16 Of The Creepiest Brother/Sister Relationships On TV

Siblings have an undeniable bond that’s strengthened by history, being forced to hang out with each other on boring family vacations, and those inevitable yelling matches about the smallest things. But no matter what, you always have each others’ backs, and that’s kind of the best part about having a brother or sister.

On TV, however, that’s not always the case. Instead, siblings are seen trying to murder, manipulate, and even make out with each other. Yes, really. TV brothers and sisters are NOT your typical siblings, and if they teach us anything, it’s to remember that boundaries exist for a reason. It’s becoming a trend to include dysfunctional sibling relationships in popular TV shows to add to the ~intrigue~, but we think it’s pretty creepy.

16. Jenna Marshall & Toby Cavanaugh On Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is full of weird sibling relationships, but the one that sticks out the most is Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh. When the pair are introduced to the series, there’s an obvious air of something else going on between the two. Later, we find out that the step-siblings are getting intimate, but not because they’re both into it. Instead, Jenna is pressuring Toby into sleeping with her, and he wants it to stop. Plus, everyone assumes he’s the one doing the pressuring. Poor Tobes. He finds his redemption later on in the series (and his real true love!).

15. Cersei & Jamie Lannister On Game Of Thrones

It’s no surprise that Game of Thrones made this list. With all of its many characters and plot twists, it makes sense that the writers would have dipped their toes into creepy sibling relationships. For Cersei and Jamie Lannister, their story is one of the main points of the whole series. It’s discovered that Jamie and Cersei are actually fraternal twins that have been in a romantic relationship since their childhood. To make it even grosser, all of Cersei’s children were actually fathered by Jamie, not her husband. Not the worst thing that’s happened in Westeros, but it’s up there.

14. Dennis & Dee Reynolds On It’S Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Dennis and Dee Reynolds may not be sleeping together, but they sure are a creepy brother and sister pair. Dennis himself is extremely narcissistic and tortures his sister both mentally and physically throughout the show. Dee, on the other hand, is just as manipulative and is always trying to make the situation about her. When you put the two together, there’s bound to be chaos. If you need even more proof that something’s creepy between these two, Dee actually thinks that Dennis may have slept with her while they were both drunk. Sure, they find out it’s not true – but if you think you and your bro could actually get jiggy with it, there’s something wrong.

13. Octavia & Octavian On Rome

In the HBO series Rome, Octavia and Octavian’s relationship is complicated AF and not in the normal way. Octavia is manipulated by her lover to seduce her younger brother Octavian, since he’s set to become Emporer Augustus in the future and they want a piece of the power. What’s even more messed up is that the audience discovers that Octavian knew all along about Octavia’s plan, and he only went along with it to see what she wanted in return. That’s so f*cked up.

12. Cesare & Lucrezia Borgia On The Borgias

It’s fairly obvious that Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia don’t have your normal sibling relationship on The Borgias. Over the course of the show, Cesare threatened to murder his sister’s husband, comparing them to fictional star-crossed lovers. Lucrezia also once asked her brother if he loves God, to which he replied: “More than I love you?” …K. It’s not a one-sided relationship, though. Lucrezia has said that she could never love a husband as much as her brother. The line? Definitely crossed. Let’s not even talk about the moment when she watches her brother have sex! We don’t care that the siblings even get intimate in the show, they may as well have with some of these bizarre antics.

11. Billy & Brenda Chenowith On Six Feet Under

On Six Feet Under, Billy Chenowith has an obviously unhealthy relationship with his sister Brenda. She has some love for him, they both even have tattoos of each other’s childhood nickname on their backs, but it’s pretty obvious Billy’s feelings are stronger than his sister’s. Shown as having bipolar disorder, Billy’s been known to have manic episodes when he doesn’t take his meds and when he does, his sister is often the victim of these behaviors. For example, the time he tries to carve Brenda’s tattoo out of her back. As the show progresses, Billy even tries to kiss Brenda. Brenda becomes wrapped up in the drama and finds herself even having dreams in which Billy tells her every man she’s had sex with was just a substitute for him. Yikes.

10. Boone & Shannon Carlyle On Lost

Boone and Shannon on Lost might not be biological, but they definitely act like your typical brother/sister pair with their bickering. Then, of course, audiences discover that Shannon and Boone had sex the night before the plane crash, making for a very awkward life stranded on the island. To make matters worse, Shannon took advantage of Boone’s longstanding attracting to her to get to his money… Not a good look, girlie.

9. Ross & Monica Geller On Friends

Friends is a show that is lauded for its friend and family dynamics, but there’s something a little abnormal happening in the relationship between Ross and Monica. We know, compared to the other items on this list, it’s nothing… but it’s still worth a mention. Ross and Monica weren’t exactly Mr. and Ms. Popularity as children, so it makes sense that the two are very close since they spent a lot of their time together. But that doesn’t excuse that the pair has some seriously weird interactions with one another, i.e., situations where Monica asks Ross which dress makes her look more willing to get laid, and the one where we find out that Ross’s first kiss wasn’t with Rachel as he thought… but actually with Monica while the lights were off! What is going on between these two?

