17 Cute Celebrity Tattoos That May Inspire You To Get Your Own

It’s no secret that celebrity tattoos can be totally hit or miss. From the unbelievably tacky to the straight-up regrettable (we’re talking Angelina Jolie‘s tat for her ex-husband), tattoos are a tricky thing to get right. However, there are some celebrities whose tattoos turned out wonderfully and fit their style to a T.

Whether it’s something super sentimental, or just looks cool, these celebs definitely nailed it in the tattoo department. And if you’ve been contemplating a new piece of ink, these celebs just might help get the ball rolling!

17. Demi Lovato’s Roman Numeral Tat

Demi Lovato has never been one to shy away from ink. She tends to go for black ink only, which helps them look pretty subtle as far as celebrity tattoos go. While she has a few that are pretty noticeable like the birds on her arm or the “stay strong” on her wrists — our favorite of Demi’s tats is the small roman numeral 3 she has on her wrist. Something like this is great if you know you want a tattoo that’s significant to you, but subtle

16. Rihanna’s Goddess Isis

There are few celebrity tattoos as incredible as the Goddess Isis that Rihanna has across her upper abdomen. This tattoo goes right under her boobs and fits her body super nicely. Isis is a goddess of healing and guidance in the afterlife – and having her with you every day can’t be a bad idea! What’s great about this tattoo is it’s almost completely invisible unless RiRi’s wearing a bathing suit or super-short crop top. This tattoo is a bold choice, and Rihanna got it to honor her grandmother who passed away in 2012.

15. Miley’s Vegemite Tattoo

Miley Cyrus has the kind of celebrity tattoos that we could see ourselves getting. Most of them are small and very personal, and they have a hand-drawn quality to them that makes them super cute. The best example of that is this vegemite tattoo she got. The idea of honoring your favorite food with a cute lil’ tat is a great idea! However, this one wasn’t actually for Miley’s fave food — it’s an ode to her Australian bae Liam Hemsworth! Miley also has a bunch of small tattoos that have slowly covered her arms and look great together. If you can’t think of one big tattoo you want, consider getting a few small ones instead!

14. Bella Hadid’s Tiny Rose

Possibly the teeniest of all the celebrity tattoos in the world is Bella Hadid’s small rose right above her left elbow. The placement of this is perfect because it would also look great as a complement to a much bigger piece. Plus, she got this done at Bang Bang, a favorite ink spot for tons of celebrities where they ink tons of these delicate and small tattoos. This kind of minimalist tat is super trendy right now and is a pretty easy way for beginners to make their way into the world of tattoos.

13. Bella Thorne’s Whimsical Message

Bella Thorne is never one to shy away from bold fashion and beauty choices, and she doesn’t shy away from bold tattoos either. Her sense of style is super colorful and bright, so it makes sense that her body art would be the same. This ink says “I Love You” in rainbow ink, and is done in a childlike handwriting. The meaning of her tattoo is unknown, but the idea of getting a phrase or word in someone’s particular handwriting is an awesome idea. Thorne is steadily making her way into the world of celebrity tattoos, and this super cute addition is one of our favorites.

12. Ariana Grande’s Crescent Moon

Let’s be honest, this may not be the most creative as far as celebrity tattoos go, but it’s still really cute. Tiny crescent moons are a pretty common tat, but we’re still obsessed with Ariana Grande’s ink. The placement behind her ear is a fun and subtle way to place a tattoo because it’s easy to hide if you’d prefer to just have it for yourself, but you can show it off with a cute ‘do, too.

11. Cara DeLevingne’s White Ink Tattoo

Speaking of subtle celebrity tattoos, it doesn’t get much more subtle than a white-ink tattoo. Cara Delevingne is no stranger to tattoos and has gotten quite a few done over the years. However, this one is our favorite because it’s just so unique. White ink can be tricky, because the results seriously vary based on skin tone/placement, plus it fades pretty quickly. However, if you’re looking for a small piece that looks super different but may require a few touch-ups, consider white ink!

10. Sarah Hyland’s Symbolic Piece

Sarah Hyland’s tattoo is one of the most interesting celebrity tattoos on this list and that’s because of its symbolic meaning and the personal importance it holds for Sarah. The piece is based on her favorite quote by Robert Frost: “The best way out is always through.” She brought the idea to celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, who came up with the symbol for Sarah. It’s really artful and totally custom, which is another great way to come up with a tattoo idea.

