17 Celebrities Who Had A Barbie Modeled After Them

When you were younger, one of your dreams was probably to have a Barbie doll that was an exact replica of yoursekf. Heck, you might even still have that dream. (No judgement.) Most of us might not have been blessed with our very own, one-of-a-kind Barbies, but we were okay with settling for the next best thing: Barbie dolls of our favorite celebrities.

Traditional Barbies are brilliant, but celebrity Barbies are extra special. We might not get to be a celebrity’s best friend IRL, but we can at least make the Barbie version of them be BFFs with all of our Barbies. It’s almost as good, right? Right.

If you missed out on the celebrity Barbie craze, you might be surprised to find out just how many celebrity Barbies there are available. When you see them, you might be inspired to start collecting these dolls once again. Here are 17 celebrities who have their own Barbie dolls.

17. Diana Ross

Diana Ross is a legend so it’s only right that she has her own Barbie. In 2003, the Diana Ross by Bob Mackie Barbie doll was released. The doll is outfitted in a sparkly gown that is meant to epitomize the singer’s 1970s style. With the flowing hair and “authentic face sculpt” it’s definitely a very good version – unfortunately we can’t say the same for all the Barbies on this list.

16. Beyoncé / Destiny’s Child

What, you thought that someone like Beyoncé wouldn’t have her own doll? Come on. What doesn’t Queen Bey have? She actually received her own doll back in her Destiny’s Child days. And she had two versions. The first was actually from Hasbro and was inspired by Destiny’s Child outfits from the 2001 Grammys (pictured). In 2005, another version was released with Bey in a pink cut-out gown. I think we can all agree that the pictured version nowhere near encapsulates the beauty of Beyoncé – in fact, it looks nothing like her.

15. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the many divas who has a Barbie modeled after her. In fact, she has two of them. In 2013, Mattel launched a Jennifer Lopez World Tour Doll and a Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll (pictured). The world tour doll is wearing a re-creation of a Zuhair Murad original illusion bodysuit while the red carpet doll is wearing a mini version Zuhair Murad gown she wore to the 2012 Oscars. Yes, both dolls have the J.Lo glow.

14. Cher

Mattel typically created Barbies around icons, and you cannot get more iconic than Cher. Proving just how special she is, there are four Cher Barbies all in iconic Bob Mackie looks. There’s a ’70s Cher Bob Mackie Barbie Doll in a recreation on a Native American outfit (probably wouldn’t fly today, TBH); the ’80s Cher Bob Mackie Barbie Doll rocking a faux leather jacket, crystal bodysuit and over-the-knee boots (pictured); the Cher Bob Mackie Barbie Doll from 2007 which features a blonde Cher and a purple circus-inspired look; and the Cher Barbie Doll from 2001 which shows her in a Bob Mackie-inspired lavender gown with a feathered boa. Yeah, you’re going to want them all.

13. Emmy Rossum

In 2015, Mattel honored six women at the Variety Power of Women Luncheon with one-of-a-kind Barbies modeled after them. Emmy Rossum was one of the recipients honored thanks to her work with Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare group that supports the no-kill movement. The doll looks exactly like the actress and was outfitted in a recreation of the outfit Emmy wore to the 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards in 2015. Love it!

12. Elizabeth Taylor

There are a whopping five different Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls. It will be tough choosing a favorite because they all feature gorgeous clothes and look like the legendary actress. So, you might as well collect them all. There are dolls inspired by her films, like the Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride Barbie Doll, in a beautiful wedding gown; and the Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra Barbie Doll donning a gold look (pictured). There’s also the Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes Barbie Doll which wears a ribbon in support of HIV/AIDS; the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie Doll wearing the same ribbon and her iconic white outfit; and the Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Doll from 2001 where she dons a pale purple gown which matches her violet eyes.

11. Heidi Klum

Do you remember the Project Runway Barbie challenge? It’s not the only time Heidi Klum was involved in a Barbie collaboration. There’s the Barbie Doll as Heidi Klum toy created in her honor. The doll was released in 2009 and was designed by Robert Best. Yes, it puts her amazing legs on full display.

