How The Big Bang Theory Cast Has Changed (Or Not!) Since Their Debut

It’s hard to believe but The Big Bang Theory has been on since 2007. There have been hundreds of episodes, countless scientific facts shared and a few questionable moments. In the decade-or-so that the show has run, there have also been some changes to the cast.

Some of the The Big Bang Theory actors and actresses look different IRL compared to their characters on the show, but even their characters have evolved over time as the show progressed. Let’s remember all of the good times and take a look at how the cast has changed since the show premiered compared to now.

14. Kunal Nayyar/Raj Koothrappali

Do people on The Big Bang Theory age? Seriously. Would you believe that there are 10-ish seasons between these photos of Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali? Didn’t think so. The only big differences are he’s using less mousse now and he is parting his hair differently. One thing that hasn’t changed is the clothes. He has been rocking striped track jackets so long that they’re starting to come back in style. It’s probably thanks to him.

13. Mayim Bialik/Amy Farrah Fowler

Mayim Bialik joined The Big Bang Theory on season three as Amy Farrah Fowler. Almost right off the bat, her character became known for her signature look. She has gone from a guest star to a main character and kept the straight brown hair, dark glasses and quirky-cute style. Girl still loves herself a sweater vest. She has also kept her signature barrette for the majority of appearances.

12. Melissa Rauch/Bernadette Rostenkowski

Melissa Rauch didn’t join the show as Bernadette Rostenkowski until 2009 (season three), but a lot of things have happened to her character since then. (We won’t give too much away. Promise.) If we’re focusing on appearances, she has stayed pretty true to her original look. In fact, she seems to be wearing the exact same pair of glasses since the beginning. She has also stuck with the long wavy hair with bangs. The thing that changed is her hair has lightened up over the seasons.

11. Sara Gilbert/Leslie Winkle

Sara Gilbert‘s character, Leslie Winkle, was there from the beginning. She isn’t a main character so when she pops up again, we’re sometimes surprised. It’s not just surprising to see her again; it’s also surprising to see how she has changed. Unlike some of the main characters, she has had more of an evolution. In the earlier seasons, her hair is longer and lighter. The thing that hasn’t changed is her signature dark glasses.

10. Kevin Sussman/Stuart Bloom

Kevin Sussman, or Stuart Bloom as The Big Bang Theory fans know him as on the show, has flip-flopped between main character and guest star. In terms of his character’s physical evolution, The Comic Center of Pasadena owner’s hair seems to have gotten slightly longer and wilder. His passion for layering still remains. He also still seems as lonely as ever.

9. Laurie Metcalf/Mary Cooper

Laurie Metcalf was introduced to us as Mary Cooper during season one. Instead of Mary, you probably know her more as Sheldon’s mom. It seems that whenever Sheldon’s mama appears, it’s with a new hairdo. A new beauty look is almost as expected as her preaching to Sheldon about what is right and what is very, very wrong.

8. John Ross Bowie/Barry Kripke

We first met John Ross Bowie/Barry Kripke on season two and he has been with The Big Bang Theory since then. Fans will know that his clashes with Sheldon are pretty constant. Another thing that’s consistent is his look. He’s another fan of layering and he has not stopped layering T-shirts with half-zips and cardigans. His hair has gotten lighter with the march of time, but he hasn’t gone through a series of makeovers like some others on the list.

7. Laura Spencer/Emily Sweeney

Laura Spencer was a later arrival to the show. Her character, Emily Sweeney, first appeared on season seven. She still deserves a spot on the list. During all of her appearances, her auburn hair has remained vibrant, enviable and bouncy. Actually, her entire look has remained as constant as the character’s love for all things macabre.

6. Wil Wheaton/Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is an interesting one because the actor is playing a fictionalized version of himself. That pretty much means that whatever makeovers the actor has in real life are reflected in the character. Wil came in during season three as a reoccurring character and he has continued to pop up now and again. He’s another one who isn’t going to quit his graphic T-shirt obsession. But, he has switched up his appearance. As time has gone on, his beard and hair have gotten longer.

5. Brian Thomas Smith/Zack Johnson

Brian Thomas Smith started playing Zack Johnson on season three. He might not be Mr. Ph.D. but he has kept up his shtick of being the show’s beef cake very well. He has been rocking leather jackets and artfully sleek hair for multiple seasons. He might not be a science dude, but he has evolved in his own dapper fashion.

4. Jim Parsons/Sheldon Cooper

When you do a side-by-side comparison of what Jim Parsons looked like back in 2007 playing Sheldon Cooper versus now, you might wonder whether he has figured out the formula for eternal youth. Not that much has changed. Sure, his hair is a little different. It seems he has matured to a side comb-over style as opposed to just a pushed-forward-and-left-there look. But, he’s still our same lovable Sheldon with his layered tops, rapid speech and clueless behavior about the ladies.

3. Johnny Galecki/Leonard Hofstadter

Some might like to point out how different Johnny Galecki looks in real life now compared to his character Leonard Hofstadter, especially when he’s rocking a beard and longer, curlier hair. In terms of his character, not that much has changed between season one and now. His hair might have a slightly different flip and he might have gotten a slightly different pair of thick-framed black glasses, but he’s still the same old Leonard who’s partial to a layered graphic T-shirt.

2. Kaley Cuoco/Penny Hofstadter

Kaley Cuoco, aka Penny Hofstadter, is the one who has gone through the most dramatic visual change throughout the series. The number of different hairstyles she’s had can account for that. While her hair has always been a beachy blonde, it has gone through several different phases. (Remember the short hair phase?) Her clothes have changed, too. Some could even say that the boys have influenced her style. She might not be wearing layered T-shirts, but she definitely wears more plaid now in comparison to the baby tees and tank tops of the earlier seasons.

1. Simon Helberg/Howard Wolowitz

In 2007, bowl cuts weren’t in but Simon Helberg‘s character Howard Wolowitz wasn’t bothered. And he has kept up the attitude. Dude has been rocking the haircut for 10 years and it’s likely that he’s going to keep rocking it. Same goes for the tight colored pants and the retro-inspired button-downs. We’ve occasionally seen him with curly hair, and on rare occasions, we’ve seen his forehead, but Howard is committed to his look. You have to admire that about him.

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