9. Paris Jackson’s Ode to John Lennon

If you have a favorite musician or artist you’d like to commemorate, check out something like this tat on Paris Jackson. This tattoo of John Lennon goes perfectly with Jackson’s artistic and earthy sense of style. Plus, it’s actually based on a small sketch that Lennon drew of himself that has become pretty iconic since his death. Occasionally, celebrity tattoos of other famous people can be a bit much (see: Drake’s tattoo of Lil Wayne), but this one is extremely well-done.

8. Cara DeLevingne’s Lion

Next on our list of celebrity tattoos, we have Cara Delevingne once again! This piece is probably the most well-known of all the tats Cara has, and with good reason. Cara got this Lion in 2013, and it was her first ever tattoo! Hand tattoos have become huge in the last few years, and this lion is a really unique take on that. Usually hand tats are small linework pieces, but this one is very bold and is definitely a statement piece.

7. Lea Michele’s Sentimental Coffee Cup

For other food-related celebrity tattoos, check out Lea Michele’s tiny coffee cup! Whether you’re a caffeine addict or just really like the look of this little piece, it’s undeniably cute. For Lea, it had personal significance, which makes it even more interesting. After her grandmother passed away, Lea got this piece done to honor her. The story was that her grandma gave her her first cup of coffee when she was just eight years old. It’s crazy adorable and sentimental.

6. Hailey Baldwin’s Finger Ink

Of all the celebrity hand tattoos, this one is definitely a little bit vain. That’s right, Hailey Baldwin got her own last name tattooed on her finger. Granted, the point of it was to commemorate her family’s legacy of fame and entertainment. Either way, we can’t get enough of this unbelievably delicate cursive, and think this tat would look great on pretty much anyone. Pick a word that you like, or one that has some significance and consider a teeny, script tattoo like Hailey’s!

5. Kesha’s Psychedelic Whale

Leave it to Kesha to have some of the coolest, most unusual, and psychedelic celebrity tattoos ever. Our personal favorite? This adorable, pink whale on her forearm. This is one of those tats that proves not all tattoos have to be incredibly deep or meaningful to look awesome. It’s playful and whimsical — just like Kesha. She got this one done in January of this year, to perfectly complement her more recent successes and positive life changes.

4. Lady Gaga’s Trumpet

Often times, celebrity tattoos are an homage to the art that they practice. Lady Gaga’s tattoo of a trumpet is no different. While Gaga is now known for her pop songs, anthems, and ballads, she got her start singing classical jazz for most of her youth. Her love for jazz is reflected in this amazing trumpet on her upper arm. What’s even cooler? She designed this with the help of legendary musician Tony Bennett, who she collabed with on their album Cheek to Cheek. Tattoos of the thing you’re passionate about are a great idea because they’ll always hold meaning years down the line.

3. Miley’s Tribute to Avocados

In our final of the food-related celebrity tattoos, we have Miley’s tattoo of an avocado. For some reason, there’s something unbelievably adorable about food-related tattoos, especially this tiny avocado. What makes this tattoo so cool is that it’s really detailed, to the point that it looks like a photograph. If you have a favorite food, or you’re just crazy about vegetables (like Miley, who’s a well-known vegan), pretty much any food would like great in the form of a teensy tat.

2. Lana Del Rey’s Elegant Script Tat

When it comes to celebrity tattoos, few are as fitting as Lana Del Rey’s. Lana is well known for loving all things vintage and classic, which is why her “paradise” tattoo is so great for her. The placement of this script ink is pretty unusual for a hand tattoo, and it looks just as simple, elegant, and understated as pretty much everything Lana does. Plus, with a fresh manicure, a tattoo like this would deck out anyone’s hands beautifully.

1. The Cast Of PLL’s Group Ink

Group (and especially, couple) tattoos can be a tricky thing, but the cast of Pretty Little Liars definitely nailed it. A tattoo commemorating an important time, project, or event in your life is almost always a good idea. Each of the girls got their character’s first initial on their hand, which works well with the whole theme of the show and the character A. Plus, the font of these is simple and classic, and looks great on each of the girl’s fingers.

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