10 Best TV Female Characters Real Life Role Models

Television is my best friend. Like, I watch so much television that I don’t have trouble putting myself into the shoes of my favorite characters and seeing what happens. While scouring my favorite characters for perfect choices, I realized that a majority of my choices shared one common characteristic: confidence. When it comes to my gal pals: the more unabashedly confident as well as strong and hilarious… the better. ‘Cause let’s be real, most of us could stand to be a little more confident and a little more hilarious… and these fictional characters show us the way to a better life.

1. Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

In another world, I could really see Mindy and I being best friends. We have a lot in common: we are both budding feminists, we’re both the life of every party (read: gif above) and we both can’t quite understand the logistics of shower sex. Mindy Kaling, if you’re reading this, I’ll “settle” for being your best friend instead.

Photo: Hulu

2. April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

I love me some Leslie Knope, but April is the only reason I’m still watching Parks and Rec. I have to agree with Donna Meagle, April is a Siberian Husky. Her immense loyalty is admirable and her sarcasm is enviable. Don’t you want to call the annoying guy in your meeting “Mr. Hamster Penis” too because you feel like it?

Photo: NBC

3. Veronica Lodge, Riverdale

Riverdale is basically sweeping the country and no — it’s not because the guy who plays Archie (K.J. Apa) is super good-looking. There are a lot of reasons to love the show based on the Archie comics but a big reason is that of Veronica — played by Camila Mendes. She’s caring and empathetic towards basically everyone (which is pretty amazing considering she basically just met them), she’s willing to call people out on their B.S., and she’s totally against any girl-on-girl drama… which is why she even tries to befriend the “mean girl,” Cheryl Blossom. Veronica is level headed and even willing to keep her dad in jail if it’s the right thing to do. Essentially, she’s an inspiration to us all.

Photo: The CW

4. Olivia Pope, Scandal

How anyone can handle life with such control, poise, and never spill a drop of red wine on her sparkling white outfits is beyond me. Wouldn’t you want your catchphrase to be, “it’s handled?” BAD. FREAKIN’. ASS.

Photo: ABC

5. Amy Brookheimer, Veep

Selina Meyer’s Campaign Manager doesn’t have time for your nonsense and she’ll be the first one to tell you. Also, it’s a personal dream of mine to work in a place where you average about five fucks per sentence and your attachment to your phone is praised.

Photo: HBO

6. Olivia Benson, Law & Order: SVU.

The second Olivia on the list, and just as badass as the first with equally enviable hair. Even Taylor Swift is on the O.B. train. No one can say “son of a bitch,” have a massive amount of sexual tension with her partner, or deal with sexist bozos quite like Benson can.

Photo: NBC

7. Tina Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Everyone should be watching Bob’s Burgers, because Tina Belcher is a scene stealer. I’ve never written erotic friendfiction before, but I’m sure it takes a lot of guts to read your friendfiction in front of the entire school. Especially when said story is about a post apocalyptic world where you free the school by touching your crush’s butt.

Photo: Fox

8. Taystee, Orange Is The New Black

Taystee is my favorite character on OITNB. Her friendship with Poussey (omitting parts of season two) is the best. She’s hilarious, fashionable and most importantly, understands that Harry Potter should never be used as a step stool. My kind of lady.

Photo: Netflix

9. Elaine Benes, Seinfeld

Elaine knows what’s up and has no trouble saying it. People? Idiots. Dating? Stupid. Working? Useless. Her wisdom and advice are far beyond her years. After all, isn’t honesty an admirable trait? Oh, and her dance moves… ’nuff said.

Photo: NBC

10. Buffy Summers

Tbh, this one’s way too heckin’ obvious! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is legit the go-to when it comes to TV shows with a strong female lead. Sure, she makes some ~questionable~ decisions in the last couple of seasons but she literally beats vampires to a pulp with her bare hands, stops several apocalypses and is willing to do anything to protect her family and friends. Plus, if you don’t cry during the series finale when she LITERALLY empowers all women, then you’re basically heartless.

Photo: The WB

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