11 Reasons To Fall In Love With Channing Tatum All Over Again

There are serious issues going on in the world right now, but one thing that could bring everyone together for a peace treaty (I’m an optimist) is the wide-ranging agreement that Channing Tatum is 100% drool-worthy. I’ve yet to meet a girl who hasn’t dreamt of getting lost in his eyes (if you question this, you’re not being honest with yourself), or swooned over his looks or dance moves. The Jupiter Ascending star is the perfect 6 pack-age, and by that I mean the highly unattainable combo of looks and charm that makes finding a guy like him at your local bar impossible.

In honor of the Magic Mike star, and new dad, turning 34, we decided to ‘step up’ our lust for him and shout out the 11 reasons you should spend your days writing his name in your notebook.

1. He’s Got Moves

Tatum captured many a heart with his dancing in Step Up. Fact: he met his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, while filming the movie, so clearly she was looking too.

2. He Embraces His Past

As opposed to other celebs who try to hide their early days, Chan (as I affectionately call him) has been vocal about his past work. The highly successful Magic Mike is loosely based on Tatum’s days as a stripper in Tampa.

3. He Knows When A Sequel Is Necessary

The former People’s Sexiest Man Alive is currently writing the second installment of the stripper flick, Magic Mike XXL, which comes out in 2015. Can I buy tickets yet?

4. He’s Got Awesome Celeb Friends

It seems like every time I turn around, Channing is in another bromance. Of late, it’s been all about 21 Jump Street costar Jonah Hill.

5. But He Doesn’t Brag About Being In Photos With Them

As you can see, the White House Down star is in the back, not like that pushy guy Brad Pitt.

6. He’s An Animal Lover

Hot Guy + Cute Animal = Even Hotter Guy

7. He Holds Hands Really Well

While he and Dear John costar Amanda Seyfried might be acting at this moment, I believe the smile on her face is genuine.

8. He’s Got An Awesome Bod (in case you didn’t notice)

Don’t be embarrassed if you look at this GIF more than any other.

9. He Looks Awesome In A Tux

No need to wake up and smell the roses to figure this out.

10. He’s Smart

Channing has chosen his projects wisely, so he hasn’t been pigeonholed into one category. From action films like G.I. Joe to comedies like This Is The End, you can bet he’s coming off as believable in every film. Why else would they pay him the big bucks to act with his shirt on when he loves getting naked so much?

11. And Most Importantly, He Makes You Feel Like He’s Looking Only At You

Thanks, Channing, you look beautiful too.

You can reach this post’s author, Jillian Fleischman, on Twitter.

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