8. Kai Parker & Jo Laughlin On The Vampire Diaries

The added supernatural layer of The Vampire Diaries doesn’t make Dr. Jo Laughlin and Kai Parker’s relationship any less creepy. The two are fraternal twins with a number of problems, one being that Kai wants to be the leader of a coven and went around killing all of his siblings so that he could be. There’s a tense back and forth between Kai and Jo throughout the series, and it culminates in one of the saddest moments of the show. Acting on his life-long vendetta, Kai ends up killing Jo on her wedding day… with her twin babies growing inside her. Who does that? Sure, this one’s not creepy in the incest-y way, but a brother trying to murder his own twin for power? Creepy AF.

7. Viserys & Daenerys Targaryen On Game Of Thrones

Surprise, surprise — Game of Thrones has made the list again. This time, it’s for siblings Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen, whose relationship tops the list for creepiest. First and foremost, let’s talk about how Viserys is extremely possessive of his sister, and we even see him strip and fondle her at one point. On the show, Cersei mentions that the House Targaryen has practiced incest for hundreds of years “to keep the bloodlines pure,” so we totally get the gist of what’s going on. Doesn’t make it any less gross though. In interviews, Harry Lloyd, the actor who plays Viserys, has called Daenerys his character’s “sister, wife, and daughter” due the intimacy they share. Not okay.

6. Lissa & Tyler Miller On Awkard.

MTV’s Awkward was not afraid to talk about taboo topics, tackling everything from masturbation to teen pregnancy, bullying, and more. One of the most shocking takes, however, was when Lissa’s family adopted a son from Africa. While the audience first thinks he will be a child, it’s revealed that Tyler, the adopted son, is actually a college kid who’s super attractive. Despite Lissa’s overt religiousness, she makes a move on Tyler, and the two start a fling. During senior year, the two have sex. Adopted or not, that definitely crosses a line.

5. Debra & Dexter Morgan On Dexter

While Dexter Morgan from Dexter may be a serial killer, it’s potentially almost as bad that his sister has feelings for him! Yes, technically the two aren’t siblings, but Debra’s family raised Dexter since he was a toddler, and they’re legally brother and sister no matter what. No grey areas, here. At the beginning of the series, the two are a completely normal pair of siblings. Eventually, however, Debra develops feelings for Dexter and even admits it to him. Mortifying! It doesn’t help that she starts dreaming about him, either.

4. Lindsay & Michael Bluth On Arrested Development

In a season finale for Arrested Development, Lindsay Bluth finds out that she was actually adopted into the family. Yes, finding out something like that so late in life might cause a few bad decisions, but after she discovers this, she desperately tries to get Michael to marry her, though he’s adamately against it. Literally, episodes ago they thought they were blood siblings and now she’s trying to shack up with him? Blood’s not everything, honey!

3. Henry Dunn & Abby Mills On Harper’S Island

On Harper’s Island, we’re forced to act the question ‘is it still incest if they don’t know they’re related?’ The answer is quite obviously yes, but alas… Although the two were introduced as children, Henry Dunn and Abby Mills weren’t told of their family relationship for decades. As the show progresses, Henry falls for Abby. When he later finds out his true parentage – that they share a mother who gave him up for adoption – Henry decides the best thing to do would be to live alone on an island and pretend to be dead. Naturally. Oh, and he also murders 30 people somewhere in there. Abby, however, isn’t happy with Henry’s plan and stabs him to death with his own knife.

2. Declan & Fiona Coyne On Degrassi: The Next Generation

Degrassi: The Next Generation was known for its over-the-top storylines and crazy plot twists, so a creepy sibling relationship is really no surprise. Declan and Fiona, twins who transfer to Degrassi High, always have a particularly sexual energy between them. It’s so intense that Fiona actually makes out with Declan in front of his girlfriend during a fit of jealous rage. While their relationship is never explicitly discussed, and Declan pretty obviously wasn’t down for that kiss, Fiona does say some sus things, like the line “boyfriends are temporary; brothers are forever.” Uncomf.

1. The Blossom Twins On Riverdale

While the CW’s Riverdale is a gritty teenage hit, it sometimes lends itself to taboo plot lines. Though the Blossom twins’ relationship being anything more than platonic has never been confirmed, it’s definitely hinted at. The two give off a very weird vibe, especially considering the show starts off with them confessing their love to each other while rowing a boat in the middle of a lake. Cheryl also tells Jason they’re soulmates, the pair holds hands, and they share milkshakes. The show’s creator claims the relationship is strictly non-incestuous, but Jason and Cheryl continue to give viewers a major twincest vibe. It’s not the most blatant example of incest in the show (remember when Polly finds out that her dead baby daddy, Jason, is her third cousin?), but it’s still pretty weird.

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