17 Celebrity Best Friends Who Have Matching Tattoos

Haven’t we all considered getting matching tattoos with our BFFs at least once in our lives? The possibilities are endless, whether you want a cute, basic tattoo or you want something more specific to you and your friend’s connection. However, tattoos are a huge commitment. Even if you’ve been friends forever, getting inked takes the friendship to a whole new level of committed.

If you often look to celebrities for tattoo inspo and motivation, you’re not alone. Some celebrities have really strange ink, and some have tattoos that are super cute. These celebrities, in particular, took that plunge to get tatted with their best friend. So maybe it’s time we follow in their footsteps and do the same!

17. Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin

It’s no secret that these two are BFFs. The models are frequently seen together both on and off the runway, and they’re both known for the subtle tattoos they have, including the tiny white dot on the inside of one of Kendall Jenner’s fingers. The two opted for their signature tiny tats to commemorate their friendship, Kendall going for white ink and Hailey Baldwin with the red. According to her tattoo artist, Kendall frequently chooses white because she doesn’t want her ink to show up when she’s modeling. We aren’t sure what the motive was for these two to get this matching ink, but Kendall took to her website to reveal the meaning behind it for her: “The one on my right hand is a full heart to represent an angel, and my left is a broken heart — kind of like the devil side.”

16. Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner

Talk about the cutest co-stars ever. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have 07.08.09 inked on their arms because it’s the day that they discovered they landed roles on Game of Thrones. Sophie told Elle UK: “We always said that we wanted them so we got the date 07.08.09 on our arms because that’s the date that both of us found out we’d got our roles in Game Of Thrones. So when we had a day off from filming in Belfast, we just went to a tattoo place and got it done.” The actresses were just 13 and 14 years old when they got their roles playing sisters on the HBO drama, so they’ve spent a majority of their career together on-screen. Off-screen, it’s easy to tell from their social media that they might as well be sisters IRL.

15. Hilary Duff & Alanna Masterson

We all know Hilary Duff (um, Lizzie McGuire anyone?), but we may not be super familiar with her ride or die best friend, Alanna Masterson. She’s best known to us for her role as Tara on The Walking Dead, but she and Duff have been friends for over 12 years. To symbolize their friendship, they have ghosts tattooed on their forearms, with the words “ride or die” scrawled into the bottom of the ghost’s sheets. We’re not entirely sure what the ghosts mean other than the fact that they symbolize “die” in the phrase “ride or die.” Maybe they are related to Duff’s role in Casper Meets Wendy? It’s a stretch, but it’s possible. Whether or not they have more meaning than that, they’re an adorable way to commemorate such a long friendship.

14. Kelly Osbourne & Cara Delevingne

If you didn’t even know that Kelly Osbourne and Cara Delevingne were great friends, you aren’t the only one. We were pretty shook when Kelly took to her Instagram in 2014 to share the news that they had gotten matching heart tattoos — one shaded and one not. In her caption, she said, “So happy that my bubba @caradelevingne is in town even if it is just for a night!” Cara also shared the photo with the caption “Reunited at last.” Apparently, they met at the 2013 MET Gala and have been good friends ever since. As with most of these, we aren’t sure if there’s a deeper meaning to these heart tats, but regardless they’re a subtle and cute way to pay tribute to your best friend.

13. Kylie Jenner & Jordyn Woods

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are best friend goals for many reasons. They’re always hyping each other up on social media, and if you watch Jenner’s video about her pregnancy, you’ll see that Woods knew the entire time and helped her keep it private. While trust and encouragement are both important in friendships, these two also have matching tats to show off their bond in a physical way. They each have a red “m” scrawled on the inside of their pinkies. They haven’t explained what the “m” stands for, but Kylie has admitted to being quite spontaneous about her tattoo choices in the past. In a Snapchat she once said, “I don’t really decide what tattoo I’m gonna get until…” and her friend, Justine piped in to say “she’s there.” So, maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing for both of them.

12. Miley Cyrus & Elsa Pataky

Not only are these two future sisters-in-law (we hope), they’re also apparently great friends. While we’re still holding out for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to tie the knot, Else Pataky and her beau Chris Hemsworth have been married since 2010. In addition to sharing their love for the Hemsworth brothers, these ladies also share single-line wave tattoos that they got with two other friends while in Australia. Australian tattoo artist Lauren Winzer shared a photo of their matching ink on Instagram, saying “Stoked to do these little matching custom waves @kellyslater drew up for @mileycyrus @kalanimiller @elsapatakyconfidential @aprilmun.”

11. Margot Robbie & Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the queen of getting tattoos with her friends, apparently. After starring in Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie, the two got smiley face tattoos on their toes together that resemble the smiley face on the Suicide Squad movie poster with x’s for eyes. Robbie, who played Harley Quinn in the film, gave all of her costars tattoos to remember their roles, but she and Delevingne decided to make theirs special. “Yeah! We did toe-mojis, we were calling them, where we’d tattoo the bottom of our toes with, like, little faces,” Robbie said on Jimmy Fallon after the fact. “But, uh, the thing about tattooing the bottom of your toes is that it rubs off after a while, so we have to keep redoing them.”

10. Drake & Rihanna

We’re all still holding out for Drake and Rihanna to get back together – but chances aren’t looking too good these days. Back when they were maybe-dating/maybe-just-friends, they got matching ink. Rihanna’s tattoo artist revealed her camo shark tattoo on his shop’s Instagram, and we thought it was just another one of her cool pieces. But, no. Soon after, we saw a similar tattoo on Drake’s arm during one of his tour stops on the Summer Sixteen tour. The design may or may not be an homage to the stuffed shark that he once gave to Rihanna as a gift.

9. Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik

Back in the glory days of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were super. super close. In 2012, they got matching tattoos of the phrase “Bus 1” to remember the tour bus they shared with each other — basically their home away from home. After Zayn split from the band, their relationship got a little rocky. A few Twitter fights and comments from Naughty Boy left fans feeling like the Z/L friendship might be over. Fans also noticed that Zayn was letting his Bus 1 tattoo fade (since it’s on his hand, he would need to continually get it retouched), which worried us all even more. Though they’re all doing solo stuff now, their matching tattoos are probably a pretty awkward reminder of the connection they once had.

8. Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz, & Kevin McHale

We’d always hoped that the cast of Glee was as tight off-screen as they appeared on screen. While there was definitely secret feuding between ~some~ of the stars, three who were super close were Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale, who got matching ink. To symbolize their time on Glee and their friendship with each other, the actors got “Imagine” tattoos. It seems that Michele has an affinity for tattoos that hold strong meaning to her. She has a tattoo in memory of Cory Monteith, and she revealed that she got tattoos with multiple co-stars in Chicago on the Glee tour a few years ago, saying “it was so fun!” She and Ushkowitz also have a star tattoo together with cast member, Amber Riley.

7. Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen

We all have those nights we spend with our besties where we just want to go out and make a crazy, spontaneous decision, right? That’s exactly what Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen — who were introduced years before this by a music producer — did after spending the night at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles way back in 2009. The pair got “shhh…” inked across the inside of their pointer finger at Shamrock Tattoos in West Hollywood. Whether they just thought the tat was clever or they were inspired by Rihanna’s tattoo of the same nature is unclear, but don’t we all wish we were there to witness this late night tattoo session?

6. Pretty Little Liars cast

After sticking together through seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars, we’re not surprised that these ladies decided to get their characters’ initials tattooed on their fingers. Paying tribute to the characters they played for six years, and also in the vein of A’s iconic signature, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish all joined in on the tattoo session. Afterward, Hale wrote on Instagram: “This happened. Thank you @shamrocksocialclub for taking care of us. We couldn’t not get tattoos to commemorate the show! And obviously on our ‘shh’ finger.” These tattoos are so subtle, yet so perfect to commemorate the show. Seriously, we may just have to get one ourselves.

5. Brian Newman & Lady Gaga

Brian Newman and Lady Gaga became friends long before Gaga was ever famous and the two started playing music together. He was bartending in New York at a club where Gaga was DJing and gogo dancing, and they quickly got to know each other. Even after Gaga moved to LA and became the international superstar she is today, the two remained close friends and music partners. Gaga is a huge Tony Bennett fan, and so it’s no surprise she got a tattoo of the trumpet he drew one night when they were in the studio together working on a duet. Newman was also there, since he played on the track, as well. Newman shared their tattoo escapade on Instagram, saying “Gotta love a @itsatonybennett tattoo!! With Lady Gaga! Art and beauty from @badnesbecca.”

4. Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston

After five seasons together on Breaking Bad, it makes sense that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston would be close enough to want to remember their time working side-by-side. During the last day on set, Paul and Cranston joined other crew members for a goodbye drink and subsequently decided to get inked by a set decorator who was also a tattoo artist. Much to the surprise of Cranston’s wife, he had the show’s logo tattooed on the inside of his finger, while Paul had “no half measures” inked on his arm. “I wanted something…something that would give me private personal pleasure, like when I pass by and catch a glimpse of a picture of my mom, or my old manager. People who are gone now,” Cranston told GQ about his decision to get tatted. “And it seemed appropriate. I mean, Breaking Bad changed my life.” We wonder why he never got a Malcolm in the Middle piece!

3. Nick & Joe Jonas

Best friends who are also brothers? Count us in. Just a few hours before the 2016 VMAs, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas got matching arrows tattooed across the back of their arms. Nick showcased the entire event on his Snapchat and posted a photo when they were done. Joe went on to win Best New Artist with his band DNCE that night, so maybe this was his good luck charm. But we can’t help but feel like Kevin Jonas might’ve felt a bit left out of this. We’d love to see all three brothers commemorate their time as the Jonas Brothers by getting matching tattoos together. Maybe the legendary JB logo? Let’s make this happen, people.

2. Sarah Hyland & Stephanie Branco

Sarah Hyland actually has multiple matching tattoos with her friends. In an Instagram post, she once showed off a photo of her and her friend Katie Welch with matching dinosaur tattoos on their butts. Maybe she just loves to share ink with people, because she also has one with BFF Stephanie Branco. In 2015, the two revealed on Instagram that they got matching arrows — Hyland’s on her shoulder and Branco’s on her forearm. Hyland posted a collage with the caption: “What did I do this weekend? Got some ink with my best friends.” The next day, her then-boyfriend Dominic Sherwood posted a photo of an arrow tattoo on his bicep with the caption “Evidence of last night’s escapades!” so we’re pretty convinced he was in on the fun, too.

1. Harry Styles & Ed Sheeran

When Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran found out they watched the same children’s show growing up, they apparently had a total bro moment, which included getting matching tattoos. While Styles opted for just the name of the show and its main character “Pingu” on his arm, Sheeran went for a drawing of the animated penguin (which isn’t surprising, considering all of the other full color ink that Sheeran has). Sheeran told MTV News in an interview that he took Styles along when he got his tattoo, and it wasn’t hard to convince him to join in. “He got Pingu [written under his arm],” Sheeran told MTV. “Kinda like a bro tat.” Seriously, could these two be any more adorable?

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