16 More Storylines The Big Bang Theory Can Do Before We’re Done

The Big Bang Theory storylines have given us so much over the years. These characters have gone from awkward comic book loving guys to well, awkward comic book loving guys with actual love interests. No, really, this show is much more than the surface.

They’ve covered love, loss, and adulting in various ways over their past decade but, being honest, we’re kind of ready to send them off into syndication land alongside Friends and Seinfeld. Only not just yet because there are some Big Bang Theory storylines that need to happen before we’re truly ready and willing to say goodbye to the long-running sitcom. We know they’ve for sure got at least two seasons left — so here are some suggestions for those writers over at CBS. Give these plots a try and then please say goodbye after season 12!

1. Stuart Moves Away

Some fans may love him but in reality, Stuart is kind of the worst most of the time. He mooched off Howard’s mom and then when she passed – he still didn’t leave the house. What’s up with that? Therefore we’d be more than happy to see him leave the confines of Pasadena forever. We’re not saying he ~has to go~ in a bad way. Hell, he could win the lotto and then go as long as he’s gone.

2. Sheldon and Wil Wheaton Become Buds

For so long guest star Wil Wheaton has been one of Sheldon’s many nemeses’ on the show. Before the final curtain call, we’d love to see those two makeup. There’s nothing better than when enemies can put the past in the past and we’ve been waiting for it on The Big Bang Theory. Sure, it seems like a long shot but we’re still rooting for it.

3. More Roseanne Cameos

Okay, so this isn’t so much a storyline than it is a TV fans greatest wish. Johnny Galecki may be Leonard to most, but at the core, he’ll always be David from Roseanne. We’ve seen Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf throughout the years on Big Bang, but we’re selfish and want more. If anything, at least give us John Goodman.

4. Regular Coitus for Sheldon and Amy

A couple of seasons ago we were shook. Amy and Sheldon finally consummated their relationship physically. Talk about a big *bang*! Now we know to expect Sheldon to share his sexual bed with Amy on her birthday, but they’re adults. We want them to be doing it more often.

We don’t need to see it. It’s CBS, keep it PG. We just want it to become a sort of low-key norm for them.

5. Sheldon and Amy’s Wedding

Over the course of the series, there have been two weddings and each has been sort of meh. Usually, sitcom weddings are a big ordeal but Big Bang kind of just wrote each as a whatever moment. Yeah, we got to meet Penny’s whole family when she and Leonard said “I do” but it wasn’t anything near as tearjerking like Jim and Pam on The Office.

That’s what we want from Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. We want to ball our eyes out. We want that special moment.

6. An Actual Trip to Comic-Con

This might be tricky because when the show first started Comic-Con was what they lived for. Come their 10th season we saw them mature to the point to where they all passed on it. Well, we want to have them revert just a little so we can see them actually at the convention. At least once.

7. Raj Finds Love

He couldn’t even talk to women when the show started and now he’s basically transformed into one of the girls with Penny as his go-to bestie. In terms of ladies and love though, it’s been a rough road. Every time we think he’s found the right girl, NOPE! She’s gone. Rather than letting him end the series single, the show should at least let him end with a relatively normal girlfriend.

8. The Elevator is fixed

You’d think after a decade of living in a place where the maintenance is that horrendous you’d move, but no, they’ve stayed. Amy’s even moved into the building. In a perfect world, the last scene of the show would be that elevator working as the cast descends down the stairs one last time.

9. Howard Learns the Letter’s Truth

One of the most noteworthy episodes in this show’s 10-year run so far has got to be the episode where Howard finds a letter from his estranged father. He doesn’t read it. Instead, Sheldon does, and then tells the group what it said. They all wind up telling Howard various things it said but the truth is never revealed because Howard then burns it.

It was a poignant and sentimental moment for them. A tormenting one for us watching. What. Did. It. Say?

10. Penny and Leonard Split Up

We’re not talking forever. We’re talking for a little bit. They hit very rough waters after they got married and while they touched on their marital problems a bit, we want a blowout. We want a fight. We want Leonard on Sheldon’s couch across the hall. Then, of course, we want them to make up because we cannot end the show with them just being friends.

11. Penny’s Last Name

It’s been too long. Let us know. Maybe the final scene, along with the elevator working, a mailman will come. He’ll have an old piece of mail addressed to Penny and then we’ll finally know. Even just the first letter? It’s just crazy, man!

12. The Wolowitz Baby

Right now Big Bang is set to air for a couple more seasons. We don’t know if it will be renewed after that or if the cast will be burnt out. Either way, we want to at least see Howard and Bernadette’s kid. We also want it to be a little more involved in the stories. Right now it’s kind of just a car seat.

13. The Couch

Sheldon has by far grown the most in this series. That’s not even debatable. His biggest moment though may still be ahead of him. The day he officially gives up that damn spot on the couch could be the moment that his. entire. freaking. life. changes.

14. Pregnant Penny

In the midst of us wanting Penny and Leonard to take a break, we also want her to get pregnant. Hey, we’ve already talked about them never showing the other baby on the show. Why not hide two?
Perhaps they have a fight, Leonard’s sleeping across the hall and then Penny tells him that she’s pregnant and they reconcile? That would be pretty cute!

15. Sheldon’s Mom Remarries

This is probably a long shot as we’re not too sure where Sheldon’s mom and Leonard’s dad stand relationship-wise, but we can dream. Plus, that’d give us another excuse to have a Big Bang wedding. If it’s not Leonard’s dad though, we’ll be okay with her marrying anyone else. Just as long as it bugs Sheldon to the core.

16. They All Move Out

It’s right on the nose of how to wrap up the series and copies Friends’ finale, but we don’t care. They are all adults that have relied so much on one another, but to take that next step into adulthood they are going to have to find their footing away from one another. Even if that only means buying their own homes and not renting well into their 40s.

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