18 Celebrity Sisters That’ll Make You Miss Yours

Sisters have a nique bond and relationship. You love each other, you hate each other, you miss each other, and you never want to see your sister again all in the same moment. If you have a sister, you know what I mean. If you don’t, TBH, my apologies. No one will ever get you like your sister does. Or know how to push your buttons.

The two (or three or four) of you grew up together, so you have the unique experience of having the same memories and background. This will either make you best friends or worst enemies. Or a strange combo of the two. Or maybe you guys had a few rough years as kids but you reconnected as adults. No matter what your relationship is like now, your sister was your first friend and you undoubtedly have some very happy memories growing up with your sister. If you’re lucky, you have a lot!

The following celebrity sister duos will not only remind you of the unique bond you have with your sister (or sisters), but they’ll make you miss, appreciate, and send your own sis some ridiculous GIFs and memes ASAP!

1. Rooney and Kate Mara

This pair of sisters are both successful actresses and Kate is two years older than Rooney. Kate Mara is best known for the Netflix series House of Cards, whereas Rooney Mara took on the title role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. They attend events and award shows together and we know they have the best time! Who’s better to go to an award show with than your sister?

2. Hilary and Haylie Duff

We all remember the show Lizzie McGuire and we know it made Hilary Duff famous. It became apparent that she and older sis Haylie Duff were super close when Haylie starting appearing on Lizzie MGuire and other Disney projects. The duo even even did a few songs together AND a movie together. Remember Material Girls? It’s okay, it wasn’t exactly ~what dreams are made of~. These two have been close their whole lives and still are today as moms.

3. Dakota and Elle Fanning

In the early 2000s, Dakota Fanning was the most successful child star around. She was in a lot of movies including I Am Sam, Uptown Girls, and Charlotte’s Web. But in the background was her younger sister Elle. Elle’s earliest acting roles were playing younger versions of her sister’s characters. Elle started booking her own roles, and now she and Dakota are quite the succesful and talented pair of sisters.

4. Lily and Ruby Aldridge

These two gorgoues sisters are both models — duh. You can see Lily Aldridge all over the place because she is currently a Victoria’s Secret super model. Younger sis Ruby Aldridge was the face of Marc Jacobs, Coach, and walks in fashion shows around the world. These model sisters and model sisters (get it??) are six years apart and both obviously got the pretty genes.

5. Liv and Mia Tyler

These two share a father in Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and are only 1.5 years apart. Liv Tyler is the older sister but didn’t even know she was Steven Tyler’s daughter until she was eight years old and happened to meet Steven (literally, how crazy is that!). He then noticed some similarities between her and his daughter Mia and put two and two together. Since then, the sisters have developed a close bond lasting into adulthood. Liv is a scucesful actress and Mia is a model and sorry, but I’m still not over the fact that Liv didn’t know the rocker was her dad until eight years old.

6. Tia and Tamera Mowry

These twins have been close since birth. Get it? Tia is the older twin by two minutes. They started acting together and finally had their own show in th ’90s called Sister, Sister where they played long lost twins who come together under one roof with their quirky parents. When the show ended, the twins attended Pepperdine University together. They recently had a reality show together detailing Tia’s pregnancy and Tamera’s wedding. Now, they’re both married with babies and still the best of friends.

7. Aly and AJ Michalka

These sisters dominated the Disney Channel in the mid-2000s. It all began with Aly Michalka‘s role on Phil of the Future. Then, she got her BSF (best sister friend — duh) involved. AJ Michalka joined her big sis in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Cow Belles. The sisters then started a music duo calling themselves Aly & AJ creating the hit we still love, “Potential Breakup Song.” Sisters that make music together are sisters that stay together. They also dropped a new banger this summer called “Take Me,” proving they’ve still got it

8. Zooey and Emily Deschanel

The Deschanel sisters both found success in TV. Emily with Bones and Zooey with New Girl. Emily is four years older than Zooey. Both sisters are committed to healthy eating and are each moms of two. Like many sisters, these two have a lot in common.

