoying. Overall, not too impressed. She does love chocolate, so that’s a plus.

10. Megara from Hercules

I like how sassy Megara is and I like that she is independent. She’s sarcastic and obviously turned on by Hercules’ muscles despite being an obvious man hater. She rolls with a rough crowd, ultimately endangering Hercules’ life. Not cool.
But then she saves Hercules’ life in the end. Sorry for the spoiler but this movie was released 20 years ago so you should have seen it already. Anyway, that was redeemable (and she really had no control over her actions at the time), but nothing about her really grabbed me which is why she only gets 10th place.

9. Cinderella from Cinderella

Poor Cinderella. Her backstory is quite tragic and the abuse she suffers at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters is awful. She deserves praise for not flipping out on them and spitting in their food. However, Cinderella was a bit helpless and had low self-esteem. Thankfully she had that fairy grandmother come save her and those cute tiny feet that fit into a glass slipper. But Cinderella didn’t rank super high because she also ended up with a man she spoke to once. I don’t get that and it shouldn’t happen. I can’t help but think she must have divorced Prince Charming when she learned of his bad habits… like doing everything his father wanted him to do.

8. Merida from Brave

Merida is very cool. She is not having any of this getting married crap and lets that be known. Her archery skills are impressive and she seems to have a great personality that is wasted in her Scottish castle. But she does turn her mom into a bear in a very immature hissy fit. Plus Brave is overall a bit boring TBH. It didn’t grab me and there’s no music. So boo on that.

7. Pocahontas from Pocahontas

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t LOVE the song “Colors of the Wind?” It’s awesome and you know you belt that sh*t out whenever you happen to hear it. Pocahontas is another non-stereotypical princess but almost loses her head (literally) for a much older man who came to slaughter her people. She ranks higher though because of her awesome music, flowing hair, and her cool BFF that we all overlook.

6. Jasmine from Aladdin

Talk about a princess. This girl has the hair, outfits, accessories, and palace. But she isn’t stuck up. Well at least not super stuck up. Okay, she’s less stuck up than I would be if I had her life. She’s a strong girl who can hold her own, refuses to put up with Jafar’s creepy B.S. and again — the outfit! We’ve got to say, despite all of Aladdin’s lies, to two are one of the strongest relationships in the Disney Animation franchise,
so she had to rank pretty high.

5. Elsa from Frozen

You’ve got to feel bad for Elsa. Here’s this little girl who develops these weird ice powers, and is then (seemingly) locked in her room for years, only to be thrust into leading a kingdom after her parents unexpectedly die. That all sucks.
But Elsa’s fierce and stands up for herself. Plus “Let It Go” has already become a classic song and it’s so damn catchy. She’s a pretty cool princess. And a level-headed one, at that, which we’ve gotta respect.

4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

I like Belle. She’s smart, confident, and not falling for any of Gaston’s sh*t. She also sacrifices herself for her sickly, older father and becomes a prisoner (which seems a little unwise but whatevs). That’s brave.
But she then starts to become sexually attracted to an animal which unfortunately is just a bit too creepy to get her a top spot. Like, I get enjoying his company, but blushing at a paw touching her hand never sold me. Yes, he does turn into a man so it works out but still… odd.
Fourth place for the bestiality aspect.

3. Rapunzel from Tangled

Anyone locked in a tower her whole life who isn’t completely insane should get some credit. Rapunzel also has some street smarts and beautiful hair. “I See the Light” is a great song and this movie is super fun and entertaining. I also like how she doesn’t drop everything to be with her prince. He has to work to get with her. For those reasons, she makes third on this list.

2. Moana from Moana

Moana is for sure the best Disney movie to come out in a while. It’s seriously adorbs. And the songs are fantastic! “How Far I’ll Go”is a lyrical masterpiece and I dare anyone to say otherwise. Moana is brave, smart, and confident — three qualities I think all young girls should aspire to have.While preparing to take over her tribe, she wants to do it her way and isn’t distracted by some guy. She only needs herself and a Samoan god. She earns second place despite being brand new, which is pretty impressive.

1. Mulan from Mulan

I’m seriously baffled as to why Mulan isn’t topping lists everywhere. This girl is hardcore. In order to protect her father she leaves home to fight in a war posing as a man! She is just as strong as the men and then she saves her whole country! Not to mention Mulan has great songs and is an awesome movie. Mulan is the BEST princess because she’s got all the qualities that make an A+ role model… which should be the goal for all these Disney films.
I wish I was more like Mulan. She’s awesome. Plus Christina Aguilera‘s version of the song “Reflection” will give you chills. You go Mulan!

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