17 Celebrities Who Got Real About Acne On Social Media

Celebrities are often thought of as flawless creatures who are so different from us mere mortals. They might have a lot more commas in their bank accounts and walk red carpets as part of their jobs, but they’re still humans who aren’t immune to the things that affect us. Acne is something that celebrities have to deal with us much as us.

Sometimes we don’t realize that celebrities have skin problems. After all, they have glam squads, access to the top dermatologists and the help of professional retouchers for their red carpet photos, movie posters, and even Instagrams. But, there are some celebrities who like to keep it real and prove they’re like everyone who has ever had a zit. These celebrities posted #unfiltered #wokeuplikethis selfies celebrating their spots, zit cream and all. And we’re so here for it.

17. Kendall Jenner

When Kendall Jenner graced the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globes, critics were quick to point out that the model was dealing with a bout of breakouts on her cheeks. Others came to her defense and saluted her for walking the red carpet and not feeling ashamed about a few pimples. Kendall responded to the praise on Twitter writing, “Never let that s**t stop you.”

16. Justin Bieber

It’s not just the ladies who are getting real about beauty and skincare issues on social media. In March 2018, Justin Bieber showed off his natural skin on Instagram Stories. In case viewers missed his pimples, Justin made sure to point to them. He also captioned the post with, “Pimples are in.” People loved his honesty and openness. Some might have joked about his style/fashion reference, but his body positive message was still clear.

15. Brie Larson

If you follow Brie Larson on Instagram, you will know that there are no diva antics on her ‘Gram. In June 2016, she showed she’s just like all of us when she put too much zit cream on a pimple and ended up with a dry patch. The difference was that the actress had to walk the red carpet the next day with the spot visible on her face. In case people missed it, she helpfully pointed it out on Instagram.

14. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is a delight on Instagram and social media in general. Back in December 2015, she got real with an acne cream selfie. She explained, “That zit cream in your 30’s life. At least I’m not going on the Tonight Show later today.” Spoiler alert: She was in fact due for a guest appearance on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

13. Lorde

There are so many reasons to love Lorde. One of them is how she calls out magazines and the beauty industry for their unrealistic standards. She spoke out against magazines for allegedly altering her nose and for smoothing her acne and scars. Another time in 2014, she shared a pic of her natural skin while on tour. She wrote, “In bed in Paris with my acne cream on.”

12. Lucy Hale

Let us hear it for Lucy Hale and her zit cream on fleek. In 2016, the former Pretty Little Liars star responded to being papped while wearing with zit cream with her own selfie on Instagram. It was a brilliant way to respond. Plus, it was an adorable acne cream selfie with her pooch.

11. Daisy Ridley

Remember when Daisy Ridley had Instagram? The Star Wars actress wasn’t one to post heavily filtered selfies, and she got real about her acne and her endometriosis. She also shared some of her skincare treatments and opened up about what worked and what didn’t. In one post she said, “I’ve tried everything: products, antibiotics, more products, more antibiotics and all that did was left [sic] my body in a bit of a mess.” It’s too bad she left Insta in 2016 and never came back. Her #real posts were body positive.

10. Rachel Bloom

Thank you, Rachel Bloom, for sharing an honest photo of what real, unedited skin looks like. In September 2017, she shared this photo while she was in the middle of shooting Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She explained, “The middle of shooting the season (around episode 8) is peak time for my hormones to run amok due to a hectic schedule. Try to spot the bloating, fatigue and zits and win a prize.” Ah, the joy of hormonal breakouts and PMS.

9. Lena Dunham

What would we do without Lena Dunham on social media? The (virtual) world would not be the same. In August 2017, she wrote a Lenny Letter feature about dealing with acne and the skin condition, rosacea. What’s more, she announced the article by sharing an unretouched photo of her skin on Twitter.

8. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a pretty flawless being. In many people’s eyes, the Aussie became even more flawless when she posted a photo on Instagram revealing zits on her cheeks. In her Instagram stories, she responded to criticism she faced at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere for having breakouts. She clarified that her acne belongs to her and how she was upset to see her skin bothered others. She also explained that the pimples were caused by the bacteria from phones and hotel pillow cases.

7. Suki Waterhouse

We can count on Suki Waterhouse for some major fashion inspiration on Instagram. She is also brilliant for keeping it real. She uploaded a photo of herself with BBF and fellow Pop & Suki co-founder, Poppy Jamie while they were treating their breakouts with acne cream. The best friends that treat their pimples stay together, right?

6. Gabrielle Union

People, as well as celebrities, love to show off their new hairdos on Instagram. In August 2016, Gabrielle Unionrevealed her gorgeous new caramel blonde hair color. She wasn’t the only one who loved it. Her zit also did, too. She captioned the post, “Loving the new do… My zit also loves it.” LOL.

5. Miley Cyrus

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has shared a lot on social media. Of her many selfies, some of her most body-positive included her sharing her natural face with pimple cream on it. As this is Miley we’re talking about, she was also rocking a yellow wig. Because, of course.

4. Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson was another Pretty Little Liars star who shared her acne cream selfie on Instagram. She actually shared her pimple cream pic before Lucy. She uploaded the photo back in October 2015, saying it was a new trend. People were very positive in their comments. They even wanted to know what kind of acne treatment she was using. Help a fellow pimple-sufferer out.

3. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is one celebrity who doesn’t hide who she is. In January 2017, she posted a “real skin alert” selfie on Instagram. She wrote in the #nofilter post about how sometimes skin is clear and sometimes it’s not. She explained, “I’m very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. BUT I shouldn’t feel bad. It is normal to have acne. EVERY1 does! It’s only our society and social media outlets like this one that tells us we have to have ‘perfect skin’ to be considered socially acceptable. I’m here to tell you rn F*CK THAT.” Amen, sister.

2. Lily Allen

Lily Allen always keeps it real on social media. Just take a look at her Instagram or Twitter and that will be very obvious. In May 2015, she posted an unfiltered photo on Instagram revealing her pimples (and a gorgeous star earring). She wrote, “How is it fair that I get acne at 30? #1stworldproblems” The post has since been deleted but it still had a great impact on social media. It went viral with many people praising Lily and others sharing their adult acne experiences.

1. Lili Reinhart

Add another Lili to the list of stars who got real AF about their acne on social media. The Riverdale actress used her Instagram story to make her followers LOL, posting a photo of herself donning zit cream with the text: “Tinder profile: Hi I’m Lili. I’m 21, a Virgo, Cali-girl, And I have cystic acne. HMU.” Her post almost instantly went viral, as does pretty much ANYTHING this girl shares on social media. (Also we’re guessing the whole ‘tinder profile’ thing is a joke, considering she is almost certainly dating her TV costar, Cole Sprouse.

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