19 Best True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen To

Not sure if you’ve heard, but true crime is all the rage right now. With TV shows like Making a Murderer and The Keepers pulling in big audiences on Netflix, it shouldn’t exactly be shocking info that people (a 2010 study shows women in particular!) are pretty much obsessed with everything related to mysterious disappearances and dead bodies. Call me a Debbie-downer — but the entertainment value in murder, kidnapping and assault is nothing new… Law and Order: SVU has been keeping it real on NBC since 1999, and O.J. Simpson’s murder trial is STILL being talked about 23 years later.

Our days are full of moments where we can’t be watching TV but are looking to find a way to get engrossed in a story. Long drives are usually accompanied by your latest music obsession and the evening commute is usually spent with a book-in-hand. Looking to spice things up a little? That’s where these podcasts come in. If you’re a true true crime junky or identify with the term “Murderino,” then these 19 podcasts are sure to do the trick. **P.S. No, Serial is not on this list because we already know that you’ve listened to it.**

Obsenely obvious warning: the stories in some of these podcasts are seriously disturbing.

Someone Knows Something

From CBC, David Ridgen investigates cold case disappearances, focusing on a different one during each of his seasons.

Sword and Scale

If true-crime comedy ain’t your thing, Sword and Scale takes on a more serious tone as it lays out the facts about different true crime happenings, weaving in interviews with those involved, 911 calls from the events, witness testimonies and more.

Crime Writers On…

Starting as a podcast about Serial, the show has moved on to talk about other podcasts. So, yes, it’s a podcast about podcasts… all of which are centered around true crime.

The Mind of a Murderer

If Criminal Minds is your fave show to watch on lazy Sundays, then The Mind of a Murderer is just what you need. Criminal Psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward talks face-to-face with real-life killers in this podcast to reveal their motivations for murder. Seriously creepy, but seriously fascinating.


Unlike some of the other podcasts on this list, CrimeFeed likes to keep it current with their terrifying tales. Sure, they sometimes dive into a cold case or two, but some of their investigations are truly ripped from the headlines of today’s newspaper.

My Favorite Murder

Listen to Georgia Hardstock and Karen Kilgariff riff off one another as each of them *usually* come prepared with the story of a different murderer every week. They came up with the term “Murderino” (basically anyone who is completely obsessed with True Crime) and their comedic timing is on point. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about this podcast is that I sent in my hometown murder (as per their request) and they never responded to my email. #rude.

Full disclosure: Georgia and Karen are both comedians who don’t mind poking fun at some topics that are… touchy. It’s hilarious, but definitely not a podcast for those easily offended.

48 Hours

Obviously a successful TV show on CBS, the podcast-version is just as fascinating.

White Wine True Crime

Kind of like Rachel’s trefoil on Friends: what’s not to love? White Wine? Good. True Crime? Good. Comedy? Gooood. (Also there’s a screen adaptation in the works, so listen now so you can brag about being one of the OG fans).

Up and Vanished

If the only thing that bothered you about Serial is that the crime never actually got solved — then I’ll tell you that Up and Vanished won’t give you that same frustration. Payne Lindsey’s podcast actually lead to two arrests and a murder indictment.

The Serial Killer Podcast

For those of you who think one-time murderers are just straight-up boring, The Serial Killer Podcast is obvs the one for you. It’s incredibly dark and detailed — and doesn’t only cover the classics like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, but horrifies you with the truly disgusting mass-murderers you’ve never even heard of before.

Crime in Sports

O.J. wasn’t the only big-time athlete to get tangled in legal troubles. Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, this one’s for all the fans who can’t decide if they want to watch the big game or a murder documentary.

In the Dark

This podcast delves deep into the creepy 1989 disappearance of a young boy. Plot twist: Days before the podcast premiered, the case was solved with a confession by the murderer himself, leading the award-winning journalist who spearheaded the podcast, Madeleine Baran to completely re-frame the episodes.

The Generation Why

Aaron and Justin have been hosting The Generation Why since 2013, meaning they’re basically the OG true-crime podcasters. While some true crime podcasts play it fast and loose with facts and details about the events, Aaron and Justin really make sure they do their research on each and every case.

True Crime Garage

One of the more controversial true crime podcasts, some love the bro-ish vibe of this podcast whereas some literally can’t stand it.

The Last Podcast on the Left

If you like dark humor, you’ll like this podcast. The hosts, Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks are kind of like the dude-versions of Georgia and Karen, but if you’ve already binge-listened all MFM episodes, then this transition will be an easy one. It kind of covers all-things-creepy and doesn’t stick strictly in the “true” category, but it’s for sure worth a listen.


This is Australia’s biggest true crime podcast and focuses on harrowing tales about stuff that happens down-under. While having an anonymous creator and host could mess with the reliability of the podcast itself, somehow – his mysterious Australian accent just makes the whole thing more credible. Because if I were sharing my opinions about IRL murderers to masses of listeners, I think I’d prefer to stay anonymous, too!


From the same people who did Serial comes S-Town. Some listeners don’t necessarily think this podcast should stay in the “true crime” category, but one thing is for sure: the character development is unbeatable.


This one’s for those of you who look at crime as an indicator of society, Time calls Criminal, “The purist’s true crime series.”

The Unresolved Podcast

Remember when we were talking about how Up and Vanished was for those of you who were annoyed at Serial’s lack of conclusion? Well – this one is for those who weren’t annoyed about the open ending, because that’s basically the premise of this entire podcast.

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