17 Celebrities Who Have Cartoon Doppelgängers

If animated characters could come to life, we imagine that some of them would look exactly like our favorite celebrities. Okay well, maybe not exactly, but still similar enough to pass for their doppelgangers. We’ve seen numerous examples, from Chris Hemsworth and Katy Perry to our favorite ginger, Ed Sheeran. And if we didn’t know any better, we’d say that a lot of these cartoon creations were actually modeled after the stars!

Whether you’re a huge fan of animation or you have fond memories of your favorite childhood cartoons, these comparisons will definitely make you do a double take. See which celebs you never realized had cartoon doppelgängers:

17. Corbin Bleu looks like Huey Freeman from The Boondocks

Is that really Huey, or is it just the cartoon version of Corbin? To be honest, Corbin never came to mind when we first watched the character on Boondocks, but once we thought about the comparison, we were like “Yep, Huey is Corbin (with bigger hair and angry eyebrows).”

16. Hulk Hogan looks like Killer Bee from Naruto

That image of Killer Bee might as well be a reflection of Hulk Hogan… Like, the resemblance here is just INSANE. For Halloween this year, Hulk could literally pull off his own signature look as a costume and just tell everyone that he’s Killer Bee from Naruto. (We’re kind of hoping that he does because that would be pretty epic.)

15. Leslie David Baker looks like Cleveland from Family Guy

Stanley Hudson (Leslie’s character on The Office) is the real-life Cleveland, and we have proof. First, Stanley was the token black employee at Dunder Mifflin and Cleveland was the token black guy in the neighborhood on Family Guy. Second, both fictional characters separated from their wives and shared a child with their ex. And third, just LOOK at these guys. They’re doppelgängers. That smile! Pretty crazy, right?

14. Christina Hendricks looks like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Christina rocked a gorgeous red gown at the 2011 New York premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It. And judging by this comparison, she clearly channeled her twin, Jessica Rabbit. Both of them look like queens. With those fiery red locks, they look pretty similar on just your average day. But when they’re dressed similarly?! Straight-up doppelgänger status!

13. Rico Rodriguez looks like Russell from Up

Let’s just say that if we had to cast a real-life Russell for a live-action version of Up, we’d go with Rico. We know him as the mature and intuitive Manny Delgado from ABC’s Modern Family, so perhaps you think it would be weird to cast him as the hyper, loud and fun-loving kid. Still, we get the feeling that he’d nail that role!

12. Snoop Dogg looks like Jafar from Aladdin

Guys, honestly. Don’t these two look like they could pass for twins? It’s like Jafar is the cartoon version of Snoop… In fact, all the rapper needs to do is grow a long goatee, don some black eyeliner, and wear an elaborate black hat. He’d be set for any costume party.

11. Katy Perry looks like Snow White from Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

In the movie, Snow is described as having “Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.” If that’s not the perfect description of Katy Perry in this picture, then we don’t know what is. (FYI, even though the singer went blonde, we still think she’d make the perfect Snow White in any film.)

10. Ariana Grande looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid

And we mean Ariana during her Nickelodeon days when she still rocked her fiery red hair. When she attended the opening night gala screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2009, she looked just like Ariel with her green mini dress and red hair (eye color aside).

9. Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell look like Oscar and Trudy Proud from The Proud Family

Of all the comparisons that we’ve seen, this was the one that really blew our minds. Oscar and Trudy Proud from The Proud Family look like carbon copies of Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell, who starred as Martin and Gina in the hit sitcom Martin. What’s even crazier, though, is that Trudy and Oscar’s personalities were very similar to those of Martin and Gina on the show. Some fans believe that the animated couple was inspired by the classic duo. Although that was never confirmed, we’re starting to think there might be some truth to the theory…

8. Charlie Sheen looks like Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy

Charlie Sheen (aka Charlie Harper, the rich playboy who changed girlfriends like he changed his clothes), happens to look a lot like Quagmire, the sex-crazed pervert on Family Guy. Although their lifestyle and personalities are quite different, we get the strange feeling that they’d get along in real life.

7. Larry King looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons

Larry King may look exactly like Charles Montgomery Burns, but aside from the fact that they’re both successful, they don’t have anything else in common. Mr. Burns is by far one of the meanest, greediest, and most self-centered characters we’ve ever seen on screen. So in this case, they have the same face but opposite personalities.

6. Jon Gries looks like Bruce from Family Guy

Or more specifically, John Gries as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. He and Bruce have similar facial features, the same brown hair, and the same mustache… It’s safe to say that they’re basically the same person. Jon just needs to start rockin’ that golden hoop earring!

5. Bill Murray looks like Papa Smurf from The Smurfs

This is definitely one of our faves! Bill Murray looked so much like Papa Smurf when he played Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We’re guessing that his costume was inspired by the original comic character, which was created by cartoonist Pierre Culliford in 1958. Sure, his skin isn’t blue – but that’s just one tiny detail!

4. Gabourey Sidibe looks like Dijonay from The Proud Family

Not only do these two look the same, but they’d literally make the best BFFs in real life. Gabourey and Dijonay are both unapologetically bold, sassy, fierce, and hilarious. To be honest, they’re the kind of twins we’d pay money to see on the big screen.

3. Ed Sheeran looks like Chuckie from Rugrats

No, this is totally not a stretch. And no, they don’t look like twins just because they’re both gingers (though we’ll admit that it definitely helps). Whenever Ed Sheeran rocks a pair of glasses, he is essentially Chuckie all grown up (past his teenage years).

2. Chris Hemsworth looks like John Smith from Pocahontas

Doesn’t he, though? I mean, minus the facial hair, Chris is the spitting image of the tall, blonde-haired settler (or at least while he’s playing Thor). If there ever is a live-action film about Pocahontas in the future, we honestly wouldn’t mind if Chris ended up playing John Smith.

1. Lily Cole looks like Princess Merida from Brave

She’s slender, blue-eyed, and freckle-faced with rosy cheeks and gorgeous red hair. What you read there was a description of Princess Merida, but it’s also a pretty accurate description of Lily Cole. While we did love Amy Manson’s performance as Merida in Once Upon a Time, we feel like Lily would’ve been a great fit.

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