About That Time I Went Pole Dancing…

Today I’m going to talk about that time I went pole dancing. Yes, really. Me.

No, I wasn’t auditioning for an episode of The Real Housewives of God-Knows-Where. And no, I wasn’t attending a bachelorette party or some other “pole dancing”-appropriate event.

Nope, I was simply stepping outside of my comfort zone, expanding my fitness horizons, and trying something new. You’d think living in a place like New York City I’d be thrown into unfamiliar, and even uncomfortable situations all the time. But none of those situations were quite like what I was about to do — and that was dance on a pole, in front of others.

So, where was I going to do this? CityPole is Manhattan’s first-ever holistic pole fitness studio. Located in the heart of Tribeca, CityPole aims to disrupt the traditional practices of the sport with a luxury client experience that combines fitness with mindful meditation.

Founder and CEO Kylee Sallak explains:

“City Pole is where power meets zen. You can look forward to a stellar workout with highly trained and compassionate instructors in a beautiful, intimate setting equipped with the tools to service a mind-body connect.”

I brought a friend with me for moral support, and together with our instructor, we began our class by going over the five pillars of confidence. They are:

  1. Primal Power, which is all about harnessing the untapped power of our hips
  2. Mindful Motion, where we learn to slow our bodies down and move with intention in order to affect the energy we give off
  3. Poised Posture, which means no slumping! This is all about standing up with confidence
  4. Gaze With Intent, AKA eye contact, eye contact, eye contact
  5. Mindful Sensuality. Want to tap into your sensual, powerful side? CityPole is the place to do it!

As class went on, my insecurities about dancing, barely clothed, in front of a full-room mirror faded away. (Okay, they weren’t completely gone, but I got more comfortable with it). We learned simple moves, like how to slide our hands down the pole while staring into the mirror, as well as more complex, combination swings and upside down hangs — yes, like the ones you see on TV!

The biggest takeaway I got from the class was that dancing, and pole fitness, are not just about doing cool things on a pole. It’s about connecting your body and mind, building confidence, and bringing out your sensual side. Not to mention feeling good (and yes, even sexy) while you do it.

Oh, and getting a good workout. My arms were killing me the next day!

For post-workout relief, CityPole has a Rejuvenation Room outfitted with a punching bag, candles and a couch for reflective meditation, reflection and healing.

However, if my experience is any indication of future classes at CityPole, all you’ll have to think about is how badass your workout just was.

Images via CityPole. As much as I wish it were so, the model on the pole is not me.

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