19 Reasons We All Can’t Wait To See Disney’s Coco

Put that Frozen DVD on pause for a second because there is a new Disney movie that you’re going to want to know about. In case you have somehow missed the brightly colored previews with the fun skeletons, Disney Pixar is dropping Coco. And it looks good. Really good.

Watch the trailer here!

Okay, now that we’ve all seen that killer trailer, let’s talk about it. The film is about Miguel, a boy who wants to be a musician but his family is less than keen. With a bit of Disney magic, Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead where he goes on an adventure to learn about his family, music, love and the afterlife. Intrigued? You should be.

The movie comes out October 27, 2017, in Mexico, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer because it’s not released in the USA until November 22, 2017. That might be after Halloween and the Day of the Dead, but Thanksgiving is still a great time to watch it. (We’ll see you there!)

1. It’s a Pixar film. Duh.

As soon as you hear that Coco is a Pixar film, you should be interested. You really don’t even need the preview to know it’s good. (However, we still insist you watch it because it is amaze.) Pixar has produced hit after and hit. Additionally, they’ve produced movies that kids and adults love. We’re thinking about Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo and WALL-E.

2. Gael Garcia Bernal is involved (although it’s animated).

Okay, we’ll remind you that this is an animated Disney Pixar film so you won’t get to see Gael Garcia Bernal‘s actual gorgeous face, but he’s still involved in the film, so that automatically makes it better, right?
The smoking hot Mexican actor voices Hector, a stylish skeleton that Miguel meets in the Land of the Dead who will help him on his quest. That plotline alone should make you love Gael and Hector that much more.

3. It has an adorable dog.

Who is ever going to complain about an adorable dog in a Disney film? Not us. In Coco, we have Dante, a cute Xoloitzcuintle dog (that’s Mexican hairless dog). He’s predictably adorable with brown-black skin and a big, sloppy tongue. He is featured quite a bit in the previews and he serves as Miguel’s faithful sidekick, apart from Hector. There is also huge potential for comedy given that Dante loves bones and he’s with Miguel in the Land of the Dead where everyone is a skeleton. See where this is going?

4. It looks PG-funny.

There won’t be any dirty jokes or innuendos here, but the previews hint that Coco will offer some good comedy. We already mentioned how Dante the dog loves himself some bones and he’s in a world with skeletons. On top of that, Miguel is a living boy in this different world. And skeletons aren’t exactly used to seeing his type in the Land of the Dead. Cue some hilarious awkward moments.

5. It depicts Mexican culture

With the premiere of the film, many are discussing how it couldn’t come at a better time. It’s no shocker that we live in a divisive time where the country is creating a physical border to keep our Mexican neighbors out of the country and immigration is getting tougher than ever. But if we want our country to be more accepting, then we need to know more about different cultures, aside from the inaccurate stereotypes we often see depicted in the media and in conversation.
Coco could be the first step — and the brains behind this Disney Pixar film know it! “I hope he and anyone who watches this film will have their heart touched and have the desire to connect with the people around them,” said Adrian Molina, who co-directed and wrote the film told Vanity Fair. “And that people will see Mexico as a beautiful culture that has such a powerful connection to family.”

6. The music sounds awesome.

There are so many songs that we still sing along to from Pixar films. Just think about “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story and “If I Didn’t Have You” from Monsters, Inc. Therefore, the stakes are pretty high for Coco. However, it looks like it is already living up to the others because it features a mariachi band and Miguel loves music like his great-great-grandfather, the musician Ernesto de la Cruz.

7. It looks so colorful.

What Pixar film isn’t colorful? You might have initially thought that Coco would break tradition given that it takes place in the Land of the Dead and has Halloween and Dia de los Muertos themes, but watching a few minutes of the preview will make you realize that Coco promises to be a colorful spectacle. You’ll love watching it as much as you will singing along.

8. There’s a mariachi band.

You wouldn’t expect a movie about music to pass on the opportunity to include a mariachi band now, would you? Miguel’s grandma, Abuelita, might not like mariachi bands much… or music in general… but Miguel has a passion for music, especially the guitar. And you will, too. Trust us.

