16 Bachelor & Bachelorette Fan-Favorites: Where Are They Now?

As one of the most popular reality competition franchises in television history, the goal for contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is simple: walk away from their season with the final rose and their one true love. For over 15 years, we’ve seen the best, the worst, and the downright craziest contestants ever put their hearts on the line (and on national television) all in the name of love.

Whether you love them or love to hate them, it’s often the wildest and most unpredictable contestants that become Bachelor and Bachelorette fan favorites. But what happens to those memorable competitors when they’re sent away by Chris Harrison with no rose and no soulmate? Among the podcasters and lifestyle bloggers and Instagram partners (hello, Diff Eyewear and Sugar Bear Hair gummies), Bachelor Nation’s fan-faves have been busy since they got voted off their seasons. Here’s a peek at what some of the most popular Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are up to now.

16. Ashley Salter (Season: Chris Soules)

From talking to birds to professing her love for onions, Ashley Salter was no doubt one of the quirkiest contestants in Bachelor history. After being sent home by Chris Soules, she traveled to paradise to try her hand at love again on Bachelor in Paradise, where she had short-lived romances with Dan Cox and Nick Peterson. But in 2015, Salter rekindled her relationship with former college boyfriend Austin Brannen. They welcomed a son, Brooks, in April 2016 and tied the knot later that year in September.

15. Tierra Licausi (Season: Sean Lowe)

Who could forget Tierra LiCausi (and her eyebrow)? The infamous villain (and tantrum-thrower) from Sean Lowe’s season famously said “nobody can take my sparkle away” before being sent home in St. Croix. After she left the show, she reconnected with a former boyfriend and attended her season’s Women Tell All episode with a giant diamond ring on her finger. Her mystery engagement has since been called off, and she lives a private life away from the spotlight (and behind private social media channels). While the chances may be slim, we can’t help but hope for a Tierra appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.

14. Kelsey Poe (Season: Chris Soules)

Kelsey Poe’s story gripped viewers from the start of Chris Soules’s reign as Bachelor: the school counselor’s husband died shortly into their marriage, leaving her widowed in her 20s – but she really shocked viewers when she smiled on camera saying, “Isn’t my story amazing? I love my story.” After being eliminated in the desert on a two-on-one date, Poe went on to launch a lifestyle blog and travel the world with a new mystery man, but her social media went suspicious silent in 2015.

13. Peter Kraus (Season: Rachel Lindsay)

Fans rallied around Peter Kraus after his heartbreaking split from Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay when he expressed apprehension about being ready to propose at their final rose ceremony. He left the show in tears, and Bachelor Nation was ready for Kraus to be named The Bachelor, only to find the position was given to season eight runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. He was slated to appear on Bachelor Winter Games, but then disappeared from the lineup. According to his Instagram, he still spends lots of time at the gym and traveling the country hosting fitness boot camps. There’s still no sign of a significant other in his life, so his perfect “farmer’s market date” is still up for grabs.

12. Corinne Olympios (Season: Nick Viall)

Famous for napping and her nanny’s cheese pasta, Corinne Olympios has been busy since being eliminated from Nick Viall’s season. She made a brief and controversy-embroiled appearance on Bachelor in Paradise after a hookup with Demario Jackson from Rachel Lindsay’s season. The two spent Valentine’s Day together this year (but just as friends), which Jackson confirmed on friend Eric Bigger’s podcast. She also launched a “Team Corn” fashion line in 2017 with Riot Society (an ode to her infamous love of corn). The shirts all have designs that pay homage to Olympios’s most famous one-liners from her time on the show and are available to buy online.

11. Jared Haibon (Season: Kaitlyn Bristowe)

Since his gentlemanly departure on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The BacheloretteJared Haibon tried his hand at a romance with Ashley Iaconetti on Bachelor in Paradise. Though things didn’t really go anywhere, they remain good friends (and often appear on each other’s Instagram feeds together). Haibon is also no stranger to Instagram partnerships – you can often find him promoting brands like Hello Fresh, Smile Sciences, and Bark Box. Fans often take to Twitter to express their hopes for Haibon to be selected as a future Bachelor, but time will tell if he makes yet another appearance on the franchise. All we know for sure is he’s definitely still single!

10. Olivia Caridi (Season: Ben Higgins)

Have no fear: Olivia Caridi was indeed rescued from the deserted island Ben Higgins left her on after he chose Emily Ferguson (one half of “The Twins”) on their two-on-one date. Since the end of her time on the show, she moved to New York City and then to Nashville while blogging on her own website. She was also a guest blogger for People.com, where she recapped episodes of Rachel Lindsay’s season. Now, she continues to hilariously live Tweet along with current seasons and hosts her weekly podcast, Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi, on CBS Radio.

9. Chad Johnson (Season: Jojo Fletcher)

Arguably the biggest bad-boy of JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette (and maybe franchise history), Chad Johnson brought no shortage of drama to the show. After being sent home by Fletcher, Johnson went to Bachelor in Paradise in hopes of finding love – but his time on the show was short-lived after host Chris Harrison sent him home after a particularly rough night where Johnson got a little too intoxicated and violent on set. Since then, he’s gone public with a new relationship and is an ambassador for Destiny Nutrition health and weight loss supplements – is anyone really surprised? He’s also tried to keep up with the reality TV fame – taking spots on Famously Single and Celebrity Big Brother in 2017.

