21 Celebrity Best Friend Duos We All Not-So-Secretly Want To Join

Celebrity friends are so interesting to watch. Maybe because it makes them seem so much more relatable when they have a close friend they’re always spotted with. We all have that BFF whom we love and can tell anything to. Basically, it makes us realize that the life of a star is just like ours — but so, so much better!

When celebrities are best friends with each other, we can’t help but wonder what fun they must have and the lavish vacations they must take together. In reality, they probably laugh about stupid stuff and eat junk food like we all do. Except they do it in mansions and it’s junk food in the brand name.

Some celebrities have been friends for years and others recently and immediately clicked. Regardless, we love seeing them hanging out, doing the regular friend things that well do. Here 21 celebrity best friends that we wish we could join.

1. Beyoncé And Gwyneth Paltrow

Did you know these two were friends? Not just friends, but BFFs. They must have the wealthiest get-togethers, spend so much money, and do the oddest beauty treatments on their girls’ nights. They’re so close their kids hang out, too, and they rock out together at concerts. And they can do all this often, because both of these iconic gals live close to one another in New York City.

2. Jennifer Aniston And Chelsea Handler

These two became close fairly recently but have since become inseparable. They go on vacations together and Chelsea Handler was one of a handful of guests at Jennifer Aniston‘s wedding to Justin Theroux. Between multiple appearances on Chelsea Lately, you can tell these two are super close friends and really enjoy each other’s company. We love that!

3. Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler met way back in the day during a comedy class in Chicago and became friends almost instantly. Since then, they’ve both had hit comedy shows, starred in a few movies together, and hosted the The Golden Globe Awards side-by-side… twice. I bet these two are always laughing. Count me in for some of that fun!

4. Kristin Wiig And Maya Rudolph

These two funny ladies met during their Saturday Night Live days. They liked each other so much they went on to co-star in the hilarious movie Bridesmaids and they hang out all the time, too. Hopefully, they’ll do another movie together soon! There’s just something about a LOL-funny female duo that makes us want to make it a trio.

5. Lauren Conrad And Lo Bosworth

Laguna Beach is an old favorite and introduced us to our favorite MTV best friends. Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth were friends long before the show premiered meeting at school and remained friends long after the show has ended. These two are loyal to a fault and could use a third friend with the same value of friendship. *hint* *hint*

6. Donald Faison And Zach Braff

The Scrubs set was the birthplace of this fine friendship. You can tell watching the show that the two of them genuinely liked each other and that hasn’t since changed. The guys still hang out regularly and have a much beloved bromance. Zach also likes to troll Donald on social media which is fun to watch. If only we could be part of the fun IRL!

7. Chrissy Teigen And Kim Kardashian

What happens when the two queens of social media are best friends? Millions upon millions of likes and views of their posts. Chrissy Tiegen and Kim Kardashian have been spotted at numerous award shows and after parties together. These two are glamorous and despite Kim K.’s seemingly serious personality, she must be a lot of fun to be besties with the hilarious Chrissy. Chrissy even said she’d be the surrogate for the Kardashian’s baby! While obviously, she’s not, that’s a hell of an offer.

8. Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez

Long live #Taylena. This duo always sits together at award shows and have been spotted out and about together more times than we can count. Taylor Swift has a ton of best friends and a huge squad that sometimes changes members, but Selena Gomez has been a mainstay for years. Hopefully these two have an enduring friendship. Certainly seems like it!

9. Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid

The two young hot models walk the runways and pal around town side-by-side. They’ve traveled the world together and have become best friends in the process. Both grew up in reality TV families so we know they’ve got a lot in common — which probably means the friendship will last. This is a friendship we’d all like to join — if not just to get invited to the glamorous parties.

10. Busy Phillips And Michelle Williams

Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams have been friends since meeting on the set of Dawson’s Creek 16 years ago. Since then, the duo has been inseperable. Michelle credits Busy for being there for here after the untimely death of Heath Ledger, Michelle’s ex-boyfriend and the father to her child. Now, that is a true friendship that we all want and need; one who’s there through the best of times and the worst.

