Top 18 Best Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Movie Roles, Ranked

According to Forbes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the top 10 paid actors in the world. Raking in an impressive $64 million in 2017, his net worth jumped to almost $200 million. Some may be confused why, but really? You can’t be. His movies make bank at the box office… even when they aren’t even that great.

At the end of the day, we just absolutely love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and all of his movies. From the times he just played himself in Jem and the Holograms to almost every role that required him to be shirtless, these are Dwayne Johnson roles ranked from worst to first. This includes one that isn’t even out yet — but one we know we’re going to freaking love: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Where did your favorite land on the list?

18. Dwayne Johnson, Jem and the Holograms

In a perfect world, Jem and the Holograms would have been an A+ movie. Created by the minds that put together Josie and the Pussycats (modern-day geniuses) and Justin Bieber (shout out to Scooter Braun), this movie should’ve had what it takes to be a winner. Instead, it was a pile of waste that NOBODY even saw. Not even Dwayne Johnson playing his glorious self could’ve saved this movie. So, obviously, it was his worst movie.

17. Rick Smith, S.W.A.T., Reno 911!: Miami

Bet you forgot about this one! It was a long time ago, so we’ll give you a pass on not being able to recall when Dwayne got to partake in one of Comedy Central’s finest. Here’s the thing though, if not that many people can remember The Rock’s part in this — how could we possibly rate it any higher than this? His other roles are verging on iconic, and this is pretty much the opposite of that. Forgettable.

16. Jack Bruno, Race to Witch Mountain

Disney loves to take old movies and make them over as many times they can. Why? Because no one ever tells them to stop. With this one, they probably should have. Erik Von Detten already created the best Escape to Witch Mountain in 1995. We didn’t need another one in the first place so when this one was far below the quality of the OG — we were left confused. Sorry, Dwayne. We love you but we did not love this.

15. Agent 23, Get Smart

Who doesn’t idolize a man like The Rock? Just look at him! With a perfect balance of comedic charm and action, Get Smart served as a place for Johnson to work out his comedic muscles alongside the great Steve Carell. A funny guy, Dwayne was probably made even better by acting with The Office star.

14. Derek, Tooth Fairy

Some may think this was a terrible career move. Honestly, we’re not sure if it was so we gave it a not-so-solid 15th place on the list. While we kind of love the idea that this big, tough WWE Superstar had enough self-confidence to do a movie such as this, it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster. However, you don’t see The Undertaker or Kane portraying the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny, do you? Exactly. This job requires a real man, which we can all agree Dwayne Johnson sure is.

13. Raymond Gaines, San Andreas

As a California resident, San Andreas is far from an action movie. It’s pure horror. That aside, San Andreas was a thrill ride that showcased Dwayne Johnson in his most comfortable role: pure badass. It also showed us that there is no one we’d rather be with during a disaster than this guy!

12. Rocky Johnson, That ’70s Show

The late ’90s and early ’00s were all about smelling what The Rock was cooking. Then he started to spread his wings a bit. That ’70s Show was the first time we saw him act (other than in the ring, which is a totally different kind of acting of course). In this sitcom, he was the wrestler Rocky Johnson. Yes, it wasn’t that much of a stretch from what he was used to but it helped get his feet wet in Hollywood acting jobs.

11. Christopher “Chris” Vaughn, Jr., Walking Tall

In 2004, you couldn’t get a cooler pairing than The Rock and Johnny Knoxville. One was a Jackass darling and the other was a proven WWE Superstar that was a couple of years deep into his acting career. Putting them together was kismet. As for Chris Vaughn, the U.S. Army Special Forces sergeant, it was a fitting role. A man full of brawn ready for action at any moment… again, not too much of a stretch.

