15 Of The Best Bromances In The History Of Television

It’s true, we all love to watch a good romance unfold on screen. When a couple has great chemistry, it’s impossible not to become obsessed with them. But some of the best on-screen relationships were never romantic at all. It’s about time we take a moment to appreciate all of the epic bromances throughout television history. Sure, we all loved Cory and Topanga, but Cory and Shawn were the real OTP. We also loved everything about Rachel and Ross, but we have to admit Joey and Chandler were the best thing that ever happened to Friends.

These bromances bring us so much joy, and they rival any romance their series had to offer (even though some of them are basically married, anyway).

15. Stiles and Scott, Teen Wolf

Scott and Stiles balanced each other out perfectly. Scott was usually cool and calculated (for a high schooler, at least), while Stiles was his impulsive, crazy best friend. In a town like Beacon Hills, these two *literally* never would have gotten through high school without each other, especially considering all the supernatural shenanigans going on and Scott’s alpha wolf status. Their adventures were never dull, and no matter what kind of trouble they got into, they stuck together. After all, Stiles made sure that Scott knew they were brothers, even in the darkest times.

14. Drake and Josh, Drake & Josh

Drake and Josh were truly the ultimate bromance; “Hug me, brotha!” is an iconic phrase for a reason. Every episode of their show had us laughing at their antics until we cried and from the very first episode, when Drake taunted Josh by filling their room with candy and cheese balls, we knew they were going to be some of the greatest BFFs on television. They had their fair share of fights, but they always found common ground and had each other’s backs, especially when it came to their younger sister Megan (cue Josh’s side eye). Just thinking about their relationship makes us ready to binge watch some reruns and reminisce about the best step-brother duo on TV.

13. Danny, Jesse and Joey, Full House

These three had one of the most special relationships on TV, because they truly proved that family doesn’t always mean blood relation. When Danny’s wife passed away, Jesse and Joey stepped up to help him raise his daughters. Together they raised one of the best TV families of all time. Their personalities were so different, but they complemented each another in the best ways. Joey brought out their silliness; Danny reminded them to be responsible adults; Jesse got everyone to let loose and just let life happen. Their household was anything but boring, and no matter what they took on, they took it on together.

12. Nick and Schmidt, New Girl

From the time they met in college, Nick and Schmidt were the best friends ever. They weren’t afraid to be ridiculous together, and they always stuck up for each other and had each other’s backs – but that didn’t mean they were afraid to give some tough love when necessary. The lengths they’d go to for each other were incredible (and a little absurd at times). Nick literally pretended to be Schmidt’s Hollywood idol, Michael Keaton, via email to make Schmidt feel better (catfishing is weird, but it’s the thought that counts). Also, let’s not forget when Schmidt asked Nick to be his best man at his wedding because it was one of the cutest moments on television (he basically proposed). They are two of the most hilarious friends on TV, and we’re obsessed with their bromance.

11. Dustin and Steve, Stranger Things

Dustin and Steve didn’t really become friends until Stranger Things 2, but now that it’s a thing, we can’t imagine the world without this bromance. Steve’s redemption arc from the egotistical bully in season one to a quirky sweetheart was made all the sweeter with Dustin’s help. From the moment they started hunting for Dart, it was clear there was A+ chemistry between these two. They don’t just fight supernatural creatures together, either. Steve becomes like a big brother to Dustin, imparting wisdom on him about how to talk to girls and how to style his hair, even chaperoning him at the school dance in the end. Their friendship might be pretty new, but it’s hard to believe they haven’t been best friends forever.

10. Joey and Chandler, Friends

Ah, one of the best ’90s bromances ever. It’s quite possible that no two friends have ever loved each other more than Joey and Chandler did. We loved Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe – but Joey and Chandler were by far the best part of this series from start to finish. Don’t @ me. Their friendship was so strong that they made it through Chandler kissing Joey’s girlfriend (major violation of bro code) and Joey accidentally letting a robber take all of their furniture. Through all the ups and downs of this friend group, Chandler and Joey’s friendship never wavered. It that’s not the best bromance ever, we don’t know what is.

9. Dean and Castiel, Supernatural

When Castiel came into the picture on season four of Supernatural, nobody thought that he would become the pivotal part of the series that he did. Dean didn’t trust him and neither did we. But somehow his relationship with Castiel quickly changed and the course of Supernatural changed forever – and for the better. Even when they were stuck in purgatory and Dean could have escaped, he stayed until they could find a way to get his BFF out as well – now that says something. Through the huge sacrifices they made for each other and the smallest signs of affection, there came the point when it was pretty obvious these two couldn’t live without each other, and we couldn’t live without them, either.