9. It has the coolest skeleton guitar.

The movie is big on music so it needs an appropriate guitar to match. Ernesto de la Cruz played a white guitar with swirling black designs. However, the best detail on it had to be the skeleton headstock. Don’t worry, you’ll get a few good shots of it because Miguel also plays the same guitar. FYI: It sounds as good as it looks. You’ll be wishing you had one IRL… even if you don’t play the guitar.

10. The skeletons are serious fashion and makeup inspo.

If you love Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls for their ornate work and bold use of colors, you’re going to be a big fan of Coco. Miguel and Dante the dog are basically the only two in the Land of the Dead who aren’t sporting some fierce face decoration. You’re going to want to watch the movie once to enjoy the heartwarming story and a second time for makeup inspiration.

11. It has got all the Halloween feels.

The movie might come out after Halloween in the United States, but Halloween lovers will get a kick out of celebrating the spooktacular holiday when the film drops in November.

It has more skeletons than humans. Based on the preview, it is clear that they will be showing how very different they are from their human counterparts. Just remember that this is a Disney movie so it won’t be gory.

12. There’s a Dia de Los Muertos celebration.

What comes after Halloween? That would be Dia de los Muertos. The plotline for Coco starts off with a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration where the families pay their respects and celebrate the lives of the relatives who passed on. There are some visually stunning graveyard scenes, but the day also helps tie in some major moments in the plot. We won’t spoil them for you. We’ll let you watch the preview.

13. It can kick off your Thanksgiving.

Forget about kicking your Thanksgiving off with a terrible trek to the suburbs and fighting the crowds for “deals” on random kitchen gadgets. You want to start your Thanksgiving off with Coco. Once the movie puts you in a joyful spirit, you can then tuck into the turkey and pumpkin pie.

You don’t want to watch the movie after you eat in case you go into a turkey coma and fall asleep. The film is too sweet to miss.

14. It looks adorable.

Remember what we just said in point #11? And remember how we said this was a Disney Pixar film? So, of course, it’s going to have all of the feels. You’ve got a little boy and his dog on the quest to find out more about his great-great-grandpa and follow his passion for music. That sentence right there should already fill your heart with joy.

15. It takes place in the Land of the Dead.

How many Pixar films have taken place in the Land of the Dead? We’ve had films that take place in a toy box in a childhood bedroom and ones that have taken place under the sea, but this is new magical territory. It might be a different direction, but Pixar has created a world that people will want to go to. This isn’t the Land of the Dead that will give you nightmares but one that you just might see in your dreams.

16. It makes the afterlife seem very fun.

In movies, the afterlife sometimes isn’t presented as the happiest of places. Sometimes, it’s full of demons, tortured souls and people who are intent on getting revenge on the living. Thankfully, this is a Disney movie so there’s none of that dark stuff here. In fact, Coco makes the afterlife look as happy and joyful as the world we’re in now. There’s family, love and funny moments aplenty. Phew!

17. Did we mention it’s a Disney movie?

We think we might have mentioned it once or twice in the post, but we’re going to reiterate this again. This is a Disney film. Remember the excitement and pandemonium of other Disney films when they first dropped? People are still losing it over Frozen. Be a trendsetter and watch Coco first then you can enjoy seeing the later adopters discover it after.

18. It’s from the creators of Toy Story and Finding Dory.

If you still cannot watch any Toy Story film without crying, Coco is for you. Similarly, if you had been championing a Finding Dory sequel for years like Ellen DeGeneres, Coco will probably be right up your street since it’s from the same geniuses who created both of those classic films. Oh, it’s also from the same peeps that did Inside Out.

19. Pixar’s first VR experience is launching with it.

Here’s a slightly different reason for you to want to watch Coco. The film marks the first time that Disney Pixar is launching a virtual reality experience. Disney is launching a VR experience on Oculus Rift November 15 and Gear VR on November 22. Disney previewed the experience on Twitter and it looks amazing because you’re able to explore the Land of the Dead.

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