16 Tattoos Every Comic Book Nerd Will Want For Themselves

Many would assume that the last thing a comic book nerd would have is a huge tattoo. Think again. They oftentimes have some of the best ones out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re are a DC or Marvel fan (and let’s face it, the rivalry is REAL right now), there’s a piece of ink that’ll always deliver. Portraits of movie portrayals, cute re-imaginations, and even couple/BFF tattoos — there’s something out there for everyone’s aesthetic.

We’ve scoured through the corners of the web to find the absolute best ones. Now, take a look and fair warning, you just might be inspired to get your own. We’re sure thinking about it right about now. Who knows, you might be walking away with dreams of a full sleeve after seein’ some of these beauties.

16. Deadpool

A lot of the times superheroes are these clean cuts guys and gals who just want to do good and make the world a better place. Then there is Deadpool. The murk with the mouth, he’s definitely one of a kind. Always quick with the wit and not afraid to drop an f-bomb once in awhile, Deadpool is the hero for the rule breakers out there. While he can be gritty, he also has cute sense of humor that’s depicted perfectly with this tattoo.

15. Superman

What people love about Superman is that he’s basically the strongest dude – ever. Well, in the DC Universe at least. The Justice League had to go to some extreme lengths to bring him back from the dead and it was well worth it. Anyways, this tattoo depicts the iconic shift between Clark Kent and Superman. Ripping off his 9-5 attire to save the world whenever necessary… we love it.

14. Wonder Woman

Representing extreme girl power since 1941, Wonder Woman is a beacon of light. Showcasing a strong female who doesn’t take BS from anyone and can handle herself, YAS! Fans of Wonder Woman are in awe of her tenacity and spirit, especially this superfan who got a tattoo of her. What we love about this is that she’s faceless, sort of saying that anyone can be Wonder Woman. We ladies have all got the power to do so.

13. The Flash

Don’t you just love when fans combine their favorites into one design? This Flash/Pikachu combo is absolutely adorable. Both utilize a flash of electricity, only The Flash is incredibly fast in ways Pikachu could only wish. Genius.

12. Aquaman

We respect the Aquaman fans out there. This hero gets a lot of disrespect, but after seeing Jason Momoa take on the role, we feel that’s about to change. At the core, he’s like a badass mermaid. Which we think is freaking awesome. We also think this watercolor tattoo is awesome. How fitting to do Aquaman in WATERcolor. We got it… clever.

11. Batman

When one thinks of Batman, they tend to think of darkness. He lost his parents and now spends his time (and a lot of money) trying to make the world right. Only it’s a dark and dismal world he lives in. Gotham is anything but pretty. That’s why we appreciate this tattoo bringing some beauty and elegance to the Batman fandom. Plus, it’s great for the many femme comic book fans out there.

10. Joker

One cannot talk about Batman without talking about Joker. One of the best villains ever, fans have loved/hated/loved-to-hate him in every form. This means comics, movies and beyond. Of course, while he’s been as charismatic as can be in print and on TV, Heath Ledger really took the character to a whole new level in The Dark Knight. So it’s no surprise that many have permanently placed the late actor on their body like we see here with a lovely homage to a true great.

9. Harley Quinn

It does not matter what time of year it is, if you go to any comic convention around the world, you will see about 794 Harley Quinn’s walking around. There is no doubt that she is one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time. Plus, she looks pretty dang cool. The proof is in the cosplay. It’s also in the massive amounts of tattoos fans have. From portraits of Margot Robbie‘s portrayal in Suicide Squad to simpler ones like this that showcase Harley’s devotion to Joker.

8. Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn isn’t the only bad girl in Gotham. Poison Ivy was a force to be reckoned with. For years she’s been a fan favorite that has inspired many to run and get her inked on their skin. We frequently see Poison Ivy in this familiar pinup fashion, which we’ve got to admit looks bad ass.

7. Incredible Hulk

We’ve seen a lot from the DC Universe, so it’s time to switch over to the Marvel side of life. From one green machine to another, The Incredible Hulk is a wild one. A super smart dude who wound up with a Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation to deal with, he’s a guy that’s hard to pin down. Instead of the usual Hulk face, this fan went playful with it and got their Hulk in a Lego style.

6. Black Widow

One cannot have Hulk without Black Widow. She’s got the magic touch when it comes to making him calm down and she’s powerful in her own rite. At least that’s how things always play out in the myriad of Avengers movies. We’ve got those flicks memorialized here with this stunning Scarlett Johansson portrait of her Black Widow best.

5. Captain America

If there’s one thing we all love and appreciate about Captain America, it’s that he’s an amazing guy to have by your side in times of struggle and in times of bliss. He’s always about doing the right thing for not only his friends but the whole world. We see these fans knew that to be true with their matching couple tats.

4. Iron Man

Who doesn’t love them some Tony Stark? We know we do! While we were taken aback by the great amount of Robert Downey Jr. tattoos, we had to go with something a little lighter. This cute cartoon version is just too sweet to not showcase and would look cute with that Hulk art shown a few slides back.

3. Spider-Man

We all know by now how Spider-Man came to be. He was a nerd that became a superhero overnight. He’s been a hero to outcasts all over the world for over five decades now, AND he continues to inspire many with the cascade of movies that come out pretty much every other year. He’s surely inspired this fan, who opted to go wild with the color on their Spider-Man tat.

2. Thor

We’re so used to seeing the God of Thunder as this mountain of a man who’s so bog and strong we wouldn’t dare mess with him. He’s typically the picture of masculinity. What we have here is quite the opposite. There’s a sweet innocence to this tattoo that we cannot deny and honestly, it’s just kind of beautiful how hilarious it is.

1. Wolverine

There are a ton of X-Men out there, but Wolverine has always been the one to stand out. Of course, Hugh Jackman really stepped things up and brought the character to life in a way we’d yet to see. Here we don’t have the actor though, but a baby Wolverine just ready for a hug. Only we may not want to get too close cause look at him!

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