17 Movie Girl Squads We’d Totally Want To Be In

What happens when more than one actress takes to the big screen in the same film? Pure magic. In fact, most of the best movie relationships have absolutely nothing to do with romance, but instead everything to do with platonic love between BFFs.

With their crazy adventures, late-night chats about relatable problems, and their impromptu dance battles, the friendships in some of our favorite movies are the epitome of #SquadGoals. From the Flossy Posse in Girls Trip to The Bellas in Pitch Perfect, here are 17 fictional girl squads that we’d jump through a screen to hang out with in a heartbeat.

1. The BSC in The Baby-Sitters Club

These seven girls were living proof that friends who work together, stay together. The movie owed a lot of its success to the classic book series by Ann M. Martin. Both were based on the fictional adventures of pre-teen girls who launch their own babysitting business. And seeing the BSC’s beloved friendships play out on the big screen was a memorable part of every ’90s girl’s childhood.

2. Kit, Mimi, and Lucy in Crossroads

Let’s go girls! Taking a crosscountry road trip never sounded so good until we met three childhood best friends who embark on a cross-country journey, all hoping to get something different out of the journey.

Though they definitely hit some *rocky roads* here and there, the trip is full of girl-power sing-alongs, thoughtful heart-to-hearts, and some silly fun. Did we mention they’re pretty sure the guy who’s offered to drive them to California just might be a murderer? YEAH.

3. The Flossy Posse in Girls Trip

Taking place in the Crescent City (aka New Orleans), Girls Trip follows Lisa, a single mom; Sasha, a broke gossip blogger; Dina, a rowdy party girl; and Ryan, a lifestyle guru, and their adventures at the annual #BlackGirlMagic meet-up known as ESSENCE Festival. Their witty banter and wild nights are hilarious to watch, and seeing their shenanigans (i.e. zip lining across Bourbon Street) instantly made us want to pack a bag and head down south to join the fun.

4. Hurl Scouts in Whip It

This ultra-athletic squad made us want to go out and immediately create our own roller derby team… despite our less-than-mediocre skating skills. The Hurl Scouts had it all — a fierce name, super cute uniforms, awesome teammates and a quirky, can-do attitude that inspired us from beginning to end.

5. Roberta, Chrissy, Teeny, and Samantha in Now and Then

Growing up in a small town can be super stressful. Especially if you’ve got a group of neighborhood boys terrorizing you all summer. Luckily, hanging around these four would make every coming-to-age moment a little less tragic and a bit more wonderful. Plus, they’ve got an awesome treehouse to stay up all night and gossip in. Count us in!

6. Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

A group with a magical pair of jeans that fits everyone perfectly? Hell yeah! This is definitely the group for us. Plus their weekly ritual of sneaking in the maternity-yoga studio where their moms met for girls night always looked so cool. While they were all so different, they got along so well — which is exactly why we always could relate to at least one of them. What we wouldn’t give to join on that ah-mazing trip to Greece!

7. The Plastics in Mean Girls

If Northshore was US Weekly, the Plastics would always be on the cover. And who wouldn’t want to be on the cover with them? We’ve already got a closet full of pink gear, plenty of names to add to the Burn Book and definitely aren’t trying to make fetch happen. This makes us shoe-in for the fifth plastic. Sure, they were kind of shady to each other at first — but by the end, all was calm in Girl World — so we’d just join in at that point!

8. Charlie’s Angels in Charlie’s Angels

A group with their own theme song? Who wouldn’t want to join them! These kick-ass private investigators take down bad guys and dodge bullets all while dressed to the nines. We might have to stop skipping spin class to keep up, but surely we have what it takes to be an Angel.

9. The East Compton Clovers in Bring It On

Who could forget the OG cheerleading flick? In addition to the sassy one-liners, made up words and peppy performances everyone loves watching Bring it On because of the dynamic friendship between some of the ladies. Particularly the East Compton Clovers. They may not have been the “main” cheerleading squad in the Kirsten Dunst movie, but this was the “Cinderella story” squad. They were no strangers to having fun but also were undeniably supportive to one another when they needed it most. Oh, and they’re pretty good at coming together to win national championships. Lead by Gabrielle Union, what’s not to love? Just saying.

10. Cheetah Girls in The Cheetah Girls

“We’re cheetah girls, cheetah sistahs!” This is probably the most epic musical girl squad Disney has ever created. They traveled and performed around the world. They had the perfect comebacks for the haters who questioned their talent. And they rocked cheetah print velour tracksuits with confidence. #Goals

11. Sara, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie in The Craft

Who didn’t dream of being a witch when they were younger? And while some wanted to be nice, peppy witches like, I don’t know, the late 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, others wanted to be the offbeat, school outcast kind of witch. But, can you blame them?

These four walked on water, levitated, and got revenge on bullies by causing their hair to fall out. Things may have gone haywire for the group at the end, but they were squad goals in their happier times.

12. Cher, Dionne and Tai in Clueless

These three were hands down Bronson Alcott High School’s best-dressed squad. Amber may have disagreed, but what would she know? She’s a full-on Monet. Cher, Dionne, and Tai not only spoke their own elite language and hung with the cool kids, but they used their social status to do good things like helping two lonely teachers fall in love.

13. Josie, Melody and Valerie in Josie and the Pussycats

A rockstar girl squad? Heck yeah! They went from being a small town band to having the record deal of a lifetime. And despite the fame, they always had each other’s backs (despite one or two major disagreements). That said, they were even so close that their bus pass even had all three of them in the photo! I guess we’d just have to photoshop ourselves in?

14. Wilderness Girls Troop, Beverly Hills in Troop Beverly Hills

On the surface, this troop might just seem like a bunch of snotty rich kids. But beneath all the money, these gals were a group passionate about being a part of something bigger than themselves. They went “glamping” before it was a thing, knew some awesome dance moves (ahem, the freddy) and performed one of the most catchy songs ever about cookies.

15. The Rockford Peaches in A League of Their Own

Inspired by the real Rockford Peaches, this All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League team helped make a name for female athletes. They worked hard, had tons of fun and slid onto home plate — all in their signature peach-colored skirts. Our heroes!

16. The Bride’s Tribe in Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid in the real world can sometimes be a buzzkill. Like, have you seen the cost of dresses? But if the experience is anything like the one this group had, count us in. We’ll definitely fold a million programs and wear shoes that make our feet hurt if that means we get to see Wilson Phillips perform live at the ceremony.

17. The Bellas in Pitch Perfect

All those nights we spend singing in the shower, it’s quite clear that this is the squad for us. Singing girl-power anthems all day, wearing cute cardigan/scarf combos and memorizing kick-ass choreography? Nothing could be better than that! Plus, we’ll take any opportunity available to prove to sexist men that they’re really not all that. Sorry, boys, but we’re the best!

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