16 Fantasy Worlds & Cities From Movies That We LOVE

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve fantasized about sipping butterbeer with our squad in Hogsmeade or taking peaceful strolls through the forests of Pandora. Granted, we might encounter a few scary creatures and monstrous beasts along the way, but it doesn’t change the fact that these magical worlds continue to draw us in like magnets. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to some of the best fictional worlds on the big screen. But what we love most is that these films always made us feel like we belonged to these worlds, too. We got to hang out with witches, wizards, fairies, and elves. And we got to admire the bizarre attractions and go to special events, just like the main characters did themselves. It wasn’t always perfect, but still, these places felt like our own little versions of Utopia. And our time there always felt so short-lived. But hey, on the bright side, we can daydream about living in these fictional realities to our hearts’ content. See all the fantasy worlds we would totally book a one-way trip to:

16. Middle-Earth from Lord of the Rings

Does anyone else feel like they could spend hours socializing with the Hobbits, crafting with the Dwarves, and bonding with Gandalf? We love that there’s such a wide variety of species that live in Middle Earth, and the places there are simply stunning. From The Shire to Gondor, we could totally see ourselves settling in for a while.

15. Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland

We’re not so thrilled about the fact that we have to fall through a giant rabbit hole to get there… But still, if we could, we’d move to Wonderland in a heartbeat. The place is located underground and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s filled with peculiar creatures and talking animals (like the White Rabbit). There’s also the fact that you can actually speak things into existence, which is always handy.

14. Narnia from Chronicles of Narnia

We’d be in a world of magic with practically no humans around us. We’d be surrounded by talking animals and mythical creatures like dwarves and centaurs, but you know what’s crazy? We’d still feel right at home. We can see ourselves starting to bond with the other creatures as we learn more about the history of this world. And of course, it would be extremely helpful to have someone like Aslan by our side.

13. Pandora from Avatar

Pandora’s beauty is mesmerizing. It’s filled with lush forests and gardens with so many rich colors. And by night, everything takes on various shades of blue, purple and green because they have bioluminescent qualities. The only catch, though, is that there are many deadly creatures on this moon. The great leonopteryx, the thanator, and the viperwolves are just a few of the exotic animals that roam around looking for prey. But hey, as long as we lay low, we should be fine. Right?

12. Neverland from Peter Pan

At this point, we’d give anything to escape reality and go to Neverland. It’s an imaginary, magical place where many of the people cease to age. It also has cool mythical creatures like fairies and mermaids (although the mermaids aren’t very friendly…). We can imagine letting ourselves be wild and carefree, along with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. And maybe, just maybe, the fairies would grant us flying abilities. Now how cool would that be?

11. Newt’s Secret Home for Magical Creatures in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Who knew that such a beautiful world existed within Newt’s suitcase? He traveled the world to find a wide variety of “fantastic beasts” and he basically gave them a home. A part of us wishes that he would come find us and take us there, too, because we actually want to live with and help care for those magical creatures. Most of them are quite friendly and their dwelling literally looks like a paradise. We’d give up life in the real world for that secret hideaway any day.

10. Toontown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

How epic would it be to live in an animated world where we can bond with our favorite childhood cartoon characters? From Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny to Mickey Mouse and Goofy, we’d be in the best company and we’d have so many adventures. Sure, there isn’t anything magical about the town, but the characters there sure make it feel that way. As residents, we’d most likely turn into animated characters ourselves (which is pretty cool). Even better, we’d probably get that magical ability to heal within seconds and bounce back after an injury, just like the rest of the Toons.

9. Asgard from Thor

We know what you’re thinking. Our survival rate would severely drop on a planet that’s filled with superhumans, giants, trolls, and demons. But assuming we had that kind of power ourselves (we can at least pretend), living on Thor’s home planet would definitely be interesting. For one, we’d be among the most honorable and powerful races in the galaxy, and we’d (most likely) get to hang out with the incredible Thor. That alone makes us want to start packing our things… But aside from that, we’d also get to appreciate the most gorgeous and elaborate scenery.

8. Azeroth from Warcraft

If we’re being honest, this world isn’t too different from the one we’re living in right now – especially compared to the other places on this list. However, we love it for its complexity and the fact that it includes such a diverse population, including humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, gnomes, and pandarens. We’d probably spend most of our time exploring different places and meeting new people. But we wouldn’t mind this because we’re always up for an adventure!

7. Fantasia from The Neverending Story

It’s actually called “Fantastica” in the novel that the movie is based on, but it’s a fantasy world of magical creatures, giants, and shape-shifting monsters. It’s ruled by the Childlike Empress and it thrives solely on the dreams of humans. However, when people abandon their dreams, the world slowly gets destroyed. If we were ever tasked with the responsibility to help save this place, we would do it without hesitation. And then, of course, we would move there.

6. The Star Wars Galaxy from Star Wars

Oh how we long to go live in that mysterious galaxy that’s far, far away (see what we did there?). We want to be in cool spaceships, interact with droids, and have lightsaber duels. And we definitely want to know what it’s like to experience the power of the Force. It’ safe to say that every day would feel like a cool new adventure.

5. Xandar from Guardians of the Galaxy

Not only is it a beautiful place, but it’s also the most scientifically-advanced planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. It’s populated with Xandarians who look like humans and other alien species, meaning that we can always expect a diverse crowd. And of course, there’s also the fact that it’s famous for being the home of the Nova Corps, or the intergalactic police task force. So on top of having the luxury of living in such a fancy setting, we’d have the best protection right on our planet.

4. Metropolis from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s not that different from the real world. But we love it for the mere fact that a superhero is always in the midst to save the day. We love the idea of grabbing a fresh copy of The Daily Planet each morning, and we love the idea of running into Mr. Clark Kent himself (aka the king of all klutzes). We just enjoy the energy of that city, and so whenever we watch it on the big screen, it feels like we already live there – especially since it’s so similar to our own.

3. Panem from Hunger Games

You’re probably surprised that this one made the list, especially since the people there tend to be selfish and materialistic. But we’re not talking about Panem as is, we’re talking about a slightly altered version of Panem… See, the biggest issue is that it’s under the worst leadership. And had it not been for their heartless dictator, President Snow, the entire structure of Panem could’ve been so different.

While it would be fun to just kick back and enjoy the spoils at the Capitol, we’d like to live in a version where the richest people don’t live off of the forced labor of other districts… And while we’re at it, putting an end to those Hunger Games would be awesome too.

2. The Wizarding World from Harry Potter

Just picture it: Going shopping at Diagon Alley, visiting the Three Broomsticks, and most importantly, training to be a witch or wizard at the school of Hogwarts. We’d get to meet centaurs, fairies, goblins, unicorns, and so much more. It would honestly feel like paradise. And with our newfound skills and powers from Hogwarts, we could totally handle any threat that comes our way. Now if only we could find Platform 9 3/4 and get through it…

1. The Land of Oz from The Wizard of Oz

If we were in Dorothy’s shoes, we’d have never wanted to return to Kansas. Especially considering that stellar welcome that she got when she landed in Munchkinland! Oz is such a delightful and colorful place that you can’t help but smile when you’re there. And guys, have you seen the Emerald City? With its bright towers and glittering emeralds? It would be so much fun to live in that capital – just as long as we don’t have to deal with any flying monkeys….

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