The 16 Best Boy Meets World Episodes Ever

One of the greatest gifts the ’90s gave the world was indeed Boy Meets World. Part of the always amazing TGIF lineup, the ABC series followed the lives of your run of the mill teenagers. We watched Cory, Shawn and Topanga experience love, loss and everything in between over seven seasons.

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to the best Boy Meets World episodes, but we have got the ultimate list. The following best Boy Meets World episodes are the most memorable, as well as heartfelt. Take a look! From their Halloween episode to notable Cory and Topanga moments, did your favorite make the list?

1. “Cory’s Alternative Friends”

Season 1, Episode 4
This was the first episode Topanga appeared in. A weird girl to some, but an icon to girls who were indeed smart and tired of being looked at differently because of it. We also got a mention of Shawn’s sister… who is basically a mirage because we never hear about her again. While that continuity error is something we can blissfully ignore, we can’t let go of this episode because of one pivotal moment. Cory and Topanga share their first kiss in this one!

2. “Singled Out”

Season 4, Episode 7
Sometimes an episode doesn’t have to have any significance to the overall series for it to be a classic. This is one of those. This one remains a fan favorite because it took Boy Meets World and intertwined it with another staple from the ’90s. Singled Out was an amazing dating show on MTV hosted by Chris Hardwick. Yes, the dude who talks about The Walking Dead weekly on AMC. This will always be a great moment of pop culture as far as we’re concerned.

3. “Wake Up, Little Cory”

Season 2, Episode 7
Boy Meets World was often very G-rated. Wholesome to the core, but once in awhile they’d “go there” like Degrassi and try to tackle bigger topics. Slut-shaming was on the table with “Wake Up, Little Cory.” After Cory and Topanga accidentally spend the night together at school, people cannot stop talking… especially about Topanga.

4. “Chick Like Me”

Season 4, Episode 15
“Wake Up, Little Cory” wasn’t the only time Boy Meets World touched on women’s issues. A couple seasons later Cory and Shawn went undercover to see how it was to be a woman. They realized sexual harassment was all too real. In hindsight, a man shouldn’t have to walk a mile in a woman’s shoes to realize that but the episode is still appreciated.

5. “Brothers”

Season 5, Episode 1
Shawn Hunter’s sister may have been a one-off mention during the first season, but his brother wasn’t. We learned that Shawn wasn’t the only Hunter boy out there when we met Jack, his half-brother. I think most fans were just thankful for the show casting Matthew Lawrence. A hottie then and a hottie now!

6. “Heartbreak Cory”

Season 5, Episode 14
It does not matter when you got into this show. Whether you watched it as a kid or just found it recently thanks to Hulu – this episode will always break your heart. Cory was supposed to love Topanga with everything he had. Then, in walks Lauren, the girl from the mountain and sh*t literally hits the fan. Emotions are running high just thinking about that stupid ski trip and what came after.

7. “And Then There Was Shawn”

Season 5, Episode 17
Like the Singled Out episode, this one didn’t give fans much to the overall storylines of the characters but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Horror came through their world in a big way and freaking Jennifer Love Hewitt was there! Yes, please. Okay, it was really awesome at the time because she was an OG scream queen of the ’90s after her role in “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Plus, that virgin always dies first joke got us then and still gets us now. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, re-watch the episode ASAP.

8. “We’ll Have a Good Time Then…”

Season 6, Episode 13
Death happens, but it still hurts when it does. Chet Hunter wasn’t always the best dad on Boy Meets World, but we never thought this would be how his story came to an end. An emotional night in the TGIF realm that still haunts us to this day.

9. “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow”

Season 4, Episode 2
Boy Meets World dealt a lot with what it was actually like to be a kid when the show first started. One of the most poignant moments was when they tackled self-esteem. Cory’s hair was on the table. Upset with his curls, he wanted a change. As a kid with curly hair — this episode was everything. When Shawn and Topanga’s manes are more than perfect, it makes Cory feel even more inferior. Of course, in the end, Cory has his “makeover,” and nothing is changed. We all just have to learn to love ourselves. AW!

10. “I Love You, Donna Karan”

Season 5, Episode 7
This was a two-parter, but each is equally as important as the other so we’re counting them as one. This was the first time was ever saw Shawn really, really like someone. Based on the contents of a found purse, Shawn fell in love. Only the owner of the purse wasn’t who he thought it would be at first. Thankfully he did find the owner and we were introduced to a start of a beautiful relationship.

11. “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 2)”

Season 4, Episode 17
When fans thought Topanga was leaving Cory’s life (and the show) for good, they absolutely freaked. How could the show go on without Topanga? How could this love story happen without her? Would Cory be forced to find a new soul mate? Then all of a sudden, soaked in rain, there she was at Cory’s door. Peak romance, IMO.

12. “The Happiest Show on Earth”

Season 3, Episode 21
As you can tell, we’re a sucker for Cory and Topanga moments. So back in the day, just about every show on the TGIF lineup got at least one episode at Disney World when . For Boy Meets World, it was an epic one that had Cory doing whatever it took to get to his one and only back.

13. “It’s About Time”

Season 7, Episode 17
When you’ve followed a couple like Cory and Topanga from puberty through adulthood, a wedding is a necessity. Of course, the wedding episode had to make the list. Cory and Shawn were actually the stars of this one though. A fight led fans to believe that maybe Cory’s BFF wouldn’t make it to the biggest day of his life. He thankfully did and it was adorable.

14. “Shallow Boy”

Season 4, Episode 5
It’s not always about the happiest couple in TV history. In fact, this one was about a very bad couple. After Eric’s quick love affair with Corinna, she writes an angsty song that becomes a hit (Taylor Swift vibes anyone?). When Eric realizes that being nice to her is what causes her writer’s block, he really lays out the charm. As always, hilarity ensues.

15. “Brave New World”

Season 7, Episode 22
It was hard to place this on the list of best Boy Meets World episodes because well, it broke us. That goodbye with Mr. Feeny, come on! Fans got two episodes to say adios to the characters we had come to love and depend on for life lessons for seven years. The only reason this tale wasn’t that sad is that we did get to see what did indeed happen to everyone thanks to Girls Meets World years later.

16. “Graduation”

Season 5, Episode 24
This episode marked the beginning of a very different chapter for Boy Meets World. Rarely does a show flow seamlessly from middle school to high school to college. This one managed to do that very thing so we had to give it props. However, it wasn’t just the way Boy Meets World approached transition that had us all obsessed with this episode. During “Graduation” Topanga had to make a HUGE life decision: stay with Cory or go to her dream school. It all ends with her proposing to Cory at graduation! Adorbz.

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