17 Times Bob & Linda Belcher Were Relationship Goals On Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers has us laughing from start to finish every episode — it’s without a doubt one of the funniest shows on television at the moment. Tina, Gene, and Louise are three of the funniest, strangest children ever, but with a lot of our focus being on them, it can be easy to forget about the power couple that is Bob and Linda. These two lovebirds are, of course, hilarious — a family requirement — but also boast a great relationship that makes us believe in love once again.

Somehow, Bob and Linda are parents to three unmanageable children, both working full-time to run their restaurant, sass each other nonstop and yet still maintain the heat and romance in their marriage. Keep reading to see all of the reasons that Bob and Linda are actual #CoupleGoals.

1. Their communication is on point

It’s something that a lot of modern relationships don’t have, but Bob and Linda have no problem with communication… and they are definitely not afraid to be brutally honest. Remember when Bob told Linda that she was drunk and needed to go home? She might have replied with “I’ve only had half of four bottles of wine” and proceeded to argue, but Bob told her nonetheless. Whether it be something in their relationship, something in the bedroom, or something with their children, Bob and Linda are straightforward and communicate everything.

2. Marriage hasn’t put a damper on their love life

Bob might be a bit vanilla in the bedroom — and lacking some motivation — but Linda has enough passion and enthusiasm for the two of them. Even with three children in the house, Linda makes time for Bob and herself to rekindle the spark in their romance on the reg, even if it proves to be… difficult… at times.
Behind closed doors, these two have a whole lot of love and passion for one another, which is all that we can hope for once we’re all married with children.

3. Most of the time neither of them have a filter

Perhaps their complete lack of a filter around the fam has caused their children to be, well, how they are… but we aren’t complaining. Bob and Linda lost the filter in their relationship a long time ago and the whole family’s riot-funny ways are what keep us addicted to Bob’s Burgers.
Linda even makes Bob smell her body odor from time to time, despite his consistent refusal, because love means never having to say you’re embarrassed. That’s the saying, right?

4. Food (and wine) is a huge part of their relationship

Honestly, if there’s one thing I think we all want in a relationship it’s just someone who likes eating the same things we like to eat and likes drinking the same things we like to drink. Considering Bob and Linda work in a restaurant, their appreciation of food is a given. But even with their careers aside, food is a big part of their relationship. Mini-croissants, wine, etc… these two know how to enjoy themselves.

5. They know that alone time is precious and should be valued

Sometimes, two people can be so in love, so involved and so obsessed with one another that the idea of spending any time apart is heartwrenching. This is, of course, super unhealthy. It’s also, of course, the opposite of what Bob and Linda have. They know that a key to a successful, healthy, and happy relationship is spending some much-needed time apart from time to time. Bob sometimes takes alone time to be productive and Linda uses hers to have some much-needed fun time — so it balances out.

6. Pants are almost always optional

Remember when Linda ran down the hallway chasing a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy in her underwear and Bob stared at her with the perfect mixture of irritation and adoration in his eyes? That is the type of love that I want in a relationship. Even Bob lets loose sometimes and goes a day without pants, which is a goal that we all can agree is something to strive for in life.

7. Both give their children excellent advice

Where do I even begin with the wonderful wisdom that Bob and Linda impart of their young, impressionable children? When Tina started to shave her legs, Linda told her that she should shave from the knee below, because after all, “only strippers shave above the knee.” (Damn straight. Plus we’re too lazy to shave the thighs.)
Bob, on the other hand, encourages their children to be open-minded and accepting of all. #ParenthoodGoals

8. Parenting responsibilities are divided equally

Linda is encouraging, upbeat, and motivating for her children, while Bob gives them a sometimes-necessary reality check and makes sure what they are doing is both feasible and practical. Both of them handle their children and the craziness that comes along with them, on an equal basis — neither holding a larger responsibility for it. This, my friends, is the key to successful parenting: Balance.

9. Their sass is plentiful and never slows down

Sass is a building block in their relationship, and it makes me hopeful that after dating and being married for that long, a couple can still be so silly and poke fun at each other without it dying out, getting boring or worse — getting passive aggressive. Because, if we’re being real here, that is the type of relationship we all want, isn’t it?

10. They respect that patience is a learned virtue

Bob has the patience of a saint for dealing with the insane family that he has been blessed with on Bob’s Burgers. Of course, he does not keep his feelings hidden and explains that he loves them all more than anything but sometimes they can be a bit much to handle — or in his words, “you’re all terrible.”

Linda has honed her patience when dealing with her husband and his Negative Nancy attitude — and both of them have a great deal of patience for keeping up with Tina, Gene, and Louise’s strange antics.

11. Sometimes they’re gross, as we all are

Again, Linda openly admitting that she has body odor like the rest of us normal folk do is impressive in and of itself, but to make her husband smell-check her shows that they can be totally disgusting together and not even care. You only know it’s love when you and your bae can laugh about how disgusting you are, right?

12. Both of them make time with their friends

Bob had a ~phase~ in his life after three children and approaching his middle-aged years where he partied with a bunch of frat dudes after becoming their personal chef. Linda, strangely, was in full support — until it got out of hand, of course. She then redirected him to spending more time with his more *appropriate* friends.
Linda will go for an occasional girls night out &mdashs; full of wine and dancing, of course — and Bob will hang out with Teddy, or a lavish group of gentlemen while he discusses brandy and cigars. Some of their friends are mutual, but the pair still recognizes the importance in spending alone time with their squads.

13. They raised the funniest children ever

Do I need to explain this one? As we’ve gone over in previous slides, these kids are actually the funniest on TV. Each has a distinct personality, Tina being super relatable and going through the hellish time that is puberty, Louise always looking out for some extra cash and being somewhat manipulative, and Gene, well, being Gene — which entails a lot of food and farting. Nature or nurture, no matter which one reigns true, the siblings learned everything they know from their wacky, unconventional parents, Bob and Linda.

14. They have unwavering loyalty for one another

No matter what, even when they get sick of one another, Bob and Linda have a love that is grounded and real. Their scheming and messing with both friends and family is top-secret stuff, and they’d never rat one another out because again — #CoupleGoals.
Bob sometimes gets a bit nervous and jealous, because Linda is such a catch, but she’s always there to remind him that she isn’t going anywhere. The cutest!

15. Linda’s positive attitude balances out Bob’s negative one

Opposites attract, right? Linda’s Mrs. Unbeat and in full support of whatever craziness Tina, Gene, Louise of Bob are babbling on about. She’s also a beam of light for Teddy, Gayle, and everyone else on Bob’s Burgers. Bob is a beacon of darkness, often holding a pessimistic (but realistic) attitude. Combined together there is peace, harmony, and balance in the world — or at least the world of Bob’s Burgers.

16. Encouragement is abundant for both each other and their children

Nobody likes dating someone who doesn’t encourage their career and passion. This is what makes Linda and Bob an even better couple! Linda is the most motivational mom ever, supporting her children and their weirdest, most off-kilter hobbies and interests. Bob, although the more negative personality, is especially encouraging with his family. Hey, one of his go-to lines is: “You’re my family and I love you, but you’re all terrible.”

So sweet! So motivating.

17. Sugarcoating is non-existant in their family dynamic

The Belcher family keeps it real. Because when you live and work together — AKA spend basically every waking moment together as a family — there is no time or patience left to sugarcoat things. Not looking forward to a family outing? Don’t pretend to be interested, instead respond with what Bob said before going to a theme park: “Well, I’m glad you kids are excited because I am going to kill myself.” Now that leaves things on a happy note, eh?

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