17 Of The Best Will They/Won’t They Couples On Televison

Some TV couples are just better and cuter than others. Sorry, but that’s a fact. If you’ve watched, like, any television show ever, you know that there’s usually that one couple who can’t seem to take that relationship jump but are definitely soulmates. And it’s as though everyone (except the couple involved, naturally) knows that they’re made for each other.

All of these pairings usually have to go through a little back and forth until they finally realize that they’re perfect together. There’s so much will they/won’t they going on that anyone who tries to get in between them doesn’t stand a chance (Sorry Julie, Karen, Aidan, etc.). Oh, how we feel for those people. The will they/won’t they couple seems like an essential element for any successful TV show. As long as they eventually get out of their relationship limbo — we’re okay with waiting around for a little while as these perfect pairs try to work things out!

1. Olivia & Fitz – Scandal

Scandal may be coming to an end, but will fans ever get closure on Olivia and Fitz’s relationship status? After seven seasons of an on and off romance, hopefully. Olivia and Fitz’s affair started during his campaign for President. So, not the best start to their relationship, with Fitz cheating on Mellie and all.

These two have gone back and forth so many times during Scandal‘s run; it’s hard to figure out exactly where these two stand. At one point, their affair was back on, even though Fitz was President. Then it fizzled out. Then, they were totally back on again, with Olivia even stepping into a First Lady role in season five. And then they were dunzo again… See what I mean with the back and forth? Olivia and Fitz are still on a relationship roller coaster even in season seven, after the fallout from their very public kiss in the season six finale. The real question is: will Olitz they make it to their Vermont fairytale ending at the end of all of this?

2. Carrie & Mr. Big – Sex And The City

Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship was the cornerstone of Sex and the City, besides the women’s friendships, that is. (Girl power, hi.) Mr. Big and Carrie’s chemistry was apparent even in the show’s earliest moments. The couple had a whirlwind romance at multiple points throughout the show’s run, though Big’s commitmentphobia kept getting in the way. At one point, Big was married to Natasha, Carrie dated Aidan, and she had a dalliance with her Russian beau.
Throughout all of it, Carrie and Big could never keep away from each other. Even if they were simply there for each other as friends, they kept each other, and their undeniable spark, alive. Their friendship and on-and-off romance were much to the detriment of their loves, especially Aidan. But, no one gets in the way of Carrie and Big, who later married in the Sex and the City film.

3. Elena & Damon – The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon had that whole will they/won’t they thing going on because, you know, Elena was originally dating Damon’s brother Stefan. Even though “Stelena” was a thing, at least in the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, you could tell that there was WAY more chemistry between these two lovebirds. (Could’ve had something to do with the fact that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were dating IRL.) They bickered back and forth constantly (almost to the point where it looked like Elena hated him), but their romance status was cemented during a season one episode in which the pair danced together during the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. The sexual tension between them was REAL.

Throughout the series, the couple tries to make things work throughout various supernatural events keeping them apart. Hell — Nina Dobrev even left the show for a season, and the showrunners still found a way to make Delena endgame!

4. Jess & Nick – New Girl

Jess and Nick had a special connection from the get-go. They may have annoyed each other with her quirks and his too-cool-for-school attitude. But, they still found a way to live together relatively peacefully and even supported each other during their other respective romantic endeavors. Like many of the other couples on this list, there was a lot of confusion as to whether they would ever start a relationship. And most of that confusion wasn’t a chemistry issue; it was mainly because of timing.

Jess and Nick did kiss in season two and even started up a relationship, which ended in season three. They managed to keep things cordial, even while they lived together and dated other people. They don’t have to keep things awkwardly casual anymore, though. The pair got back together in spectacular fashion during season six and, hopefully, their love story will be on full display in New Girl‘s upcoming final season.

5. Oliver & Felicity – Arrow

Oliver and Felicity’s relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs. Trying to date within the crime-ridden Arrowverse hasn’t really been an easy feat. The two met as Felicity was hard at work in the IT department at Queen Consolidated and you could tell that sparks would fly between the two in no time, even if she didn’t find out the secret of his vigilante identity until the end of season one.

There were a couple of roadblocks in the way of Oliver and Felicity’s multiple romance attempts — namely a serious season four car accident and the whole drama surrounding Oliver’s secret love child, William. “Olicity” dated and broke up during season four, until they eventually got their happy ending and married during the “Crisis on Earth X” crossover event. It was a double-wedding with The Flash aka Barry Allen and Iris West, and it was cute as hell. Let’s just hope things stay positive for these two. Although, knowing Arrow, it probably won’t.

