15 Stylish Brands That Give Back To Charitable Causes

Giving back and making a positive difference in the world is now more important than ever. The idea of conscious consumerism is sweeping the nation and has lead to boycots from services like Uber as well as certain retail stores. While we’re constantly being told where not to shop because of reason X, Y or Z — it’s rare that a company is called out for being a place where you should shop. That’s what we’re here for. 15 style brands are using their platform to be socially conscious and prioritize their philanthropy with every. single. purchase made. You’ll notice some of the brands use a one for one method, while others donate a percentage of their profits.
Knowing that your money is going somewhere good means we can actually feel good about ourselves after an online shopping binge! Get a little, give a little: it’s the way of the world. Whether it’s new gems you want on your wrist, a cool graphic tee to rep your cause or a new bag to tote around, we’ve scoped the internet for the best in the give-back-biz! Happy shopping, friends!

15. Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud is a ocean-friendly brand that has tye-dye towels, whale-tale pins and hats, as well as fun tees on their website. With every purchase made, 10% of sales are donated to protect and preserve marine life. There’s an ambassador program which allows you to join the team and help spread their mission while getting an additional 35% off of your own purchases! Now that must feel pretty dang good.

Photo: Sand Cloud

14. Pura Vida Bracelets

Every bracelet purchased helps make a difference. Pura Vida Bracelets has over $1 Million in donations and is partnered with over 190 different charities. Not only does the money give back to special causes, but the brand helps provide full time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica, who were previously living in poverty. Whether you want to help save the dolphins, spread Cancer awareness, or encourage more environmentalism worldwide there’s a special band that can back that.

Photo: Pura Vida Bracelets

13. TOMS

TOMS started a huge movement when their brand popped up in 2006 with the One for One movement. While many are familiar with the classic staple shoe that the brand provides, the mission goes much further than that. The shoe brand has provided over 60 million pairs of shoes, their eyewear line has restored sight to over 400,000 people, their roasting company has provided over 335,000 weeks of safe water, their bag collection helps train women on how to safely deliver their babies, and as of last year, has supported safe birth services for over 25,000 mothers. Is there anything they don’t do? With shoes, sunglasses, totes and apparel to choose from, being a part of this huge movement is both simple, direct and stylish.

Photo: TOMS

12. DIFF Eyewear

This sunglasses company has taken social media by storm, popping up on Instagram and Snapchats of celebrities worldwide like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Joelle Fletcher and Becca Tilley from The Bachelor, Giuliana Rancic, Scott Disick, Mario Lopez and more.
Through the brands Buy One-Give One Program, the company donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair of DIFF Glasses sold.DIFF Eyewear also helps provide eye exams, vision-assistance and eye-care treatment to many communities that lack access to vision care.

Photo: DIFF Eyewear

11. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a brand made up of elephant-patterned clothes, intimates, jewelry, hats and accessories that motivate their shoppers to live a life with the ideals of an elephant: Empathy, creativity, strength, and loyalty. The brand donates 10% of their net profits to Save The Elephants and 22 other charities to date. The animal-friendly line also carries four charms that partner with Alex and Ani Bracelets. Break from the herd and make a difference!

Photo: Ivory Ella

10. Love Your Melon

What started as a school project between two classmates has turned into a 2.6 million dollar donation to date. Love Your Melon was born to improve the lives of children battling cancer, one hat at a time. While the cuffed beanies are the item the brand is known for, they have expanded with new caps and an assortment of apparel. The best part of your purchase is that 50% of the profit from the brand’s products is given to their non-profit partners at the end of the year.

Photo: Love Your Melon

9. The Brave Collection

This charitable jewelry brand is made up of pieces that are handmade in Cambodia by local artisans, where 10% of their profits fight human trafficking in the country. Their signature bracelets have embossed charms with “Brave” written in their native Khmer, while other pieces carry compass charms, Buddhist flags, and banana leafs. Don’t just be beautiful, be brave!

