16 Uncanny Celebrity Doubles Of The Cast Of One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill might have left TV in 2012, but it has never left our hearts. The Twitterverse was up in arms when Netflix decided to take this hit teen drama off their programming in 2017. Hopefully, they see the error of their ways and bring it back. Since you obviously still watch your episodes of OTH on the DVD copies you begged your parents for, you’re not far from the fandom.
Have you ever watched an episode and thought “wow, Sophia Bush really looks like another celebrity… but who?” Chances are, you’re not the only one! Many celebrities have doppelgängers, A.K.A. someone who looks just like them. The cast of One Tree Hill has plenty of celebrity doppelgängers!

Austin Nichols – Jamie Dornan

One Tree Hill Character: Julian Baker

God, do you remember the first episode that Julian was in of One Tree Hill? He showed up with that stupid smirk of his and was easily the most handsome man on the show. Well, he still looks just as good as he did that day. But did you know he had a celebrity double?
If you’ve seen a single trailer for any movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, there is no way you didn’t notice the similarities between OTH hottie Austin Nichols and Mr. Grey himself, Jamie Dornan. These two look like they were separated at birth, but sadly Austin is two years older, so there wasn’t a hospital mixup here.

Lee Norris – Chanel West Coast

One Tree Hill Character: Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

We mean no disrespect to either Lee Norris or Chanel West Coast on this one. But you have to remember a meme that went viral a year or so ago, that joked that Chanel was the grown-up version of Lee’s character from Boy Meets World. If you need a minute to grasp the fact that yes, that was Lee Norris who played Minkus on BMW, we’ll give you a minute. Good? Okay, back to the meme, while many memes have no merit, this one actually has some truth to it. Lee and Chanel look like they could be brother and sister!

Paul Johansson – Christopher Reeve

One Tree Hill Character: Dan Scott

Talk about strong jaws! Sure, Dan Scott was arguably one of the worst fathers on television, there is no denying that. Still, Dan provided weekly entertainment for OTH viewers. We all loved him, in our own way. And whats not to love about actor Paul Johannson? His fellow cast members have always called him one of the best guys on set!
But did you ever realize he looked a bit like the man of steel, one of the original men to wear the red cape? We’re talking the late, great Christopher Reeve. There’s no denying these two look an awful lot alike, just look at their chins, jawlines, cheekbones, and dark hair. They could have played brothers!

Antwon Tanner – Kobe Bryant

One Tree Hill Character: Antwon “Skills” Taylor

Did you ever realize that Antwon Tanner is basically the only person on the show who went by their real name? I mean, they barely even changed his last name! Antwon was obviously better known as just “Skills” on OTH. He went from just a side character at the River Court to a strong friend and beloved character. Basketball similarities as a backup, Antwon has a look-alike in the form of Kobe Bryant. These two have similar facial expressions, more specifically, they both are great at looking totally unphased by something.

Lisa Goldstein Kirsch – Ali Cobrin

One Tree Hill Character: Millicent “Millie” Huxtable

God, we loved Millie! She became a best friend to Brooke and was there for her when Peyton and Lucas left. But, Millie did have one of those crazy stages on OTH. Lisa Goldstein Kirsch is gorgeous, with or without her glasses but it wasn’t too often we saw Millie without them on the show. But when Lisa isn’t wearing her glasses, she looks an awful lot like actress Ali Corbin. It isn’t just their dark hair that makes them look alike though! These two beauties have the same eyes, lips, nose, and even eyebrows! How uncanny is that?

Robert Buckley – Scott Speedman

One Tree Hill Character: Clay Evans

Robert Buckley was one of those actors who came onto One Tree Hill later on in the series. Clay Evans might not be Lucas Scott, but he was a good addition to the family. While Robert started getting big with OTH and now stars on iZombie, his doppelganger has been around for years. Remember Scott Speedman from Felicity and the Underworld franchise? Yep, they’re pretty much twins! These two actually aren’t far apart in age either! Both men have those beautiful light eyes, blonde hair, and perfect smirk and could definitely play brothers in a movie or on a TV show!

Shantel VanSanten – Meghan Markle

One Tree Hill Character: Quinn James

Much like Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten was a great addition to One Tree Hill after Hilarie Burton left. For years now, people have said she looked like Meghan Markle. Meghan might no longer be on Suits, as she’s getting ready to marry a gorgeous prince, but she still is a perfect match for Shantel’s look-alike. These two both have enviable hair, a great smile, and their brow game is on point!

