The Most Fabulous Legally Blonde Fashion Moments (So Far)

It’s hard to believe that Legally Blonde came out in 2001 because the fabulous film is still talked about to this day… frequently. No one could forget the adorable Bruiser or the “bend and snap.” What’s more, no fashionista could forget about Elle Woods’s (Reese Witherspoon) major wardrobe.

Elle was pretty much a Barbie doll brought to life. She loved pink, sparkly things and unabashed girly styles. Plus, she knew that fashion was about having fun and expressing yourself. That’s something everyone needs to remember.

It’s been almost 20 years since the film came out and the fashion is just as fierce and fun as ever. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the best fashion moments from Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2. Bring on the pink!

17. Elle’s Hot Pink Tie-Dyed Dress

If anyone can make tie-dyed fabric work, it’s Elle Woods. Of course, she opted for a gradient pink design as opposed to a groovy rainbow pattern. And can we talk about that oversized yellow flower tucked behind her ear? On most people, it would look contrived. On her, it’s fabulous with a capital “F.” We cannot forget about Serena (Alanna Ubach) and Margot (Jessica Cauffiel). You know that Elle would have friends as stylish as her. They’ve got their own individual looks, but it’s clear they share a love of sparkle and pink.

16. Elle’s Bunny Costume

A girl needs a good outfit to ‘bend and snap’ in, and this was definitely a stellar look. Elle might have famously stated, “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed,” but she made a case for the shade with the printed blouse. Of course, she didn’t abandon her signature bubblegum pink. She worked it in via the belt and the layered top.

15. Elle’s Pink Suit and Pillbox Hat

Paging Jackie O! This retro-with-a-twist look has to be one of the most iconic Legally Blonde outfits. It obviously has special significance in the movie (no spoilers), but it stands out on its own because it’s just so fabulous. The pillbox hat, pearls and bow-necked skirt suit exude vintage glamour, but the bright pink color adds a playful element that’s pure Elle Woods.

14. Elle’s Bright Pink Suit And Sunglasses

This is how you make a statement. Even if you don’t have your own adorable convertible, you can still slay by taking inspiration from the vivid coordinates. These are about as far from stuffy suits as you can get. The orchid pink leather fabric would make any severe silhouette infinitely more fun and it definitely does the job here. The finishing touches are also key. Note the lilac top and those rose-tinted glasses. Oh, don’t forget about the red bag.

13. Elle’s Blue Beanie And Furry Coat And Bruiser’s Multicolored Outfit

We loved Bruiser as much as Elle because he was adorable AF. Even if he didn’t embrace fashion as much as his master, we would have still loved him, but we’re so glad Elle looked after his wardrobe. These mama and fur-baby outfits aren’t matchy-matchy; they’re coordinated, which makes them more interesting. The pup’s multicolored striped outfit plays off the rich red of Elle’s turtleneck. Her ensemble might not be as pink-heavy as some of her looks, but the color combination provided plenty of fashion inspiration. (There still is hot pink on the top.) It also made us realize we were missing crocheted beanies with flowers from our wardrobes.

12. Vivian’s Corduroy Jacket & Sweater and Elle’s Psychedelic Top And Jumper

Vivian Kensington (Selma Blair) might have been the enemy, but when we look back at Legally Blonde now, we can appreciate her classic preppy style. She championed the headband long before Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. She even made oatmeal and dusty khaki green look chic. But it would be wrong if we didn’t appreciate the way Elle has coordinated every part of her outfit. Her makeup and even her computer match her printed blouse.

11. Vivian’s Headband, Sweater Vest And Pearls

Here’s another opportunity to admire Vivian’s collegiate style. Those used to sweatpants, hoodies and pajamas at college can appreciate how supremely chic she looks with her coordinated baby blouse and sweater, ladylike pearls and headband. Her style was meant to be as far away from Elle’s as possible. It definitely is but it’s interesting in its own way.

10. Elle’s Sparkly Bikini Top, Red Furry Jacket And White Pants

Everybody remembers Elle’s iconic pink bikini. Thankfully we got to see it a couple of times. The classic bikini top and bottoms was pure Malibu Barbie, but her “chillaxing on the quad” outfit deserves praise for successfully mixing the shimmering pink bikini top, furry red bolero and white pants. The trousers are probably the most collegiate piece about the outfit. Elle has given them her signature spin with square-toed mules and a hot pink belt.

9. Elle’s Printed Pink Halter Dress

In Mean Girls, they wear pink on Wednesdays. In Legally Blonde, Elle rocks the color almost every day/in every scene. This is another classic example. Never mind the half-naked dude in the background. Elle is strutting her stuff on campus with her girly pink dress. She’s not without her heart pendant necklace and rose-tinted sunglasses. Girl knows the importance of accessories.

8. Elle’s Pink Flat Cap And Bruiser’s Sweater And Necklace

Now this is how you match. Bruiser might not be wearing a hat but he’s perfectly in sync with Elle’s style thanks to his purple sweater with a pink stripe and that dog collar pendant necklace. Elle is proving that flat caps aren’t just for men of a certain age with her pink version. It’s doubtful that there will ever be a more stylish dog-owner pairing than Elle and Bruiser. They set the bar so high.

7. Elle’s Green Wrap Jacket And Glasses

Elle in green? You might not have expected it, but it was a fun way of showing “serious Elle goes to class.” The dark green jacket has a Le Smoking jacket feel about it. It’s hard to say what is more brilliant: The purple tie or the glasses. Just when you think that things couldn’t get any better, she pulls out the heart-shaped notebook and fluffy pen. In this instance, they definitely count as bonafide accessories.

6. Elle’s Black Dress And Vivian’s All-Black Look

A black dress, really? Elle could play hardball with all of the lawyer types when she wanted to. That occasionally meant leaving her pink wardrobe behind. There is actually still plenty of flair in this ensemble thanks to the silhouette, collar with ruffle and carnation. We know we’re not supposed to be team Vivian here, but you have to admit that she has mastered her own supremely chic, severe all-black outfit.

5. Paulette’s Cropped Floral Jacket And Blue Top

No list would be complete without Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge). She had a one-of-a-kind look that was unapologetic and loads of retro fun. This cropped floral jacket with chambray yoke is something that not a lot of people could pull off — that includes hipsters in their ironic way. But Paulette worked the look as good as she did a bend and snap.

4. Vivian’s Ditsy Print Blouse And Cream Sweater Vest

There’s just not a big enough appreciation for sweater vests and blouses nowadays. Vivian shows why it’s the perfect preppy-chic combination. Throw in her signature pearls and headband and you have a put-together look. We’ll also give her props for managing to showcase the wide variety of neutral colors there are.

3. Elle’s Pink Wrap Dress

When you think of Legally Blonde, you might think of this dress. It’s chic but playful at the same time, fits her to a tee and it means business. It’s a classic shape, but the more you look at it, the more you see the Elle touches like the extra-thick cuffs and the embellishment on the light pink belt. It’s all about the details.

2. Elle’s Pale Pink Wedding Gown

It would have almost been wrong if Elle got married in a white gown. This soft pink isn’t that different from a white or ivory gown. Had it been her signature bubblegum pink, it would have looked too much like a prom dress. This shade is perfection. Looking back now, we could actually give the movie credit for helping to champion colored wedding dresses.

1. Elle’s Fedora, Jacket And Purple Top

You would think that purple would be a prominent color in Elle’s wardrobe on days when she’s not wearing pink. We might not see her wear the color a lot, but this is a sweet example. She has mixed the soft lilac with pale pink for a very girly finish. And get a load of that hat. It adds another sugary sweet shade into the mix and ups her style credentials considerably.

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