Photo: The Brave Collection

8. Yoobi

This one should be a no-brainer. Made up of kids’ stationery and fun office supplies, this brand has everything you need to rule the school. For every item you buy, YOOBI donates an item to a U.S. classroom in need. A big problem starting to get solved with a pretty dang stylish solution!

Photo: Yoobi


Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO of FEED, has a huge resume. She’s well known for her previous career as a fashion model and designer, as well as being the granddaughter of former President George H. W. Bush and niece of former President George W. Bush. Her husband is the son of the clothing designer, Ralph Lauren. During her travels abroad, Lauren noticed a huge problem with child malnutrition. In 2007 she came up with FEED in hopes to combat the international issues she witnessed. Her line has helped fight hunger and engages people in the problems happening around the world. The best part about the FEED project and its website is that as you shop each item shows you how many meals will be provided for children around the world by making a simple purchase.

Photo: FEED

6. Serengetee

Wear the world… right on your favorite tee! Serengetee supports artisans and causes all over the world. Each of the patches and pockets on the brand’s assortment of tees, headwear and accessories are from markets around the globe. By purchasing fabrics from over 25 countries, the brand helps support the ancient fabric making traditions (and the artisans who do it) all while giving back 10% of their profits to a diverse range of causes that improve lives in the surrounding communities. One of our favorite features on the website is that you can see where your fabric came from and the cause that will be supported after your purchase.

Photo: Serengetee

5. Purse and Clutch

Ladies: Listen up! The bags are stylish and we’d want one regardless of if they donated to a good cause — which just sweetens the deal! Purse and Clutch connects the buyer with female creators and provides them with work and income. The weavers and seamstresses are artisans in Guatemala and the leather workers are in Ethiopia. The brand provides fair wages for their artisans and a positive work environment.
As we’re all well-aware, the manufacturing industry often exploits workers and Purse and Clutch’s ethics help to combat this atrocity. If you have too many bags (which I’m not sure is maybe possible) the brand also has a line of pillows, key chains, camera straps and more!

Photo: Purse and Clutch

4. Causebox

Everyone loves a good subscription box. It’s fun when it comes to your door every month and you get to go through all of the new things inside. But what if your box could mean something more? In enters Causebox: better products for a better world. The apparel inside empowers artisans, the beauty products are vegan and eco-friendly, the artwork (exclusive to the box) supports local artists, the fashion creates opportunities and the jewelry creates fair trade jobs. With 6-8 products in each box, a story is included that goes into details about your product and how it’s helping the global community. It’s a membership that matters!

Photo: Causebox

3. Warby Parker

Oh, heck ya! Warby Parker leads the market by having designer eyewear at an affordable price. Not only do their fashionable frames benefit you, but for every pair purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Instead of donating the product, the brand makes a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners, who train men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell eyeglasses to their communities at affordable prices. The theory is that when the glasses are sold, rather than just donated, the trained men and women are able to earn a living, too, while giving basic care like eye exams. The whole “teach a man to fish” approach.

Photo: Warby Parker

2. Market Colors

This online-only store is a non-profit organization working with both men and women in areas of Africa and India that are at risk for abuse, trafficking and extreme poverty. They collaborate with the locals to design and create what can be found on their online store, which is made up of jewelry, apparel and accessories. They also work with retail stores domestically and internationally to distribute these goods. The main goal is to create sustainable and recurring incomes for the craftsmen in these at-risk nations that are partnered with the brand.

Photo: Market Colors

1. Sevenly

Sevenly is a system that is activated by 7-day campaigns that invite customers to purchase art, apparel and accessories — all of which donate to non-profits. Their products are fair trade, “slave labor free,” and “child labor free.” While these should seem like no-brainers, it’s shocking the exploitation that takes place at some multi-million dollar companies. The Sevenly website is constantly changing campaigns and the company has earned $5 million in donations in five years, plus thousands of donated products. Sevenly itself makes a pledge of $7 per purchase for the 7-Day campaigns and 7% for its cause-themed collections to selected non-profits.

Photo: Sevenly

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