The 16 Cutest Celebrity Couple Nicknames Ever

There’s just something about celebrity couples that we cannot get enough of. There’s the excitement about rumored couples and seeing whether there’s actually something going on or whether it’s just some ploy for them to get more press. Then there are the confirmed celebrity couples who pose hand in hand on the red carpet and give sweet shout outs on social media. One of the other things we love about celebrity couples are their nicknames.

Everything special deserves a nickname, right? Just think about the number of nicknames you have for your BFF or bae. Exactly. Celebrity couple nicknames are great because they’re catchy and show the couple as one strong unit. The couples might not always last, but their nicknames often end up earning a special spot in the pop culture hall of fame. Here are the 16 best celebrity couple nicknames ever.

1. Brangelina

Brangelina, aka the nickname for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, just might be the celebrity couple nickname to judge all other celebrity couples nicknames by. It’s simple, but it’s catchy and it had an allure, just like the couple. We’re sure that if they wanted to capitalize on the name with fan merch, they would have made a killing. Unfortunately, we all know how this couple’s name ended… but at least we’ll always have the memories and the adorable kids.

2. Kimye

Kanye West has had a few different nicknames. Some of them have stuck while some of them have been long forgotten. (Remember The Louis Vuitton Don?) The nickname that has stuck the most has to be his couple’s nickname with Kim Kardashian, Kimye. It’s pretty much a brand at this point, you guys, so don’t be surprised if you actually see Kimye merch coming out. Unlike Brad and Angelina, you know Kim and Kanye would be totally down for the product line as their relationship is strong as hell.

3. Desilu

Celebrity couples nicknames certainly aren’t anything new. Although, we probably create a lot more now and use them in hashtags. One classic throwback example is Desilu, the nickname for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. If someone is claiming that they created the name, don’t take them too seriously because Desilu was also the name of the couple’s production company that they formed prior to I Love Lucy. It’s a shame that the Desilu couple didn’t last because they were such a sweet couple on screen.

4. Speidi

Reality TV show couples come and go. There are actually few who last long enough to get a nickname, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are definitely not your average reality TV show couple. They beat the odds, the critics and the people who said their relationship was only for The Hills by surviving all this time. Their A-list status might not be what it used to be, but their Speidi nickname is still a favorite. It’s sharp, clever and it has a mystique where you can’t figure out whether it is good or bad, which is actually sort of like the couple’s motivations.

5. Brady-Bundch

That’s right, Brady-Bundch, not Brady Bunch. If you’re not familiar with the pun-tastic couple’s name, it refers to the relationship between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. (Do you get it now?) It was catchy when they were dating, but the name has only grown to be more appropriate over time as the couple expanded their brood with little ones. We doubt they’ll end up with as many kids as the Bradys, but that’s okay. We’ll still love the nickname.

6. Robsten

Hands up if you still shed a tear over the end of Robsten? You’re definitely not alone. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were #relationshipgoals back in the days of Twilight. They were adorable as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, but they were just as cute IRL. They did try to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, but it was still something that was discussed so frequently that it warranted a nickname. And Robsten was the result. We’re sure there were people out there who were hoping that if Kristen and Robert had a kid, they would have named it Robsten.

7. Billary

Political couples can have couples nicknames, too. We’re actually not talking about Michelle Obama and Barack Obama in this case. We’re talking about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. They were great individually, but together they were Billary. And Billary was a couple’s nickname that could have been used with celebrity couples, but it was used for the political duo. And it has proven to be one of the most memorable political phrases.

8. TomKat

A lot of people will always think of Tom Cruise’s infamous couch jump on Oprah when they think about his relationship with Katie Holmes, but we will also remember TomKat. The nickname was catchy, but it was also pretty funny considering tomcat is basically slang for a woman chaser. Not exactly the best choice for a couple’s nickname, eh? We’re not saying that contributed to Katie and Tom’s eventual divorce. The TomKat nickname actually helped broaden the definition.

9. Posh and Becks

Posh and Becks stand out from all of the other couples’ names on the list because their name isn’t some one-word fusion, it’s a whopping three words long and utilizes Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s individual nicknames. We’re sure that there could have been a great one-word nickname for the dream couple, but we’re not even going to bother brainstorming ideas because Posh and Becks is so perfect. And you cannot improve upon perfection.

10. Jelena

Couples nicknames are for people of all ages, but the adorable union between baby-faced Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was definitely worthy of a cute nickname. And so Jelena was born. Some less-than-cute stuff happened at the end of their relationship with the accusations of cheating, the Instagram digs and the unfollowings, but now it seems like Jelena is back and stronger than ever. We’re thrilled — and it’s not just because we can bust out the Jelena nickname again.

11. Hiddleswift

Taylor Swift has had a lot of high profile romances. Some of them didn’t last long enough for people to come up with good nicknames. Then there were times when we were so caught up in the excitement of Taylor’s new relationship, we couldn’t even think of a couple nickname. The relationship between Taylor and Tom Hiddleston was a quick one, but it seemed like the duo got a nickname almost instantly. Soon after those beach photos (and that unfortunate sunburn) happened, the nickname was born. It’s a shame the relationship didn’t last long because Hiddleswift was so dang catchy. Here’s hoping for a reunion so we can use the nickname again.

12. Zanessa

Oh, Zanessa, how we miss you so. There were many things to love about the High School Musical heydays including the catchy songs, that basketball choreography and Zac Efron’s side bangs. Another great thing was Zac’s relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. They were together on screen as Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, and they were together off-screen as Zanessa. It was a sad day when the Disney hero couple broke up after four amazing years together. And we know there are still people out there hoping Zanessa will reunite.

13. Bennifer

Who would have thought that simply switching a letter in a name could result in such an iconic couple nickname? Okay, it helps that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the couple behind the Bennifer moniker. They probably weren’t the first celebrity pairing that you thought of, but when we saw them together, we realized they were the glamorous A-list couple worthy of the Bennifer nickname. It’s too bad the relationship eventually fizzled because it was another one that made us love celebrity couples nicknames.

14. Bennifer 2.0

There are not many times in the celebrity world or in real life when a couple’s name gets recycled. Normally it just doesn’t work because everyone has different names. Plus, most people don’t want to have to compete with the couple that held the original name. They want something different to set themselves apart.
Despite the unlikeness of it happening, we ended up with Bennifer 2.0 when Ben Affleck got together with Jennifer Garner in 2004. The new Bennifer was a refreshing version compared to the old one. The new Bennifer was low-key, low-maintenance and they never made a movie called Gigli together. It seemed like they were going to be together forever so it was a very sad day in 2015 when it was announced Ben and Jen were separating after being married for a decade.

15. GI Joe

Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas were spotted on many a red carpet and Instagrams during their relationship. Therefore, the duo needed to have a nickname so we could talk about them collectively. The result was GI Joe. It would have been really epic had either one of them actually starred in one of the G.I. Joe movies, but we are still fond of the moniker for fusing both of their first names in a really catchy way. Plus, it was a couple nickname that was pretty badass as opposed to cutesy.

16. ZiGi

Gigi Hadid makes it onto the list twice. After dating Joe Jonas from October 2014 to November 2015, the supermodel hooked up with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Gigi’s relationship with Zayn has also been in the spotlight with the couple posting adorable Instagrams and being spotted on the red carpet together. They even have fashion collabs together, you guys. (See the Versus Versace Spring/Summer 2017 campaign featuring Zayn that Gigi photographed.) You cannot have a couple collaborating and not give them a brilliant nickname. And ZiGi was born.

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