20 Essential Beauty Products To Always Pack During A Trip

Summertime is in full-effect, so you know what that means. It’s time to finally head off to those picturesque locations that have been flooding your Instagram timeline! Whether you’re traveling to a big city or going on a quick business excursion, there’s nothing worse than getting to your final destination and realizing you forgot to pack one of the essentials. It can be frustrating (not to mention expensive) to repurchase beauty products you forgot to stuff into your suitcase.

Of course, the most important beauty products can vary from person to person, but IMO, there are a few products that every woman with a case of wanderlust should make sure to tote along. To be sure that you don’t forget any of the necessities, here is a list of 20 beauty products that you should always pack during your trip.

20. Moisturizer

Oily girls, I know it’s easy to overlook moisturizer as one of the essential beauty products you should always have, but trust me when I say it’s important — especially if your trip is to somewhere dry and hot. No matter what your skin type, moisturizer is crucial. Moisturizer will help replenish and revive your skin after a long day in the sun or walk on the Swiss Alps. Also, that dry plane air can really zap moisture from your skin! If you want glowing vacay skin, you must keep up with your moisturizing regimen.

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19. Face Wash

Just as it’s important to ensure you moisturize your face, it’s important to wash it as well, especially at the end of the night. This will help remove all the dirt and makeup from your skin. It will also prevent clogged pores, because who wants to deal with that during vacation?

The Origins Checks and Balances Frothy face wash is a refreshing cleanser that’ll make you look forward to washing your face after a warm day.

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18. Sunscreen

This no-brainer is essential to your packing list for any vacation destination from the beach to the mountaintop. It will help protect your skin from sun damage (which unless you’re living under a rock, you know can happen under any temperature condition). Try to grab an SPF of at least 30. It will block 97 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. Just remember to reapply every two hours.

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17. Lip Balm

Debatably the most easily-forgotten of all the beauty products, lip balm is so incredibly missed when we do leave it at home. Some people are incredulous when it comes to lip balm because we naturally produce an oil to keep the lips hydrated, but it’s easily wiped off and it can be a real nuisance to deal with dry lips when trying to enjoy your day. With all those mojitos and piña colada you sip at the pool, your lips can get very dry and chapped. Just keep a spare lip balm in case of emergencies!

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16. Lotion

Traveling, especially if traveling in an enclosed space for a long period of time, can really dry out your skin. Don’t forget to grab a travel-sized bottle of your favorite lotion or body cream. The best way to get an all-over glow? Use a lotion with understated shimmer that will intensify that tan you got while lounging by the pool.

Speaking of pools, the chlorine can definitely contribute to dehydrated skin, which just adds to your need to lotion.

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15. Concealer

Let’s face it: Pimples don’t care if you’re on vacation or not. To stop worrying about how red or big the zit is, just grab your favorite concealer to pop in your bag as a precaution. Lots of us don’t bother with a full face of make up if we’re getting hot and sweaty on our vacation activity, but a little concealer never hurts. Try to avoid a concealer too thick or cakey, because if that’s the only product you’re using for the day, it may just draw more attention to it.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a cult-classic for a reason. It has medium-to-full coverage sticks that will let you conceal any blemishes that pop up.

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14. Acne Spot Treatment

Like I was saying, acne doesn’t take vacations. For really stubborn spots, pack an acne spot treatment to help diminish the size and redness of your unwanted friend overnight.

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13. Lightweight Foundation

Note that I stress lightweight. This is because no one wants to deal with a thick foundation melting down their face in the sun. It’ll also allow you to show off those cute freckles that popped up during your time in the sun and give a more relaxed vacation look. Opt for a foundation that is buildable just in case you want more coverage.

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12. Eyebrow Products

Brow game is everything right now so don’t forget to give your eyebrows some love during your trip! One of the worst feelings is having a full face of makeup and realizing you forgot your eyebrow products at home. Tbh, even if I’m not doing a full-face, the brows are a must.

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11. Highlighter

I’m sure a lot of people are with me when I say that highlighters are the best beauty products out there… especially to amp up your summer glow. For an intense glowy look, apply a layer of highlighter, spray with setting spray and apply another layer over it.

The Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powders are only $4.99, but are so beautiful when applied to the skin. Don’t underestimate these just because of the low price point.

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10. One Nude Lip Color

Make sure at least one of the lipsticks floating around the bottom of your tote bag is in a nude shade. You can never go wrong with a subtle lip, which is why you should be sure to always keep it nearby (even if you’re just running errands for the day). It’ll help with your natural makeup look during the summer days, and if you get one that moisturizes, too, then it’ll pack twice the punch.

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9. One Bold Lip Color

Going right against the nude lip, when it’s time to head out for dinner or a night partying, you’ll want to make a statement, so that’s where the bold lip color comes in. Vivid red is always a fan-favorite, but some other fun bold colors to try would be a deep plum or even orange.

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8. Waterproof Mascara

Give your eyelashes a little drama, without fearing it running from the humidity or splashes from the pool with a waterproof mascara. The formula will stay put all day long, even during a quick dip in the ocean. Both high-end and drug store brands have come out with waterproof mascaras, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

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7. Face Mist

I’m a firm believer in face mists. They are a quick and easy way to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Opt for one that contains aloe to help soothe your skin – especially if an unfortunate sunburn turns up! For a refreshing burst after a relaxing day in the sun, leave it in your mini fridge for a few hours. Just don’t forget it when you leave!

A personal favorite is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea. It’s a refreshing blast of moisture and it doesn’t leave me oily.

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6. Multi-Use Products

Minimize what you pack by investing in multi-use products. Don’t know what a multi-use product is? They’re exactly what the name suggests. They can be a cheek and lip stain or even a blush stick that you can also use as an eye shadow. This means less clutter in your suitcase and more room for souvenirs!

(The pictured Bite Beauty Miltistick was made to travel with – it comes in a variety of 19 shades that applies like a cream, but wears like a powder. Use it on your eyes, lips and cheeks for a monochromatic look.)

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5. Bronzer

Because we’re all going to be slathering on the SPF, especially to avoid a burn on the face, there can be a severe contrast in the color of our head as compared to our bodies. Pack your bronzer to warm up the look of your facial skin and help you match your bod. To play on the sun-kissed glow you’ll have going, opt for one with a sheen or a slight shimmer.

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4. Face Masks

You’re already having a fabulous and relaxing time during your trip, but rev your vacation up a notch and use your downtime to indulge with a sheet mask. Not only will it give you a natural dewy glow, but you’ll feel even more pampered as you relax.

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3. Razor

I think we’ve all forgotten our razors at home once or twice and had to settle for the crappy disposible ones for the entire length of the vacation. That’s the worst. Unless you embrace the au naturale look, unwanted stubble and body hair can really knock your bikini confidence while relaxing or walking in the sun.

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2. Beauty Sponge

No one wants to clean a million different brushes while on vacation. A beauty sponge is the ideal makeup applicator to pack in your bags. Since first making its way into the mainstream, beauty sponges have become an essential beauty product on the market. Invest in a versatile beauty sponge that can apply your foundation, concealer, powder and even highlighter! Talk about a multi-use product.

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1. Mesh Bags

Okay, this isn’t technically a “beauty product,” but hear me out. Mesh bags are of the utmost importance while traveling because they allow you to see all of your beauty products and help massively in organization! You don’t want to waste precious time digging through your suitcase to find your eyebrow brush. They’re also great for your beauty sponge because they allow it to breathe, which will help avoid molding and the growth of bacteria in your sponge. So when you pack your clean beauty sponge, pop it into a mesh bag and toss it into your suitcase! #YoureWelcome

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