6. Ted & Robin – How I Met Your Mother

It’s “general knowledge” that the true love story of How I Met Your Mother was between Ted and Robin. Sorry, Ted and Mother/Tracy shippers. When the pair locked eyes for the first time in the show’s premiere, you knew this whole story was all about Ted’s feelings for “Aunt Robin.” This duo couldn’t seem to make their “boyfriend/girlfriend” status from season one stick at any point, though.

At multiple points during the series, Ted went above and beyond for Robin, who was only a friend at the time. He stayed behind on Christmas to cheer her up when she found out she couldn’t have any children, helped organize Barney’s proposal to her, and even went through great lengths to get her a specific and special locket for her wedding to another guy. Oh, and the pair’s not-quite-relationship status caused the end to a couple of their own relationships (looking at you, Victoria). And that’s basically because even their respective partners knew there was something there between Ted and Robin all along.

7. Alex & Piper – Orange Is The New Black

Alex and Piper’s relationship wasn’t always as nice as it is now. At one point, nay, multiple points, the relationship has been pretty contentious. It makes sense, though, given that they’re in prison because of a crime they were both involved in. That can’t exactly help things in the romance department.

Alex and Piper have been hot and cold throughout Orange Is The New Black‘s run. Come season four, it looked like things were back on with the two, and they were stronger than ever, finally embracing their relationship after seasons of relationship issues. Season five even brought what might be the most exciting news for the pair: they’re engaged! Hopefully, they can just make it out of prison, and that whole season finale drama, to make it down the aisle.

8. Casey & Dawson – Chicago Fire

The best thing about “Dawsey” was that their relationship really did start as genuine friendship. The two were just really close friends in the beginning, although Dawson definitely wanted to be a little more than that and Casey was in a live-in relationship with someone else. Dawson and Casey didn’t officially go down the romantic road until season two and quickly found themselves engaged in the season three premiere. We knew it could never be that solid so early on. Dawson’s career aspirations kind of got in the way of her relationship with Casey and the two broke up during that same season.

They never stopped supporting each other, though, and consistently shared those meaningful looks (just check out the GIF, okay). They once again made an effort to make their relationship work in season four and got married during Chicago Fire‘s 100th episode season five. So, it’s safe to say that these two are now permanently on. And thank goodness, too. Given how much loss and personal drama they’ve been through, Dawsey deserves their happy ending.

9. Meredith & Derek – Grey’s Anatomy

MerDer’s love story started off a little differently, with a one night stand! That interaction helped jumpstart the couple’s topsy-turvy journey to eventual marriage (and heartbreak). Derek couldn’t fully commit or “choose” Meredith because the two were involved in a bit of a love triangle with his ex, Addison. Some classic Meredith Grey quotes were spoken during the Addison debacle, that’s for sure. (“Pick me! Choose me! Love me!”)

The two would find themselves in the romance camp again later on in the series and skyrocketed to becoming one the cutest TV couples of all-time. From their candle house to their post-it note wedding, and their two children together, their story spanned several seasons. And it probably would have stood the test of time if not for Derek’s untimely and gut-wrenching passing in season 11 when Patrick Dempsey left the show.

10. Nancy & Jonathan – Stranger Things

Poor Steve Harrington. Nancy’s beau has been pushed to the side in favor of her relationship with Jonathan time and time again. We can’t be too mad, though, since this pair has been so adorable for two seasons of Stranger Things at this point. The two bonded over their search for Will and Barb in the Upside Down and actually found that they have more in common than they originally thought.

They bonded again in season two when they went in search of clues about the mysterious Hawkins lab. When their search brought them into contact with journalist Murray Bauman, he finally gave them that relationship push they so desperately needed. While fans didn’t get to see a lot of Nancy and Jonathan’s blossoming relationship, it’s likely that the lovebirds will get their time in the limelight as the spooky series returns for season three… in 2019. We’ve got a bit of a wait.

11. Elijah & Hayley – The Originals

Elijah and Hayley have a lot in common with Elena and Damon — which makes sense since they exist in the same universe. Both couples are in love triangles that include a pair of brothers. The stars have never aligned perfectly with this particular will they/won’t they couple. For one, he’s an Original vampire, and she’s a werewolf. Secondly, and probably worse, she has a child with his brother, Klaus. So, you can see why things haven’t exactly gone smoothly for the pair’s (inevitable) full-fledged relationship.

After almost an entire season’s worth of friendship and unsaid feelings, the two kissed at the end of season one. Elijah and Hayley have yet to be together in the traditional boyfriend and girlfriend sense (tradition kind of goes out the window when it involves a vampire and werewolf/vampire hybrid). We’re just hoping Hayley and Elijah can work everything out in the final season!

