16 Body-Positive Instagrams You Should Follow

When it comes to getting in shape, finding body-positive motivation can be difficult. Luckily for fitness enthusiasts everywhere, it’s not hard to find your daily dose of inspiration on Instagram. However, the number of personal trainers, body-builders, bikini models and dieticians boasting unrealistically-healthy lifestyles for the ‘gram can be seriously overwhelming — and frankly — straight-up unrealistic.

It’s important to remember that fit bodies come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, something that’s easy to forget when scrolling through ads for detox teas, waist-trainers and diet pills. Obsessing over a dress size or the number on the scale can lead to some seriously unhealthy behaviors and issues with body image. That’s why we’ve rounded up 16 body-positive Instagrams you should follow. Hopefully they can balance out the messages being sent by all those former Bachelor contestants with their #spon FlatTummyTea posts lounging poolside.

1. @Blogilates


As one of the most prominent faces in the internet fitness scene, Cassey Ho has created an empire behind her signature Pop Pilates program. Cassey has shared her lifelong struggle with her own body image and disordered eating, while encouraging followers to be comfortable in their own skin. Ho encourages a lifestyle of moderate exercise and clean eating, free of harsh restrictions and unhealthy goals.

2. @RozTheDiva


If you’ve never considered pole-dancing, might we suggest giving Roz “The Diva” Mays a follow — you may change your mind. Roz is an NASM-certified athlete with a passion for pole dancing. Not only is she insanely fit, she is an outspoken champion of body positivity. Her boundless energy and passion for body-positive fitness are clear in every sweaty gym selfie and pole-dancing vid.

3. @CeCeOlisa

If you’re looking for your next favorite lifestyle Instagram, look no further than CeCe Olisa. As a plus-sized fitness guru, fashionista and lifestyle blogger, CeCe’s account features everything from outfit inspo to workout videos.

4. @SELFMagazine


In recent years, SELF Magazine has put a lot more importance on promoting body positivity. Their Instagram is a gallery of motivational images that feature awesome quotes such as “be kind to yourself,” and “the best things in life have carbs,” which are a seriously refreshing change from an often-overwhelming culture of restrictive dieting.

5. @GetFitJules


For an endless stream of self-love and cellulite appreciation, look no further than Julie, also known as GetFitJules. Julie is a plus-sized athlete and body-positivity activist whose sexy selfies and bikini pictures show how “fit” doesn’t come in one size.

6. @HonorCurves

@HonorCurves features everything from motivational quotes to hilarious memes. If you’ve found that your Insta feed is making you feel overly self-critical, it’s time to give yourself a much-needed mental break. This account will remind you that it’s okay to eat pizza or skip a day at the gym without beating yourself up.

7. @NuNude_Official


The lingerie industry isn’t exactly known for its diverse and realistic expectations of bodies. Nü Nude is a groundbreaking UK-based company working to make lingerie that suits infinite numbers of skin tones and body types. Their posts feature models of all skin tones, body types and abilities.

8. @Kayla_Itsines


If you’re familiar with the world of fitness Instagrams, you’re probably no stranger to Kayla Itsines and her BBG workout program. While Kayla’s diet program is seriously intense and does not suit everyone, her Instagram features images followers who have found success in the program — of all different shapes and sizes. Her posts emphasize the importance of strength and body-positive lifestyle change rather than weight loss.

9. @ScarredNotScared


Michelle Elman is the mastermind behind this Instagram account. After undergoing 15 surgeries by the age of 21, Michelle learned the value and strength of her own body and teaches her followers to do the same.

10. @SelfLoveClubb


Milly Smith, the woman behind @SelfLoveClubb is a student nurse, kick-ass mom and body-positivity activist. Her account frankly and openly discusses issues with self image, as well as topics like motherhood, marriage, and mental and chronic illness.

11. @BodyPosiPanda


As a self-described “body positive babe”, “anorexia conqueror” and “feminist,” Megan (@BodyPosiPanda) is one of the OG body positive Instagram accounts. With a newly-published book on the joys of self-love and inclusivity, Megan encourages her followers to unapologetically every awesome part of their bodies.

12. @I_Am_Morgie


Believe it or not — women have body hair! This was the concept behind one of Morgan Mikenas’ posts that launched her into the world of body-positive Instagramming. Combining her love for art, yoga, nutrition and feminism — her account is motivational but seriously relaxing.

13. @LaverneCox


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard the name Laverne Cox a few times. This Orange Is The New Black star is not only a talented actress, but an outspoken champion of transgender rights and the #TransIsBeautiful movement.

14. @MyNameIsJessamyn


If yoga is your workout of choice, give @MyNAmeIsJessamyn a follow. Her account is full of workout ideas, along with advice on how to love your body and treat it with the respect it deserves.

15. @CarlyMorganGross


As a self-proclaimed “coach for sensitive souls,” Carly Gross works on teaching self-love from the inside-out. Her account includes everything from motivational/soul-searching quotes to aesthetically-pleasing beach pictures for when you just need to take a deep breath and relax for a minute.

16. @Root_For_Food

For your daily dose of mindful eats and healthy living, check out @Root_for_Food. Meghan Dixon’s account discusses clean eating, ED recovery and how to nourish your body with healthy food without being restrictive or counting calories.

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