17 Things Christmas-Obsessed People Think Through October

Christmas is coming! Well, technically, at least… just not as soon as us Christmas-obsessed folks want. It’s so close though, just as soon as spooky October is over. Anyone who gets crazy during the holidays knows the struggle of waiting through this “Halloween” nonsense before the real celebrating can begin.

For many, the holiday season begins November 1st and not a day later (though we wish it was many days sooner!). Waiting through October, the last big obstacle before festivities can begin, is the worst. Keep reading for some of the many things Christmas obsessed people think throughout October as they impatiently wait for their fav holiday to finally arrive!

1. ‘If Mariah Carey can have her tree up now so can I!’

The undisputed Queen of Christmas already has her tree up, so why can’t I? During a video interview on Good Morning Britain, the singer lounged on her couch with a fully decorated Christmas tree behind her. On October 2nd. QUEEN. She basically invented Christmas, and all I want for Christmas is an extra month of celebrating.

2. ‘Christmas lights are already up at Target, so I have to shop them… right?’

Listen, they wouldn’t put them up so early if they didn’t want you to shop for them in early October. That’s just a fact. Plus, if I don’t buy them now there won’t be anything left when it becomes publically acceptable to decorate for the holidays! And, I mean, if I’m going to buy them I don’t want them gathering dust for a month so I should probably just put them up. Yup, solid plan!

3. ‘I’m going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and pretend it’s a Halloween movie, but it’s definitely a Christmas movie’

It’s like someone decided to make the perfect movie for Christmas lovers who jump the gun on celebrating. Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? It’s definitely both, making it the most socially acceptable movie to watch in October when you’re craving all things Sandy Claws.

4. ‘Halloween wreaths are almost the same as Christmas wreaths’

If I must wait to celebrate the holidays, at least I can fill my decorating urge with Halloween decor. Halloween wreaths are like practice wreaths. I can hone my wreath-making technique now on a much less important wreath and be a master by the time the holidays roll around.

5. ~Internally freaking out over all the kids and baby Christmas clothes already in stores~ SO. CUTE.

OkThe little Santa suits, the tiny dresses for holiday parties, MINI BOW TIES! Ugh, it’s almost too much cuteness, Unfortunately, there isn’t much adult Christmas clothing out yet, so I’ll have to live vicariously through my friend’s kids (single 4ever) and buy them fresh new holiday wardrobes.

6. ‘Ugh, is October over yet?!’

I mean, seriously this month is dragging. I just want it to be November 1st so I can put my tree up, is that too much to ask?! I got a damn advent calendar for October, crossing off days until the holidays begin. It’s almost as torturous as waiting for Santa as a kid!

7. You relate to this Billy Eichner tweet almost too much

And so it’s decreed! Time to listen to Kelly Clarkson‘s amaze Christmas album on repeat starting…NOW. It’s just a great album! That happens to be full of festive jams. And I mean, while we’re at it, might as well put on some “All I Want for Christmas” as well.

8. ‘Maybe I should take my stuff out of storage a little early… just to clean it’

It’s been sitting in storage for so long it’s bound to be caked in dust. It’s definitely worth it to give everything a thorough cleaning before I put it all around my home. And now I can’t just pack it all back up so I should probably put some of it out. You know, for cleanliness sake.

9. ‘I’m going to discreetly shop this Hallmark ornament display at CVS when I’m the only person left in this aisle’

If it’s already set up they want you to shop it! They know people are interested already! But for public acceptance maybe I should wait until this person leaves the aisle to start digging into these ornaments. Even I can admit that October is awfully early for ornament shopping. I’m judging me, too.

10. ‘It can’t hurt to start Christmas shopping early’

This is the most harmless pre-Christmas activity one can do. It’s also the smartest. Starting early is actually just common sense since no one wants to spend all kinds of money at the last minute on gifts for their loved ones. Buy things here and there and space out the spending — and grab things that may not be on sale during regular Christmas-time. And then you don’t end up at the mall on Christmas Eve…

11. ‘Oh, nothing on TV? Guess I’ll put in the first DVD I can find. Welp, Elf it is’

Sometimes there’s really just nothing on! And why should you deprive yourself of a genuinely good movie just because it happens to be holiday themed? There’s no shame in appreciating Will Ferrell‘s hilarity year round.

12. ‘Stores are hiring for seasonal positions already — should I get another job for that sweet, sweet discount on holiday decorations?!’

Extra spending money? Check. Discount on every kind of Christmas goody? Check. Getting to share your holiday cheer with tons of people all season? CHECK. Give me a reason not to do this. Well, besides the crappy hours, pay, angry guests, and freaking BLACK FRIDAY. But still. Tinsel discount!

13. ‘These white lights? These are my Halloween lights’

I’m trying to set a ~spooky~ mood with this dim lighting. Sure, maybe I got them in the Christmas lights section of the store but these were the only ones they had! And I’m definitely going to leave them up through January because, duh. But seriously — Halloween lights, I promise.

14. ‘I’ll just make a small Christmas display until I can put my tree up, just like the stores do!’

Smack dab in the middle of the Halloween and fall decor is always the first signs of Christmas. Whether it be lights, a small ornament display or maybe even cards, there is always something. So why not do the same thing at home? BRB, putting up a miniature tree real quick.

15. ‘This balsam candle is passable as a fall candle, right?’

Sure, it happens to smell like a Christmas tree but tree scents are definitely a fall thing, too. Who hasn’t taken a nice fall stroll through the woods? Or a Christmas tree farm? There are plenty of holiday scented candles that are totally passable as fall candles — like cranberry or spiced apple toddy. Sugarplums may be dancing in your head as you light it and no one would be the wiser.

16. ‘If they’re already selling peppermint mocha creamer I should buy it so it doesn’t go bad. It’s just the right thing to do’

It’s just common sense — if no one buys the ones they put out in September they’re going to go bad before the end of the season and who wants that?! I’m doing every grocery store a favor by buying my fave creamer prematurely. You’re welcome for my selflessness.

17. ‘Just gonna check Netflix for new holiday movies real quick…’

Netflix adds new movies all the time and I’d like to know what’s there before the holidays begin. It’s called planning, people! Plus, if I’m already binging Bojack Horseman, I’m kind of obligated to watch the Christmas special, too. Now I just have to wade through all these horror movies first to get to the good stuff…

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