16 Disney Channel BFFs That Showed Us Healthy Female Friendships

There’s a reason that the phrase “you can’t sit with us” has become so iconic in pop culture. TV shows and movies are filled with mean girls who will do anything to be better than everyone else, even if it means tearing down her so-called friends in the process. Thankfully, we have 2000s Disney Channel to remind us what female friendships are supposed to look like.

From Raven and Chelsea to Hannah and Lilly, female friendships from these Disney Channel Original Movies and series were some of the most iconic duos around. These young woman didn’t try to tear each other down or gossip behind each other’s backs. They encouraged and loved each other, and they taught us what a healthy female friendship looks like.

16. Raven & Chelsea, That’s So Raven

Raven and Chelsea are the definition of partners in crime. As Raven navigates her power to see the future, Chelsea is by her side through everything and (almost) never judgemental. They take on each other’s mistakes and help make things right no matter what the problem is. Not to mention, they’re hilarious together (remember Raven’s pet name for Chelsea? Biscuit head?). From dealing with boys to crazy schemes (the cheese in the school vent, anyone?), Chelsea and Raven are – and have always been – inseparable. It’s impossible to be perfect, but having a friend who can keep you in check can help so much – just like these two do for one another.

15. Alex & Harper, Wizards of Waverly Place

Who doesn’t remember Alex and Harper’s crazy, funky, junky hat song? These two are the most fun friends on Disney Channel. They always make each other laugh and have each other’s backs NMW. Alex may be a wizard, but that doesn’t exclude her from the day-to-day troubles of being a high schooler, as well. Together, they stand up to bullies and support each other through heartbreak… that, and werewolves and time-traveling. Even when Harper finds out that the Russos are wizards (and when Alex actually starts literally dating a werewolf), she doesn’t let a little uniqueness come between the friendship she has with her BFF. Through thick and thin, good friends will always be there.

14. CeCe & Rocky, Shake It Up

Ah, a young Bella Thorne and Zendaya. It’s funny to think of the two actresses being close to this day, but CeCe and Rocky’s friendship could hold up against any of the other Disney Channel BFFs. Their friendship is anything but typical, as they navigate becoming dancers and working in the television industry as young teenagers – but what they’re going through is still relatable AF. Although it’s only natural for some healthy competition to arise between CeCe and Rocky, the girls never let the industry break them apart, even if it means sacrificing a close-up or a front-row position. Best friends should always be each other’s cheerleaders, which includes knowing when to let the other take center stage.

13. Lizzie & Miranda, Lizzie McGuire

Even when they were both swooning over Ethan Kraft, Lizzie and Miranda’s BFFship (with Gordo, of course!) was always #goals. They certainly experienced their fair share of squabbles when they didn’t see eye-to-eye, but it usually just made them stronger. Whether they were together for the fun times like getting their first bras together, trying to sneak onto Aaron Carter‘s music video set, or hosting a murder mystery party – or together for the bad: dealing with Miranda’s body image issues and a scary babysitting experience – these two were ride or die.

12. Dorinda, Chanel, Aqua & Galleria, The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls are nothing if not fierce, both with their dance moves and attitudes, and that applies to their friendship, too. No matter what life throws at them, they always have each other’s backs. In a group of four, it can be hard to make sure everyone feels included, but these girls make it look easy. Sure, they had a pretty glamorous life once they became famous, but they didn’t get there easily. Each had their personal problems, but they didn’t let them distract from their collective goals. More importantly, they never let one another lose sight of their friendship. Because what is success if the people you love aren’t there to share it with you? Nada.

11. Emily & Casey, Life with Derek

Emily and Casey are another pair of friends who seriously support each other through everything. They never brush off the other’s problems and are happy to work together to come out on top. Even Emily’s on-and-off relationship with Derek, Casey’s brother, doesn’t tear them apart – though, let’s face it, that could’ve been massively awkward. They encourage each other to be their own unique selves, which is the best thing that a best friend can do. From crushes to problems in school, a best friend is the backbone that makes it all feel conquerable. Casey and Emily lean on each other for support during every hard time and love each other no matter the outcome. We all could’ve used more friends like that in high school – right?!

10. Gabriella & Taylor, High School Musical

Gabriella and Taylor’s story starts at the beginning of High School Musical when Gabriella moves to Albuquerque. The two are instant friends, even if they haven’t been friends since kindergarten like some other BFF pairings on this list. They have similar interests, and they bond over not wanting to feed into superficial high school drama. Instead, they’re braniacs! As Gabriella tries to find her place at East High School, Taylor is her #1 supporter. On the other hand, Gabriella encourages Taylor to step out of her comfort zone and explore new friendships and adventures. They inspire each other in the way that only best friends can.