8. Raj and Howard, The Big Bang Theory

Of all the great friendships on The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Howard’s connection is by far the best. They’ve confided in each other and given one another the best advice – whether it’s fashion suggestions or tips on how to kiss a girl. They completely embraced each other’s quirks and truly brought out the best in each other. Of course, they had their differences, all BFFs do, but they knew they couldn’t do life without each other, so their fights never lasted very long. Friendship is all about stepping up to the plate and helping each other out, and they proved this time and time again.

7. Cory and Shawn, Boy Meets World

We’re convinced that Cory and Shawn were actually the soulmates of Boy Meets World. They were *literally* perfect for each other. Cory was basically the only person Shawn could rely on in the world, and Shawn was always ready to help Cory get out of whatever sticky situation he found himself in. Through relationships and high school drama, Cory and Shawn’s friendship only grew stronger. Who didn’t cry when they fought at Cory and Topanga’s wedding because Shawn thought they wouldn’t be as close anymore? Nobody. Everyone knew that they were endgame, and every time their friendship was tested, we knew they’d find their way back to each other.

6. Michael and Dwight, The Office

What is there to say about Michael and Dwight except that they were made for each other? Dwight was Michael’s number one fan, and he was the pretty much the only one who didn’t think of Michael as a total idiot. Neither of them was great at showing affection, and at times it was unclear if Michael even liked Dwight in the first place – but their bond was actually super legit. They had the funniest secret signals, stole each other’s jokes, and related to each other when everyone else in the office had enough of them. Sometimes they fought (like actual fistfights around the office), but they always made up because, honestly, not many others would put up with them.

5. Eric and Hyde, That ’70s Show

Eric and Hyde were meant to be friends from the first time they met at nine years old when Eric asked Hyde to walk home with him because he was scared of Donna. When the Formans let Hyde move in with them, he was kind of a rebel without a cause. He didn’t care about anyone or anything until he started spending time with Eric. They relied on each other for advice and support throughout every season, even though Hyde was a bit of a space cadet. Of course, all four of the guys of the show were best friends, but Eric and Hyde had a deeper bond than anyone.

4. Blake and Adam, The Voice

Unlike most of our other favorite bromances, Blake and Adam aren’t characters developed by writers designed the make us fall in love with them. They’re real people who actually have a special bond with one another IRL, which kind of just makes us even more obsessed. Whether you’ve watched every season of The Voice or you just turn on a random episode, you can clearly tell that Blake and Adam love each other. They bicker playfully about which singers will choose to be on their teams, but they’re always just as excited when someone chooses the other. Remember when they sang “Fly Me To The Moon” together? We might watch The Voice for the extraordinary talent of contestants, but let’s be real, We also watch to get our weekly dose of Blake and Adam’s bromance.

3. Keith and Lucas, One Tree Hill

Nathan and Lucas are often referenced as the ultimate bromance from OTH, and we agree that their bond is pretty dang cute. But the real bromance on this show was between Keith and Lucas. Everyone and their mother knows that Dan was the worst, so Keith was Lucas’s father figure and there for his nephew NMW. But that didn’t mean Keith spoke down to Lucas or tried to control him like a parent would. Instead, he treated him like a friend and let Lucas confide in him about the real stuff. It’s easy to see that their bond was unbreakable, even from the first episode.

2. Turk and JD, Scrubs

If you ever laughed while watching an episode of Scrubs, it was probably because of JD and Turk. Roommates in college and med school before becoming partners in crime at Sacred Heart Hospital, these two just got each other. The nerdy doctor and the sensitive surgeon’s companionship was the best thing about this show, often becoming one of the only reasons we kept watching during those rough later seasons. They had inside jokes, they finished each other’s sentences, they had the same hobbies, and they weren’t afraid to show their affection. Needless to say, you couldn’t get through an episode of Scrubs without seeing this intense bromance perfectly displayed on-screen, and we were completely okay with that.

1. Damon and Alaric, The Vampire Diaries

Words can’t properly describe how pure Damon and Alaric’s friendship was – especially when you consider one was a vampire and the other a vampire hunter. Both of them experienced so much loss throughout the show, and they definitely would not have gotten through it without each other. Both were pretty tough guys, but the fact that they could be so vulnerable with one another is the reason that their friendship stuck with viewers long after the show went off the air. They definitely went through their rough patches, but always found strength in one another and used their bond to overcome each and every obstacle in their way.

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