Best Song Of The Summer Every Year Since 2000

Every year, there’s a major battle among the top names in pop music. Winning awards is cool, but everyone really just wants to have the song of the summer. Some years there’s a clear winner, but other times there are a number of breakout hits during beach season. In anticipation of this year’s summer song rush, we decided to take a look at some of the best summer tracks of the 2000s. Some of these songs are major throwbacks, while others still feel amazingly current. We love a good throwback summer jam, so add these to your playlist while there’s still time. Any guesses on who will have 2018’s song of the summer?

2000 – “Try Again”

Aaliyah’s career was tragically cut short when she died in a plane crash, but not before she had released some truly excellent music. She emerged as a teen R&B; star in the mid-1990s, but her biggest hit came in 2000 with “Try Again.” The song was originally from the soundtrack for Romeo Must Die, and it hit number one in June of 2000. Its success was also fueled by a remix featuring Timbaland. The song’s lyrics remind us to brush off all our defeats, and the hip-hop beat is still mesmerizing.

2001 – “Lady Marmalade”

“Lady Marmalade” was originally a big hit back in 1974 for the girl group Labelle, but it came back in a major way in 2001. The song was included as part of a medley in Moulin Rouge!, and it was performed on the soundtrack by an all-star lineup. Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil’ Kim, and Missy Elliott were just the right combination to push this fun song over the top. It spent five weeks at the top of the charts more than 25 years after the original. More than a decade later, this song is still a welcome addition to any party playlist.

2002 – “Hot In Herre”

Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” was not only one of the top summer songs of 2002 but probably one of the most classic 2000s rap songs. Period. Nelly was at the peak of his career, and “Hot In Herre” was the perfect party song that no one could stop listening to. The chorus is just the right amount of raunchy, and everyone still knows the words. The best summer songs can appeal to a wide audience of listeners, and this song has spread way beyond Nelly’s fans.

2003 – “Crazy In Love”

It’s hard to think back to a time when Beyoncé wasn’t the biggest star in the world, but everyone starts somewhere. Back when “Crazy In Love” was released in May 2003, Bey was just known as the star from Destiny’s Child, but her solo career took off right away. Her debut single spent eight weeks atop the charts, and it’s still one of her most iconic hits. If there’s anyone in the world that doesn’t love this song, I definitely don’t want to be friends with them. Bey still performs the song at most of her shows, and she contributed an amazing slowed-down version to the Great Gatsby soundtrack a few years ago.

2004 – “Goodies”

If you’ve forgotten about this classic jam, do yourself a favor and go listen right now. Throughout her career, Ciara has had a way of creating an effortlessly sensual vibe with her music, and “Goodies” is the ultimate example of that. Ciara was just 19 when this debut single was released, but she commands the track with a confident, sexy energy. With simple, effective production by Lil Jon, it’s no surprise that the song was a number one hit for seven weeks. It was just a preview of all the great things Ciara had to offer.

2005 – “Hollaback Girl”

2005 was the year that Gwen Stefani first broke out as a solo artist, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Her song “Hollaback Girl” was a worldwide hit, and spent four weeks at number one in the US. Gwen has always been known for her fun and quirky personality, and this song did a great job of showing that off. Whether you love this song or not, you definitely know how to spell “bananas,” no doubt about it. This song is a catchy classic, and it perfectly set the stage for Gwen’s solo career.

2006 – “SexyBack”

It still feels like this song was just released yesterday. Everyone already loved Justin Timberlake from his *NSYNC days, but this was the era that truly made him a superstar. “SexyBack” was an instant summer smash, and it ended up being his first number one hit. The futuristic sound of the song positioned JT at the forefront of pop music, and rightfully so. The song, with its groovy vibe and fun Timbaland feature, still sounds extremely current, even 12 years later.

2007 – “Umbrella”

Rihanna had big hits before “Umbrella,” but it was this song that truly put her at the top of the pop game. “Umbrella” has a distinctly cool, adult sound, and it showed that Rih could truly hold her own as an artist. Jay-Z provides a feature on the track, but Rihanna is always fully in control. And of course, we can’t forget about the iconic video, which just makes you want to dance in the rain. Rihanna has had dozens of hits over the years, but “Umbrella” will always be one of her very best.