10. Dwayne Johnson, Hannah Montana

Dwayne Johnson sort of hit the jackpot when it came to connecting with a young audience. He was starting to act more regularly at the height of the Disney Channel and his ability to goof around and make fun of himself made him a golden actor for child-geared shows. Everybody loved Hannah Montana while it was on air and Dwayne did not disappoint while playing himself.

9. Dwayne Johnson, Cory in the House

What can we say? We love this guy on the Disney Channel. This was also how he and Madison Pettis came to know one another. You’ll see their movie in a second. This dude is so universal and the balance he strikes between badass and 100% sweetheart is something that’s so fun to watch.

8. Joe Kingman, The Game Plan

We told you that The Rock and Madison’s movie would be coming up in a second. In The Game Plan, Dwayne plays a football star that finds he has a daughter that he never knew about. At first, his agent doesn’t think that the image of him being a father would be a good thing for his career. But shortly thereafter, they’re all about it. Is it an Oscar-winning role? No. But is it adorable to see the gentle giant learning what it means to be a parent? Completely.

7. Mitch Buchannon, Baywatch

Was this movie unwatchable? Not at all. Dwayne and Zac Efron are clearly both men who love to show off their hot bods. As a humans with hormones, we’re sure many can appreciate that. Because his body was absolutely phenomenal in Baywatch, his time as Mitch Buchannon will forever be celebrated. Plus, it’s not his fault the movie wound up needing a lifeguard of its own. Some TV-to-movie remakes work and some obviously don’t. C’est la vie!

6. Bob Stone, Central Intelligence

This movie is legit. There is something about pairing Dwayne Johnson with Kevin Hart that just works. Perhaps it’s the incredible height difference. It could also very well be that they have some amazing chemistry. Nevertheless, Dwayne took on the part of a former high school loser turned grown-up weirdo with a beautiful body perfectly. We’ll always have major love for Bob Stone.

5. Mathayus, The Scorpion King

Here we are folks, the role that sort of kicked it all off. This was actually the spinoff to the role in The Mummy Returns that really kicked it all off, but still it’s pretty important. During that time, and even today, there is no one else that we could imagine rocking that role like The Rock did. It was built for him. Fine POSSIBLY Jason Momoa could’ve rocked it, too, but shh, don’t tell Dwyane we said that.

4. Spencer Strasmore, Ballers

Trust us when we say that we don’t understand one thing about the game of football. Or why it takes what seems like 75 years to play one game. However, Ballers is amazing whether you’re a football freak or ot. Dwayne plays the sports agent, Spencer Strasmore, so perfectly that you almost thing Ballers is a reality show. Remember Ari Gold from Entourage? He’s like that but WAY more likable… and he looks 100 times better in a suit.

3. Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

For a ’90s kid, it was hard to hear that there was going to be a remake of Jumanji, especially knowing Robin Williams could not physically be a part of it. Remakes can be major hits or major misses, and we’re not sure what to think.
BUT judging solely on the trailers, it looks like Dwayne’s Dr. Smolder Bravestone was a great choice to fill that role left void by Mr. Williams. He’s funny, plays well off those around him, and has the heart that the film needs. Plus, he’s so different than the original actor that he will really have the chance to make his role a totally different character — which is needed in a remake like this.

2. Maui, Moana

Can someone tell us how this guy wasn’t in every Disney movie before this? He was SO good as the cocky-yet-lovable Maui. A demigod who’s 75% selfish but has a heart of gold when necessary, Maui and Dwayne Johnson will forever be one in the same to fans. (Which, BTW, is a good thing!) Immortalized in Disney history alongside Lin Manuel-Miranda crafted songs… sounds like a gift.

1. Hobbs, The Fast & Furious Franchise

Tyrese can go ahead and say what he wants about Dwayne being a part of the Fast & Furious family, but we love him as Hobbs. While he’s been portraying Hobbs for awhile now, and it’s always great, it was his minimal screen time in the seventh installment that was so over the top that it was perfect. From flexing off his cast to taking down a helicopter, every single moment had us totally living.

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