20 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Super Relatable On Social Media

Chrissy Teigen is one of the funniest and most relatable celebrities out there. She is a social media queen that we should all take notes from. She’s always posting adorable photos of her daughter, Luna and her husband, John Legend. And even though she sometimes gets trolled, she always claps back with clever and witty responses.

With a combined 20 million people follow her on Twitter and Instagram, she has quite the audience. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and share the unfiltered side of her life as a celebrity. Rather than playing it cool and pretending like she has it all together, she keeps it real AF on her social media. We found some of Chrissy Teigen’s social media moments that will feel almost too relatable.

1. The time her Postmates tacos didn’t show up

Even cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen orders Postmates. I mean, we can probably all say that we’ve been there. You’re home alone binge watching Netflix when you realize that you absolutely need a taco. Are you going to make a taco? Of course not! You’re going to use your free delivery code and get Postmates to deliver you some tacos ASAP. But, sometimes Postmates doesn’t come through and you’re stuck Tweeting about your misery, taco-less.

2. The time she talked about crying drunk

When a Twitter user tweeted “Your rap name is young + the reason you cried last” and Chrissy responded “Young drunk” we all basically were like, “yeah…same.” Because if you haven’t gotten a little too tipsy and started thinking about your ex or your childhood or puppies or basically anything and started crying, you’re doing much better than most of the population. It happens to the best of us, even Chrissy.

3. The time her spray tan went wrong

If you have ever gotten a spray tan, then you definitely know this struggle. Not only are you left feeling like you’re covered in wet, sticky paint but you run the risk of staining everything you come into contact with your orange-ish glow. So, yeah, Chrissy’s not the only person who’s snuggled into her white sheets before remembering she recently painted herself a different color.

4. The time she made the face we all make when Snapchatting our friends

Snapchat is a very specific platform where we post thirst traps and fun times on our story, send cute pictures to our crushes and make the absolute ugliest faces we can muster to send to our BFFs. This “ugly” selfie reminded us of every horrifying awkward-uppy we’ve ever taken. To be fair, Chrissy Teigen couldn’t look ugly even if she tried.

5. The time she shared her “period skin”

Ladies, we all know when that time of month rolls around, we’re likely to have some bad skin days. For some reason mother nature not only wants you to bleed, have cramps and want to eat everything in sight for a few days, but she also curses us with break outs to go along with all the other monthly gifts. Not even swimsuit models are immune to break outs. This one had no problem taking to Twitter to share her “period skin” with the masses. Thank you.

6. The time she shared her stretch marks


Here’s the thing — every single person on Earth (probably) has stretch marks. It’s just what happens when your skin stretches out a little too fast. It’s really not a big deal, but for some reason society has decided that it isn’t cute to grow. Many celebs have spoken out to share their stretch marks to show that it’s totally normal and nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Chrissy shared her own with a caption saying, “whatevs.” Because, stretch marks really are whatevs.

7. The time she perfect described everyone’s Twitter feed


Twitter is an awesome, weird and fun social media platform that we honestly are still trying to figure out how to best use. Some people just retweet other people’s tweets, some people post a lot of articles and most of us use it as a place to word vomit everything that they think, but don’t share verbally aloud. Friends who are annoying, that guy who yelled hurtful things to you from the other side of the subway platform or your mom’s weird holiday antics: all part of the Twitter babble.

8. The time she DGAF about screaming for Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is an absolute diva and a queen. She is probably the most ~extra~ celeb out there and if any of us were graced with a performance by her, I think we would all react the way this supermodel did. The fact that she is a celeb at a show didn’t stop her from screaming and dancing along — especially when her hubby got involved.

9. The time she face swapped with her husband and was horrified


Remember when face-swapping was a thing? We all were swapping faces with everyone we knew just to see how terrible (or amazing) we would look as each other. Chrissy and her husband, John decided to hop on the bandwagon and like most of us, were horrified by the result. Come on, two of the most beautiful people in the world and their faces just look freaky reversed. It’s probably best that we all keep our own faces.