2008 – “Bleeding Love”

Oh Leona Lewis, why did you have to be a one-hit wonder? If you had asked anyone at the end of 2008, they would have said Leona would be one of the biggest pop names for years to come. It was all due to the success of “Bleeding Love,” which was the world’s best-selling song in 2008. The power ballad was an absolute smash hit for the winner of The X-Factor, but she never recaptured the same magic. It’s still her only top-ten single in the US, which is really a shame. Good thing we’ll always have this one amazing song.

2009 – “I Gotta Feeling”

Between “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow,” The Black Eyed Peas absolutely crushed the summer of 2009. These two songs had a 26-week stranglehold on the top of the charts, which is truly crazy when you think about it. “I Gotta Feeling” holds up pretty well, and it’s still a staple on any throwback playlist. It’s been a while since The Black Eyed Peas have been this relevant, but they were really running the show for a while. Maybe they just need to get Fergie back. Mazel tov!

2010 – “OMG”

Usher has a long history of making music that gets people up and dancing, and “OMG” is some of his best work. It’s more of pure pop sound, compared to the R&B; vibes of much of his music, but he can basically do anything. With the feature and the prominent use of auto-tune, the song was very of-the-moment for 2010. It might not stand out if it were released today, but at the time it was a guaranteed hit. It gave Usher his ninth number-one single, which is really an OMG moment.

2011 – “Rolling in the Deep”

Remember when people, like, didn’t know about Adele? She won Grammys for her debut album a few years prior to this, but “Rolling in the Deep” was the song that truly put her on the map. The song hit number one and stayed there for seven weeks, becoming the best-selling digital song ever by a female artist. The stunning song also paved the way for Adele’s massive future success, including a dozen more Grammys and tens of millions of albums sold. Whatever guy did Adele wrong, thank you so much for giving her such incredible inspiration.

2012 – “Call Me Maybe”

I’m not sure there’s ever been a more infectious song than “Call Me Maybe.” No one really knew about Carly Rae Jepsen before this song, but it went viral in a truly staggering way. The Canadian artist spent nine weeks atop the charts in the US, and also hit number one in more than a dozen other countries. “Call Me Maybe” was everywhere during the summer of 2012, but it’s still just as great as it was then. Carly hasn’t quite replicated that success in the years since, but her recent music achieved critical success, and she still has a dedicated fanbase.

2013 – “Get Lucky”

With “Get Lucky,” Daft Punk proved that you can have the song of the summer without even showing your face. The French DJ duo created an irresistible disco vibe, and the production pairs seamlessly with Pharrell’s vocals. This is the kind of song that could be on repeat for hours without you even noticing, and I mean that in the best way. The song easily became Daft Punk’s biggest hit in the United States, and it won the Grammy Record of the Year. Seems like they got pretty lucky with this song.

2014 – “Problem”

Ariana Grande’s music has the power to make you forget everything and just feel good. “Problem” came out at a time when she was still establishing herself as a mature entertainer, and it was a major success. The song’s funky, saxophone-driven hook is unique and instantly catchy, and the guest verse from Iggy Azalea fits perfectly. “Problem” perfectly captures that feeling when you know you shouldn’t pursue a relationship, but you just can’t stop yourself. There’s no question, this song is still a major bop.

2015 – “See You Again”

Many of the top summer songs are care-free dance anthems, but not always. In 2015, it was a somber tribute to The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker that took the charts by storm. Charlie Puth contributed the heartfelt chorus, and Wiz Khalifa’s verses cut deep. People were shocked and upset by Walker’s tragic death, and this song put all those feelings into the perfect package to celebrate his life. It topped the US charts for 12 weeks, a success that would have made Paul Walker proud.

2016 – “One Dance”

Drake is one of the hardest-working names in music, and it seems like he releases a new hit single every few weeks. “One Dance” was a step above the rest and became his biggest hit yet. The song was praised for its Caribbean dancehall influences, which mix perfectly with Drake’s singing style. He’s the kind of artist who loves playing around with different trends and sounds, and this one works especially well. It was good enough for 10 weeks at number one, which no one would complain about.

2017 – “Wild Thoughts”

DJ Khaled had a major moment over the last couple years, making headlines for both his music and his over-the-top personality. His song “Wild Thoughts” was an epic hit, with great features from Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. The song was the perfect jam to dance or just hang out to, and it’s further proof that everything Rihanna touches turns to gold. Summer 2017, didn’t have a lot of standout songs, but at a certain point it was nice to listen to anything that wasn’t “Despacito.” Congratulations DJ Khaled, you da best. Another one!

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