16 Celebrity Parents That Used A Surrogate To Have Their Baby

If you’re an avid watcher of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you’ll know just how much Kim Kardashian wanted to have a third child. For all of you who don’t plan out your Sunday nights around the roller coaster lives of the Kardashian women, here’s a bit of a recap: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent the majority of this most recent season looking for ways to have a third child. The mother of North, 4, and Saint, 2, had previously gone through two very difficult pregnancies in which she experienced different medical problems including placenta accreta, in which the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterine wall. Having recently announced that she and her husband would be using a surrogate to carry their third child, Kim and Yeezy join a long list of fellow celebrities who have chosen the same path.

16. Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks (America’s Next Top Model) is the first on our list as a new mother thanks to the help of a surrogate. In 2016, Banks welcomed her son York Banks Asla with her partner Erik Asla. In her announcement on Instagram, the former reality TV host said, “As we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us, we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone.”

15. Sarah Jessica Parker
Despite already having a son named James Wilkie, Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City), and her husband Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), chose to have their next child with the help of a surrogate. Thanks to their surrogate, the two actors were able to have twins! The two welcomed daughters, Marion and Tabitha in 2009.

14. Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman and her country singer beau, Keith Urban have also decided that they too would like to use a surrogate to carry their next child. The Big Little Lies actress, who has previously adopted two children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, is currently looking for a surrogate with Keith. The duo already has two children of their own, Faith and Sunday Rose, but due to age and other health problems, Nicole has chosen not to personally carry their third child.

13. Elton John
Elton John and his partner David Furnish have used a surrogate to have both of their children. Their first child, Zachary, was born on Christmas day in 2010, and three years later they welcomed their second son, Elijah in January. Cute!

12. Jimmy Fallon
The king of the Tonight Show, and his wife, Nancy Fallon, were able to have their daughter Winnie thanks to the help of a surrogate in 2013. After struggling with fertility for five years, the couple decided that a surrogate was the best option.

11. Michael Jackson
Even after his death in 2009, Michael Jackson’s use of a secret surrogate in 2002 to have his youngest son, Blanket, is still a hot topic for people. While the surrogate was never officially revealed, many believe it to be a Mexican nurse named Helena, whom the “King of Pop” apparently paid up to $20,000 for her services. Now that’s a pay day.

10. Giuliana Rancic
The once host of E! News and her husband, Bill Rancic, used a surrogate in 2012 to have their son, Edward Duke. Their surrogacy journey was documented on their E! reality show Giuliana and Bill.

9. Jordana Brewster
The Fast and The Furious star was able to have both of her children with husband Andrew Form thanks to the help of a surrogate. The couple had their first child, Julian, via a surrogate in 2013 and their second son the same way in 2016.

8. Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka welcomed their twins Harper and Gideon thanks to a surrogate in 2010. In a cool twist, the couple decided not to find out which of the twins was biologically their own.

7. Chris Daughtry
American Idol hopeful-turned-country-star, Chris Daughtry is another proud papa thanks to the help of a surrogate mother. Daughtry and his wife, Deanna chose to use a surrogate after she went through a partial hysterectomy. They welcomed twins Adalynn and Noah in 2010, making the fam a group of six with their other children, Hannah and Griffin.

6. Ellen Pompeo
A doctor during the day and a mother at home, Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo was another star who used a surrogate in order to have a child. Though she and her hubby, Chris Ivory did have her first daughter, Stella, naturally in 2009, she made the decision to have her second daughter, Sienna May, via a surrogate in 2014.

5. Elizabeth Banks
Funny woman Elizabeth Banks and her husband, Max Handelman welcomed their two kids, Felix and Magnus, thanks to the help of the Center for Surrogate Parenting. The couple welcomed Felix in 2011, and Magnus a year later in 2012.

4. Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro and his model girlfriend, Toukie Smith welcomed their twins Julian Henry and Aaron Kendrick with the help of a surrogate in 1995. Sadly, Robert and Toukie were already separated by the time the surrogate gave birth to their twins &mdashs; though they still agreed to co-parent despite the breakup.

3. Lucy Liu
The notoriously private Charlie’s Angels star surprised people in 2015 with the news that she had welcomed a baby into her family via a surrogate. She named her son Rockwell Lloyd Liu.

2. Kate Segal
Despite having two naturally born children from a previous marriage, Kate Segal and her husband Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) welcomed their daughter, Esme Louis, via a surrogate in 2007.

1. Beyoncé
Last, but never least, is Queen B herself, Beyoncé. While this one is far from confirmed, rumors have circulated for years that Beyoncé used a surrogate to have her first baby. Many believe Beyoncé and Jay-Z used a surrogate for the birth of Blue Ivy, due to some strange stomach movement during an interview while she was pregnant. Beyoncé has spoken about suffering a miscarriage and many think her recent twins are the result of In-Vitro Fertilization, meaning her pregnancy problems COULD have resulted in her choosing to have another woman carry Blue. But tbh, this one is mostly just a conspiracy theory.

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