11 Celebs Who Derailed Their Own Press Tours By Saying Something Dumb

The movie 22 Jump Street comes out this Friday, and I’m betting no one is happier about that than the producers, because it means that Channing Tatum‘s press tour has almost come to an end.

I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, but for me at least, this particular press tour has been overshadowed by Channing’s very casual revelation that he probably drinks more than he should, to the point that he actually considers himself a ‘high functioning alcoholic’. He issued it as a very offhanded statement, but now it’s hard for me to hear anything he says without wondering if his drinking is a problem for his family, if it gets in the way of being a good husband to Jenna Dewan-Tatum or a father to Everly, and blah blah blah.

Basically, he distracted from what he was supposed to be doing — promoting his movie — by saying something dumb, and he’s far from the first person to make that mistake. Here are eleven other celebrities who accidentally overshadowed their press tour by doing something stupid.

11. Emma Stone

It doesn’t always have to be a negative thing that you reveal about yourself that derails your interviews. For Emma, it was opening up about her love for The Spice GirlsOnce interviewers saw her emotional reaction to all things Spicy, that was the first question Emma got for the rest of the promo tour.

10. Ryan Lochte

Poor old Ryan Lochte was everyone’s favorite Olympic athlete with his mouth shut and his abs out, but once he wrapped up the ceremony and came back to the US to try to take the next step in his career, it wasn’t long before he took those rumors off the table for himself by admitting he’d peed in the Olympic pool, trying to trademark the word ‘jeah’, and making reporters cry laughing at how dumb he is.

9. Shailene Woodley

Shailene was doing a great job promoting The Fault In Our Stars, until she let slip in an interview that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist because she loves men. Sorry not sorry that you’re gonna have to be explaining that gaffe for the next couple years or so.

8. Jonah Hill

Jonah is another 22 Jump Street star who didn’t quite make it through the promo process unscathed. After he was antagonized by a paparazzo in Los Angeles, Jonah used a homophobic slur, getting caught on camera calling the man the f-word. It was just a split-second bad decision, but it’s one that he’s had to try to explain away in every interview since.

7. Beyonce and Jay Z

This was less about something they said than about something they did, but that video with Solange attacking Jay came out right when the Carter-Knowleses wanted everyone to be focused on the On The Run Tour opening this summer. People are still excited about it, but even more than that, they’re curious about what happened in that elevator.

6. Tom Cruise

These days we can’t think about Tom without thinking about him couch-jumping over how excited he was to be dating Katie Holmes, but he was really on Oprah that day to promote his movie War Of The WorldsThat…escalated quickly.

5. Britney Spears

Sweet simple Brit-Brit was trying to promote her critically-panned album Britney Jean when she insulted one of her own key demographics — the gays — by saying they’re ‘somewhat girls‘. Smooth move, Ace. With that, your lip-syncing, and your drawn-on abs at the Vegas show, it’s a wonder that anyone listens to your music at all anymore.

4. Shia LaBeouf

Oh c’mon, he’s the poster child for this shit by now. If you’re gonna cast Shia in your movie, you’re better off paying him not to do the promotional stuff, because he’ll just end up on a red carpet somewhere with a brown paper bag over his head saying ‘I’m Not Famous Anymore’. Good luck promoting Nymphomaniac, though!

3. Kristen Stewart

Kristen’s always a walking bag of conversational gems, but she really outdid herself on the promo tour of Snow White And The HuntsmanBecause of her affair with the movie’s married director, Rupert Sanders, the Robsten breakup ended up way more publicized than the actual movie. (Which is probably good, because I heard it was a garbage heap.)

2. Robert Pattinson

And speaking of Robsten, R-Pattz did some derailing of his own during a different press tour, for the Twilight series. Nothing could ever kill that movie, but insulting it while he was doing interviews for it was a giant step in the right wrong direction.

1. Pharrell Williams

This is probably the first and last time ever that Pharrell and Shailene Woodley will have something in common, but Pharrell has had some trouble of his own while trying to shill his most recent album, G I R L. It’s supposedly a feminist platform, a fact undercut just slightly by the fact that Pharrell doesn’t think he can be a feminist because he’s a man and doesn’t understand menstruation. Facepalm.

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