8. Clare Crawley (Season: Juan Pablo)

It only took four tries, but Clare Crawley is officially engaged to a fellow Bachelor franchise member! After being sent home by Bachelor Juan Pablo, Crawley had two unsuccessful stints on Bachelor in Paradise. She took her shot at Bachelor Winter Games this winter, which ended in an engagement with Bachelorette: Canada’sBenoit Beauséjour-Savard. The two hit it off early in the series, but Crawley claimed they had no connection – which she proved wrong when she accepted his proposal on the live special Bachelor Winter Games: World Tell All. In the words of Juan Pabloeees okay, right?

7. Luke Pell (Season: Jojo Fletcher)

It was a scene that broke the hearts of all of Bachelor Nation: JoJo Fletcher sent fan favorite (and ultimate romantic) Luke Pell home after his grand hometown date. And in yet another twist, Pell was reportedly scheduled to be the next Bachelor before the role was taken away from him and given to Andi Dorfman’s runner-up, Nick Viall. Quickly, rumors swirled that he was a bit of a f*ckboy, and maybe was dating someone else during his stint on Jojo’s season. Later, Pell made an appearance on this year’s Bachelor Winter Games, where he hit it off with Bachelor: Sweden star Stassi Yaramchuk. Ultimately, they ended their relationship when Pell ghosted her after the show and then he reportedly rekindled his romance with an ex-girlfriend. He’s also promoting his new music. Something’s telling us he wasn’t at the Winter Games for the right reasons.

6. Ashley Iaconetti (Season: Chris Soules)

What hasn’t Ashley Iaconetti done since leaving Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor? Iaconetti is a familiar face around Bachelor Nation; she’s appeared in two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and this year’s Bachelor Winter Games. She’s also appeared on shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent for all things related to the franchise that made her a household name. While she and Jared never really got things off the ground, her relationship with Kevin Wendt picked up steam after they competed on (and won!) BWG. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. She also launched a podcast, The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast with former Bachelor Ben Higgins.

5. Whitney Bischoff (Season: Chris Soules)

Whitney Bischoff is married – just not to the man she met during her time on The Bachelor. Despite accepting Chris Soules’ proposal at the end of his season, Bischoff and her “Prince Farming” called it quits a few months later. Bischoff met her current husband on Bumble, and they wed a few months later in a ceremony surrounded by Bischoff’s Bachelor and non-Bachelor friends. She’s appeared in friend/former Bachelor co-contestent Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast Off the Vine and continues to work as a fertility nurse.

4. Melissa Rycroft (Season: Jason Mesnick)

In arguably the most dramatic breakup in series history (up until the most recent one – of course), Bachelor Jason Mesnick famously got engaged to Melissa Rycroft – but on the After The Final Rose Special, he dumped Rycroft and revealed he still had feelings for runner-up Molly Malaney (in a move that was eerily similar to this season’s Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.). Mesnick went on to marry Malaney, and they have one child together. Rycroft, on the other hand, has gone on to marry Tye Strickland, and together they have three kids. She also starred Dancing with the Stars and became a host for the Morning Dose television show.

3. Ali Fedotowsky (Season: Jake Pavelka)

After starring on both The Bachelor and The BacheloretteAli Fedotowsky is now a TV personality and a fashion blogger at Aliluvs.com. In addition to hosting shows on Fox, ABC, NBC, E! News and Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family networks, Ali documents her style and family life on her blog. After being eliminated by Jake Pavelka and ending her relationship with former fiancé Roberto Martinez from her season of The Bachelorette, she married fellow radio and TV host Kevin Manno. They have one child together and are expecting their second in May 2018.

2. Becca Tilley (Season: Chris Soules & Ben Higgins)

As one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite contestants, Becca Tilley starred on two seasons of The Bachelor with Chris Soules and Ben Higgins. Despite walking away from both seasons without the final rose, Tilley has gone on to create her own lifestyle blog, YouTube channel, and podcast: Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley on iHeartRadio (inspired by her love for Grey’s Anatomy). She’s also no stranger to Instagram partnerships: she’s worked with Dermalogica, Ponds, Nexxus and Lays, to name a few. While she’s seemingly single now (she and another Bach alum Robert Graham broke up in spring ’17 after dating for six months), fans are vocal about their desire to see Tilley as a future Bachelorette.

1. Lucas Yancey (Season: Rachel Lindsay)

Last but not least…what about WhaBoom Guy? Lucas Yancey quickly made a name for himself on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette for his catchphrase. Yancey spent the majority of his short lived time on the show screaming “Whaboom” at every chance he got. It didn’t take long for fans to uncover Yancey as being an actor, who many thought was using his spot on the show to advance his career. Since being eliminated, he has launched a line of “Whaboom” shirts and continues to frequently use his signature catchphrase on his social media among various red carpet appearances.

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