11. Katy Perry And Rihanna

I know these two have some naughty conversations and wild nights out. I can just sense it. The friends are music superstars and have been spotted out together at places like the VMAs and Coachella. What I wouldn’t give to tag along! They had a brief BFF-breakup when Rihanna went back to Chris Brown, apparently, but she saw the light, ditched him and went back to Katy Perry. Good move, girl.

12. Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has hosted Saturday Night Live many times which is how he became best friends with fellow funnyman Jimmy Fallon. Since then, Justin has appeared on The Tonight Show for numerous interviews and their friendships has become famous because of their “History of Rap” bits.

13. Drew Barrymore And Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz started hanging out while filming the first Charlie’s Angels movie. Their friendship has grown since and they still hang out 15 years later. I like to think they do the Charlie’s Angel pose during pictures like we all do with our friends. This means that they need a third to round out the group. Doesn’t seem like Lucy Lui has stayed in with the crew.

14. Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence

I’m not really sure where these two met, but I wish I had been there to become their third BFF. From dancing on pianos at a Billy Joel concert to jumping off houseboats, and doing award show appearances, these two friends surprised us all with their friendship. There’s a rumor that they’re working on a script together. UGH — whatever it is — we can’t wait!

15. Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale

Friends since their High School Musical days, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale grew up together at Disney and have stayed tight ever since. The pair has been through breakups, marriages, career highs and lows, and have been there for each other through it all. They should convince each other to do a High School Musical ten year reunion, IMO.

16. Jennifer Aniston And Courtney Cox

Obviosuly these two met on the set of Friends and have been doing their thang since the ’90s. How much fun would it be do a show with your best friend? They were in each other’s weddings and Jennifer Aniston is the godmother to Courtney Cox‘s daughter. Now that shows commitment. We wonder if Court is at all jealous of Jen’s connection with Chelsea Handler!

17. Kate Winslet And Leonardo Dicaprio

I love these two as best friends. There aren’t enough platonic male/female best friends out there to look up to, but then you have these two. They’ve been hanging out since Titanic (RIP JACK) and have been each other’s biggest supporters ever since. Leonardo DiCaprio even walked Kate Winslet down to aisle during her wedding. #friendshipgoals for sure.

18. Gabby Hoffman And Christina Ricci

Friends forever since meeting as child stars on the set of Now and ThenGaby Hoffman and Christina Ricci grew up together navigating the tough world of acting and being in the spotlight in your most vulnerable years. They later starred together in 200 Cigarrettes and have attended many Hollywood events together. Now they’re both moms and can show their kids the movie that started their friendship. Cute!

19. Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg

This is such an unlikely friendship but they seem to really enjoy each other’s company. This gets our stamp of approval immediately. Maybe prison made Martha Stewart a little tougher, tough enough to hang out with a rapper. Snoop Dogg is always cracking up with her. Snoop made a few appearance on Martha, Martha’s morning cooking show but reconnected and became better friends after seeing each other at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Beiber. And now they host Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party together. What a great idea for a show!

20. Anna Kendrick And Aubrey Plaza

Okay so they look IN LOVE in this GIF but it really just perfectly captures their ultimate friendship. Ever since starring in their first film together, these two have been BFFs. (They’ve been in three different movies side-by-side since 2010.) According to Anna, Aubrey’s invited her on spontaneous vacations and the two just can’t get enough of each other. We dig it. They’re both so perfectly funny in their very different ways, it’s probably the perfect complement to one another’s humor.

21. Taylor Swift And Lena Dunham

Is there anyone Taylor Swift isn’t friends with? (Well, besides Demi Lovato). Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham are relatively new friends but have been spotted together and have nothing but nice words for each other. The Girls actress even made it into the “Bad Blood” music video with the rest of the squad so you know this friendship is for real.

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