12. Jake & Amy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The funniest part about Jake and Amy’s initial relationship is that they originally hated each other or, at least, appeared to. Even though they constantly competed with one another to see who was the better cop, you could tell that their friendly competition was what would eventually push them together. And, guess what? Relationship related drama naturally ensued after Jake confessed his feelings to Amy, who was dating Teddy. After the confession, it was unclear whether the timing would work for their own coupling.

They decided to pursue a relationship in season three following their season two finale kiss. Things have been pretty strong ever since.

13. Lucas & Peyton – One Tree Hill

The worst part about Lucas and Peyton’s otherwise totally romantic pseudo-courtship? It involved Peyton’s best friend and Lucas’s on-and-off girlfriend, Brooke, in a very uncool way. Peyton may have caught Lucas’s eye early on in the series, but it was Brooke that he originally dated. That relationship didn’t stop “Leyton” from happening behind Brooke’s back in season one. It was the definition of a “yikes” moment.

It’s hard to be too mad at Lucas and Peyton though since it was clear that they were head over heels for each other. They struggled with actually finding their way to each other — Lucas went back to Brooke for some time and proposed to another woman, and Peyton even had a fling with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. What a show! They didn’t start dating seriously until season four of the series. And then, it wasn’t until season five, after Lucas’s relationship with Lindsay inevitably fell apart that the two got back together for good. They ended up getting married in season six and welcoming a daughter, Sawyer, together before they rode off into the sunset.

14. Natalie & Will – Chicago Med

Natalie and Will are Chicago Med‘s resident will they/won’t they pairing. This type of pairing is kind of a staple of One Chicago by now (hey, Casey and Dawson!).

It took some time for things to get on the right track with Natalie and Will. Natalie started off the series recently widowed and pregnant and Will was one of the show’s bad boy doctors. They both got along though, and obviously were headed for something more in the future. Will’s relationship with Dr. Nina Shore even faltered because of his feelings for Natalie. After his breakup with Nina, and her breakup with Jeff Clarke, they decided to give things a go. Things haven’t gone quite so smoothly thus far, so fans will just have to see if they stand the test of time.

15. Buffy & Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel’s will they/won’t they saga was actually a little dangerous (which only added to their romantic mystique, tbh). The vampire slayer and the hundred-years-plus old vampire started their elicit love affair early in Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s run, after a mysterious first meeting. You wouldn’t think a vampire slayer and a vampire would go together well but, those roles are exactly what made their relationship so interesting.

Soon after the two first had sex, Angel lost his soul. The whole ordeal led to Buffy having to stab her dearly beloved and send him to hell in a truly heartbreaking moment for the series. He came back, but only for one season before going to LA for his spinoff series. You would think that their will they/won’t they thing would have ended when he got his own show, but they still managed to do this back and forth between their respective shows until the final episode of Buffy aired and Angel returned with the two sharing a passionate kiss. They really were determined to make things work.

16. Jim & Pam – The Office

This list wouldn’t be complete without PB&J; a.k.a. Pam Beasley and Jim Halpert from The Office. From episode one, you could tell that these two were destined to be the endgame. Even though Pam started off engaged to her no-good fiance, Roy, it was evident that this couple’s partner in crime style antics made them the perfect match.

The two’s love saga went back and forth for around three seasons, with Jim confessing his feelings for Pam, leaving (and returning to) Dunder Mifflin Scranton, him dating Karen, her breaking up with Roy and briefly dating him again. Whew! But, the two Scrantonites eventually put all of that will they/won’t they business to rest when he asked his future wife out for their first date at the end of season three. Seeing as though the pair remained together throughout the rest of the series, got married, and had two children, it’s safe to say that it’s a good thing they finally got together, after years of hard shipping from all of those PB&J; fans.

17. Ross & Rachel – Friends

Ross and Rachel are the OG will they/won’t they couple. Their pairing has pretty much defined this whole (lack of a) relationship thing and ripped Ross and Rachel fans’ hearts out in the process. At first, it was Ross that was more into Rachel (who was seeing Paolo). The timing just didn’t work out. Then, it was Rachel who was way more into Ross (who was seeing Julie). Again, the timing. These two lobsters decided once and for all to lay their cards out on the table and express their feelings for each other in season two. Still, that didn’t last for long, and the two broke up in season three after a what was or was not a short “break” where Ross slept with someone else within hours.

Their Vegas wedding and the birth of their daughter were only two more stages in the will they/won’t they saga that is Ross and Rachel. As any Friends fan knows, the couple did end up together when Rachel emotionally “got off the plane” in the show’s series finale. Honestly, it would have been a tragedy if they didn’t.

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