10 Food Hack Videos That Will Make You Actually Want To Cook

Possibly the best thing the internet has given us are life “hacks” that demystify everyday tasks. Things that were seemingly impossible or impossibly tedious are now easy to do! Some of these tips are so obvious, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of  them yourself.

Here are 10 food hacks that will make you actually want to cook:

10. How To Cook An Egg So That It Fits On A Sandwich. The days of messy breakfast sandwiches are over.

9. How To Cut Cherry Tomatoes Like A Ninja. This video has gone viral because it is awesome and helpful.

8. How To Easily Remove A Pit From An Avocado. Avocado pits are the pits. Don’t waste any precious avocado flesh removing them.

7. How To Make A Single Cookie In A Mug In Under A Minute. Sometimes you don’t want to make a whole batch of cookies to satisfy your hankering.

6. Easy Mashed Potato Hack. Mashed potatoes were always deceptively laborious to prepare…until now.

5. Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Hack. The ice cream man can go ring his bell elsewhere. We don’t need him anymore!

4. How To Peel Garlic In Seconds. YES! Now, warding off vampires and flavoring food won’t be so frustrating.

3. How To Get The Seeds Out Of A Pomegranate In 10 Seconds. This hack is so good, it feels like you’re cheating the laws of physics!

2. How To Cut An Onion Without Crying. If you just get emotional about onions, this won’t help you.

1. How To Crack Open A Coconut. I’ve always seen coconuts at the grocery store and gotten upset that even if I bought one, I wouldn’t be able to open it because I’m not some sort of tropical wizard. Try and stop me now, coconut shells!

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