10. Joan Jett

If you think that dolls can’t be badass, think again because there’s a Joan Jett doll. The rocking Barbie was released in 2009, joining the Ladies of the ’80s collection. It features Joan in a signature look of a black T-shirt, skinny blacks and red sneakers. Most of us loved a Barbie with some sweet accessories, so the Joan Jett doll had it all.

9. Nicki Minaj

Nick Minaj has a song called “Barbie Tingz,” not to mention that she calls one of her alter-egos “Barbie,” and uses her as an inspiration for a lot of her looks IRL, in music videos, and on album covers. She also has her own Barbie doll. A one-of-a-kind Nicki Minaj Barbie was created for a CharityBuzz.com auction back in December 2011 to help support Project Angel Food, which provides food for men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS. It’s too bad we can’t get our own version, but it’s great it helped support a good cause.

8. Kate Winslet

Okay, technically the Titanic Barbie Doll is inspired by Rose DeWitt Bukater, but Kate Winslet played the character so it’s really her doll. The iconic doll was released in 2007, which is a surprisingly long time after the 1997 movie. We’re not complaining because it was designed by Sharon Zuckerman and has all of the flapper details just right on the iconic red dress. Plus, the movie is pretty timeless.

7. Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand has a unique look that’s all her own and we’re lucky enough to get a Barbie doll that pays tribute to it. The Barbra Streisand Barbie Doll was released in 2009 and has the doll wearing a recreation of an outfit the singer wore to Hollywood’s Coconut Grove way back in 1963. You might not have been around then, but you’ll still love the doll.

6. Kate Middleton and Prince William

When Kate Middleton got married to Prince William, there was every sort of souvenir imaginable. So, it should come as no surprise that we also got the William And Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset. Yup, the dolls come together. They were released in 2012 and designed by Robert Best. FYI: The Kate doll’s hair is just as swishy as the OG Kate’s.

5. Farrah Fawcett

The Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll wins for not only recreating the actress’s iconic feathered hairstyle and red bathing suit, but it also wins for recreating the exact pose she was in the iconic 1971 poster. The doll is permanently posed in the position – which might make it a little more difficult to play with but is worth it for the decorative aspect of it all. The Barbie was released in 2011 and designed by Bill Greening.

4. Frank Sinatra

What, you thought it was just about the ladies? Frank Sinatra makes a case for debonair male dolls. The icon had two dolls modeled after him. There’s the traditional Frank Sinatra Doll —The Recording Years which wears a dapper 1950’s-style suit and hat as it croons away (pictured). The doll even includes the singer’s signature pinkie ring sculpted onto his right hand. Less traditional is the 2011 female Sinatra Barbie Doll who is decked out in a suit, fedora and an orange pocket square — Frank’s favorite color.

3. Fan Bingbing

If you’re a fashionista, you will know Fan Bingbing thanks to her breathtaking red carpet gowns. We might not be able to get her couture, but at least we can get a replica Barbie doll of her. The Fan Bingbing Doll was released in 2014. The doll is wearing a recreation of the yellow “Dragon Robe” designed by Laurence Hsu which the actress wore to the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

2. J.K. Rowling

Given all the magic that she has given us, it only seems right that we at least give J.K Rowling a doll in her honor. In 2010, Mattel released a one-of-a-kind Barbie as a tribute to the Harry Potter author. Before you ask, the doll actually comes with a (fake) bouquet of flowers and not a wand or a Sorting Hat.

1. Zendaya

Controversy erupted following the 2015 Oscars, when comments were made about Zendaya wearing her hair in dreadlocks to the event. The actress took to Instagram to call out the remarks and in doing so, became an inspiration to many. Mattel decided to partner with Zendaya to create a doll of her Oscars look to recognize her standing up for herself and equality. There was originally only one doll made, but it was released to the masses in 2016.

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