Danneel Ackles – Kaylee DeFer

One Tree Hill Character: Rachel Gatina

When she was first on One Tree Hill, her last name was Harris, but since 2010 she’s been married to Jensen Ackles, and she’s been Danneel Ackles ever since! Love or hate her, Rachel Gatina was a pretty pivotal character on OTH for a few different storylines. Danneel’s look-alike is also is privy to the lives and drama of teens on hit TV shows. Kaylee DeFer sported some fiery red hair, much like Danneel’s, when she was on Gossip Girl. These two have the same exact “I could kill you with just one glance” look down pat.

Jana Kramer – Kimberly J. Brown

One Tree Hill Character: Alex Dupré

Another character who liked to cause havoc on OTH was Alex Dupré. Remember that crazy phrase we said Millie went through? Alex was behind that. She did get better the longer she was on the show, but boy, she took a while to get used to. Jana Kramer has since gone on to become a country singer after her days on OTH and even had a stint on Dancing with the Stars. But her doppelgänger first became famous in the ’90s. Remember Kimberly J. Brown, from Halloweentown and Quints? These two ladies have very similar smiles and eyes. Kim could easily play Jana’s big sister in a Lifetime movie.

Stephen Colletti – Tom Daley

One Tree Hill Character: Chase Adams

If you didn’t notice that these two look alike, are you blind? Stephen Colletti has been famous long before his days on OTH. We first knew and loved him on Laguna Beach. Stephen’s look-alike might be eight years younger than him, but Tom Daley looks just like him. The actor and the Olympian could honestly be twins. If you looked really fast at both of them, there is no way you wouldn’t confuse the two.

Jackson Brundage – The Miz

One Tree Hill Character: Jamie Scott

Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch, but hear us out. Young James Lucas Scott is all grown up now. Long gone is cute little Jamie. Jackson Brundage will turn 17 in 2018. Nowadays, Jackson looks almost nothing like the sweet little boy we met back in season five. In fact, he looks like the young versions of Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. The Miz is having a kid soon too, so we can’t wait to see how much that kid looks like Jackson! It is something about the way that the Miz and Jackson smile that makes them look so much alike.

Chad Michael Murray – Charlie Plummer

One Tree Hill Character: Lucas Scott

Sure, Chad Michael Murray broke all of our hearts when he left One Tree Hill. But we all got over it. Right? Well, no, but we can at least talk about it now. While Chad didn’t have long hair on most of OTH, he did have it when he came back to the show during the final season. And if you remember his Freaky Friday days, you know he had long hair back then too. With that hair and strong eyebrow combo, Chad’s look-alike is actor Charlie Plummer. The young star of All The Money in the World looks startlingly like a young Chad. Maybe Chad has a younger brother?

Sophia Bush – Kristen Bell

One Tree Hill Character: Brooke Davis

There will always be a special place in our hearts for B. Davis. Sophia Bush was part of the small group that stuck with OTH to the very end and over the course of the show, we saw her character and her personal growth. Sophia has had many hairstyles over the years and while she’s never been quite as blonde as Kristen Bell, it is hard to deny that these two look alike. The most noticeable similarities between these two are their smile and noses, especially their noses when they smile.

Hilarie Burton – Katy Perry

One Tree Hill Character: Peyton Sawyer

Much like Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton might have burned us for leaving OTH. But she is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and who wouldn’t want to go home and spend all their time with a hubby that hot? Much like Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton had a few different hairstyles on OTH. Well, well, well, Hilarie’s look-alike also is keen on ever-changing hairstyles! Though they’ve never had matching hair, Katy Perry and Hilarie have very similar faces. They share the same toothy grin and similar cheeks.

James Lafferty – Jensen Ackles

One Tree Hill Character: Nathan Scott

Not to start a heated debate, but obviously, Nathan Scott was the better Scott brother. James Lafferty literally grew up in front of our eyes while on One Tree Hill. Much like James, his look-alike has also changed in front of our eyes on The CW. Jensen Ackles and James Lafferty have the same smoldering expression. Not only that, they also have changed from babyfaced heartthrobs to beautiful grown men. The dark hair, strong jaw, and beautiful eyes make these two like twins, but thankfully we can still tell them apart.

Bethany Joy Lenz – Hayley Atwell

One Tree Hill Character: Haley James Scott

Now, we’re getting specific for this doppelgänger. Do you remember the episode of One Tree Hill from season six where they “went back in time to the ’40s”? It seems every show needs to do that retro episode. But in it, our beloved Haley James Scott looked incredible as a nightclub singer. All done up, Bethany Joy Lenz looked picture perfect for the ’40s. Which is why her look-alike is so obvious! Hayley Atwell, A.K.A. Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, looks just like her! We’d pay good money to see these two in a film set in the 1940s playing twin sisters.

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