10. The time she was worried about an ingrown hair


If you are a human being, you have probably experienced an ingrown hair. Shaving is a common way to get ingrown hairs which is ironic since you’re trying to remove the hair, not keep it ingrown under the skin, but I digress. The point is that they are literally the worst. Sometimes they seem impossible to get rid of and you may have to go to the doctor, but usually you don’t. They’re mostly just annoying.
Also we’ve all used that “my friend” line when we were really just talking about ourselves. Right?

11. The time she described everyone before a first date


Sure, most of us don’t relate to the “big shoot” aspect of this tweet but if you put the word “date” in instead of “shoot,” it makes perfect sense. Most days, we shave, but not very well. We miss a few spots and our legs aren’t exactly silky smooth — but they look fine enough to get by as long as no one’s doing an up-close inspection. However, if you’re about to go on a date, you probably are taking some extra time to make your legs silky smooth.

12. The time she tried photoshopping celebs


Now that we’ve read this, we can’t help but wonder what John Legend would look like on Zayn’s body, surrounded by the One Direction boys. Our guess? He’d still look pretty damn fine. Two things about this tweet scream “ME.” One: that she went straight to Google to fix her problem. Two: that she was trying to photoshop her friend’s face on another body. We’ve all done that for our BFFs and significant others…

13. The time she had a perfect Sunday


The perfect Sunday involves not moving at all and Chrissy totally gets that. When you’re feeling the Sunday Scaries, you usually want to sit on your couch and try to forget about the week ahead. If you don’t become one with your couch, did you Sunday at all?

14. The time she was everyone on public transportation


You know when you’re walking on the street or taking public transportation with your headphones in and someone tries to talk to you? It’s honestly the worst and so rude. I (and Chrissy) (and everyone) thought that headphones = do not talk to me. However, this perception just might be false and annoying people INSIST on getting chatty anyways. The difference is that the mother-of-one probably has a lot more people trying to talk to her daily.

15. The time she was just DONE with baking


Although the woman has her very own cookbook and can often be seen baking and cooking on her Snapchat, sometimes even she is over it. When she posted this pic of her mid-cake baking, we could relate. It’s basically that moment that you regret starting to do something in the first place and want to scrap the whole project and go to bed instead.

16. The time she watched Never Been Kissed one too many times


Never Been Kissed is that old rom-com where Drew Barrymore is a journalist goes back to high school for a story and falls in love with a teacher who thinks she’s a student most of the movie. Creepy, yes, but a romantic comedy for the books. Most of us have seen it a time or two. It’s a great movie to watch on Sunday’s when you’re melting into your couch. We all probably have a movie that we can quote line by line (Mean Girls, anyone?), so we can relate.

17. The time Beyoncé informed her life decisions


If Beyoncé is doing it, then so am I. And so is Chrissy. Her relationship with Jay-Z (before Lemonade) made us swoon. Who doesn’t want to be a power couple? Chrissy took notes and became a power couple of her own with John Legend. It’s a good thing because they’re serious #goals.

18. The time she tried to be a ballerina

This one’s for all the clumsy gals out there! Most of us wanted to be a ballerina when we were little but a majority of us probably didn’t stick with it long enough to actually get good at it. Clearly Chrissy didn’t either… because she twisted her foot just before completing her second rotation. Luckily she had her man there to help!

19. The time she admitted to loving terrible movies

If you haven’t spent your time hate-watching terrible movies then have really lived? We’re glad to know that stars are just like us. When you discover a movie SO BAD that it’s actually good, you HAVE to share it with all your friends just to validate how bad/good it really is. Some of the worst movies ever made are some of my favorites, too. Because that just makes sense.

20. The time she avoided her Apple update

The Apple update messages are annoying and aggressive. Who want to be interrupted while scrolling through Twitter to update their phone or computer? No one. No thank you. Especially when those updates generally just mean poor battery life and weird glitches. We’ve all put that update off for months, but Chrissy may take the cake for avoiding it for literal years. She’s truly an inspiration for us all.

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