9. Venus and Serena Williams

Talk about a sibling rivalry! Venus and Serena Williams are seen as two of most talented female tennis players in history and quite often are each other’s biggest competition. Serena is the younger sis and is currently ranked number one in the world. Big sister Venus is number five, but not everyone can be number one and damn — number five is still pretty dang good! Most recently, the two of them placed both first (Serena) and second (Venus) in the 2017 Austrailian Open. Pretty impressive.

10. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

As the younger sister, Ashlee Simpson has been open about her jealousy over Jessica‘s singing career. She even wrote the song “Shadow” about her perspective of being left behind as her family kind of put all their eggs in Jess’s basket. Any girl with a sister can relate to those pangs of jealousy and feelings inadequacy compared to their sister. Anwyay, these two grew up to be great friends and one another’s best support system.

11. Paris and Nicky Hilton

These two socialites grew up living quite the privledged life that only you and your sister could dream of. Queens of the early ’00s,Nicky Hilton has largely stayed out of the limelight and her big sister Paris Hilton embraced the fame, starring on a slew of reality shows and partying with celebrities. She’s even recenly made a comeback with her confusing AF social media presence. Two sisters who are complete opposites are fairly common and totally relatable.

12. Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears

Though Britney Spears is almost ten years older than little sister, Jamie-Lynn, their close bond has seen them through some tough times. Throughout Britney’s infamous mental break down in 2007 and Jamie-Lynn’s unexpected teen pregnancy in 2008, they supported each other. Today, both sisters are better than ever and still there for each other 100 percent.

13. Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen

Once we realized that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were twins instead of one girl with a long first name (as credited on Full House), we were fascinated. It wasn’t until much later when we learned that they had a younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, who was also trying her hand at acting. She’s done well scoring big roles in some Marvel movies. And we know, the sibling bond is tight because their huge fashion line is named Elizabeth James for her and their lesser-known older brother, James. Cute!

14. Kate and Pippa Middleton

What a fantasy both of these girls have lived. Imagine growing up in fairly normal circumstances with your sisters, just to have one of them marry a frickin’ prince when y’all grow up! A literal fantasy. Kate Middleton is just one year older than sister Pippa and we’ve seen nothing but love between these two. They were in each other’s weddings and get together for major holidays. The Duchess of Cambridge must keep a busy schedule but we’re sure she sees her little sister as much as she can.

15. Gigi and Bella Hadid

This two models are seriously beautiful and a great example of celebrity sibling BFFs. Gigi Hadid is older by about a year and began modeling as a child for Baby Gap, stopped to attend school, and started again in 2012. Bella Hadid followed in her big sis’s footsteps soon after. Their mama was even a model at one point as well! They grew up on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where we got to see it all. Now, the pair are two of the most successful models in this new generation of fashion. The sisters seem to hang out all the time and have the same circle of friends.

16. Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim

Yes, you and are sister are cool, but are you guys in a band? The sisters Haim began playing music together as kids and had a very musical family. They’ve since grown into a successful pop/rock band that blew up last summer. Along with Este Haim’s bass face, it seems these talented sisters are here to stay. Now if only you and your sister kept up with piano back in the day…

17. Beyoncé and Solange Knowles

Deep, deep down, Queen Bey is just a girl with a little sister. No doubt she and Solange had their ups and downs, but these two seem nothing of supporting of each other’s respective careers. And they have each other’s back. Would your little sister punch your husband in the face in an elevator for flirting with another woman? She better.

18. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian & Kendall and Kylie Jenner

These sisters put all others to shame. There are so many of them! And they’re all super close! We’ve seen their uniquely weird closeness for 14 (!) seasons on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They’ve drunk each other’s breast milk, waxes the other’s ~private areas~, eaten hundreds of salads, and have supported each other through break-ups, babies, marriages, and everything in-between. While each duo in this family has a different relationship and they’re sometimes split as the Kardashians and the Jenners, a recent episode where Kourt and Kendall had some bonding time proved how important the whole dynamic is to all of them,

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