9. Carter & Princess Rosie, Princess Protection Program

Carter and Rosie are another pair that didn’t start out as friends early in life. When Rosie is brought to Carter’s house through the princess protection program, Carter isn’t sure the two will get along – and they definitely don’t at first. Carter is a tomboy who loves getting her hands dirty, and Rosie is a literal princess who’s lived a pretty sheltered life. They quickly realize these differences don’t mean they can’t be friends, and they’re inseparable from then on. Carter helps Rosie figure out how to deal with high school, and Rosie helps Carter find a self-confidence she never had before. As with any great pair of friends, they bring out the very best in each other.

8. Andi & Buffy, Andi Mack

Like Lizzie and Miranda, Andi and Buffy are nothing without the other point on their trio – Cyrus. That said, this pair of BFFs is the definition of girls supporting girls and we love it. They may seem super different – and they definitely have their arguments from time to time – but ultimately, they’re there for each other and for Cyrus at every opportunity, proving that true friendship love is unconditional.

7. Zenon & Nebula, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon and Nebula are literally light years away from each other throughout Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and they still make their friendship work. After Zenon gets “grounded,” (aka forced to live on Earth instead of on the sweet space station)m the two video chat every day to keep the other updated on everything going on in their lives. Even from space, Nebula is there to listen to Zenon’s problems. Long distance can put pressure on a friendship, or it can make the friendship even stronger than before. These two definitely used their time apart to become even closer. (Also, can we talk about how this movie totally predicted Facetime?)

6. Camryn & Alex, Twitches

These two may be sisters, but they also become best friends in the movie. Camryn and Alex didn’t grow up together, but once they find out about the other’s existence, it doesn’t take long for everything to click. They’re able to lean on each other through finding out about their magical powers and basically saving the world. Which, let’s face it, could cause some tension in a friendship. They were raised in totally different worlds — one rich and privileged and one struggling for everything she has. Yet, they understand each other on a deeper level and not just because they are sisters. They opened their minds and hearts to each other, and that’s what matters.

5. Shauna, Keisha & Mary, Jump In!

Just disregard Corbin Bleu for a minute because we’re focusing on the ladies today! Shauna, Keisha, and Mary are the perfect example of best friends who trust each other completely; it’s kind of necessary when you’re teammates. When a part of their group decides to leave, they use their strength as friends to keep going instead of giving up. Though Mary develops a risky crush on the neighbor – and newest member of their double dutch team – Shauna and Keisha encourage her to go for it. They help each other through the good times and the bad, and they don’t have to separate their friendship from their sport to keep their relationship thriving.

4. Ella & Peggy, Camp Rock

Ella and Peggy aren’t the stars of the show at Camp Rock. In fact, they start out as back up singers for Tess Tyler, one of the most popular girls at the camp. She treats them unfairly and doesn’t appreciate their talent, but the two find support and encouragement in each other. Nothing brings you closer like teaming up with someone else getting picked on by the same person. Ultimately, they help each other find their voices and stand up for themselves.

3. Mahree & Piper, The Color of Friendship

Mahree and Piper definitely have a rocky start to their friendship. When Mahree comes from South Africa to live with Piper, neither is what the other expected. Mahree struggles to fit in at an American high school, and Piper isn’t too quick to help her at first. As the two spend more time with each other, they learn that they aren’t so different after all. Their preconceptions about each other disappear, and they learn to take on life together. Together, they become better individuals – just as any best friends should do for each other.

2. Brittany & Natasha, Stuck in the Suburbs

We love friends who push each other to better themselves and that’s just what Natasha and Brittany’s duo is all about. When Natasha moves into the neighborhood, she starts to coax Brittany out of her comfort zone in the best way possible. They become extras in a music video for one of their favorite singers, and they eventually work together to save a historical house in their neighborhood. Seeing their friendship develop throughout Stuck in the Suburbs shows that your next best friend could enter your life at any time. Some best friends have years to get to know each other and some just click from day one.

1. Miley & Lilly, Hannah Montana

From the very first episode of Hannah Montana, when Lilly discovers Miley’s secret life, these two are total friend goals. Their adventures together are endless, whether they’re traveling as Hannah and Lola (Lilly’s “famous” alter ego) or catching up with friends in Malibu. Sure, they had their fights throughout each season, but no friendship is wholly without conflict. Lilly often struggled with Miley’s demanding schedule, and Miley struggled to stay grounded despite her fame. But they always came together and admitted their mistakes, which is so important in any healthy friendship. They never let their friendship become toxic, no matter how hard things got, and we can all learn a little from that.

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