The 13 Best Celebrities To Have An Imaginary Beer With, According To Reddit

We all have a list of celebrities we want to be BFFs with, or a list of famous people our significant others will allow us to sleep with. But those lists come with a lot of preconceived notions and high expectations, so let’s take it down a notch. Who are the famous folk you’d love to just sit down with and share a beer or two while you just shoot the breeze? Redditors came forth to share their favorite picks, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by a few of their choices and also inclined to agree.

Sadly, this is a Crushable list that does not include Benedict Cumberbatch (though I’d love to get him tipsy over a hot toddy or two and pick his brain and hear him slur the word ‘pengwings’). But this list includes a lot of fabulous people, I’m sure you’ll agree. Feel free to share your own contributions to this list! My guy pick is ol’ Bennybatch. For a girl…hmmm… I’m gonna go with Oprah. While we drink spiked Oprah chai tea and talk about what we know for sure and take our shoes off and play with dogs in a garden. The end.

13. Anna Kendrick

Solid choice. I know a lot of people out there are slowly placing her in the Narnia category where Anne Hathaway used to reside, but I still find her more than tolerable. I dig her tweets.

12. Stephen Colbert

Yes, but as his character or him personally?! TOUGH CALL.

11. Bill Murray

Oh heavens to Betsy YES. Preferably while he crashes my wedding and whisks me onto the dance floor and recites lines from Scrooged with me.

10. Aaron Paul 

Fun story! Aaron filmed a movie here in my hometown of Pittsburgh earlier this year, told everyone in the city to meet him at one of our most famous neighborhood bars, and then took photos with fans until the wee hours of the morning while drinking beers with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long. That’s good people right there. #JessePinkman4Eva

9. Peter Dinklage

He’s cute, talented, and on one of the best televisions shows on all of television right now. I also feel like he gets really deep after tossing back a few. Those people are always fun to have convos with.

8. Nick Offerman

Well, naturally. It’s Ron Swanson for Chrissakes.

7. John Goodman

Dan Connor was a MAN’S MAN. And the best dad ever. And could probably drink my body weight in Milwaukee’s Best.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

I’m fairly certain he’s flying sober these days, but it would still be a total blast to hang out with him. Even if we had to drink O’Douls.

5. Seth Rogen

He’s more than a stoner! He’s endearing, smart, hilarious, and probably just as much fun over drinks. I picture having an imaginary beer over an imaginary game of Cards Against Humanity.

4. Emma Stone

Don’t you just get the feeling like this gal will bring out the silliest, loudest, most hilarious part of you? I want to have a drunken sleepover Beyonce-style dance party with her.

3. Ellen Page

Chill, down-to-earth, smart… what’s not to like? I feel like she drinks aged scotch instead of beer, but whatever.

2. Amy Schumer

Raise your hand if you can get on board with boarding the Hot Mess Express and drunkenly, scathingly poke fun at anyone and everything with her. That’s what I thought.

1. Emma Watson

Oh HELL YAS. I would get her drunk over a Butterbeer or two and make her tell me all of her secrets on how to literally SHUT IT DOWN. (If I wasn’t too busy basking in her awesomeness.)

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