15 Romantic But Insanely Unrealistic Date Ideas From The Bachelorette

When’s the last time you found yourself gushing over a romantic, candlelit dinner for two… on top of a 20-story building, which you arrived to by — wait for it — private helicopter? Yeah, we thought so. But that’s what’s so great about The Bachelor franchise. You can pretty much live vicariously through the unbelievable, over-the-top and expensive AF dates the contestants get to go on. Seriously, who actually needs a private airplane to take them and their date to their dinner table? But if the dates on the show were just a normal trip to the movies, you probably wouldn’t watch them, would you?

We commoners may just have to settle for shushing loud people at the movies and burning the bottoms of our feet during long walks on the beach while on romantic dates. So to prove just how incredibly insane (and low-key cool) dates on The Bachelorette can be, we’ve rounded up 15 of the sweetest dates that probably would never happen IRL in a thousand years. Click through to get slightly jealous:

A private concert from Dolly Parton

It’s not everyday that a girl gets a private concert from her idol. Dolly Parton is one of the most famous country singers ever, and bachelorette Emily Maynard and her date Arie Luyendyk Jr. (hello, Mr. Janu-arie) were practically blessed by the goddess of country music. You’d be lucky to just simply snag two front row tickets to a Dolly Parton concert, let alone sit next to her on stage and chit-chat! With a romantic date like this one, it’s pretty surprising Arie was just the runner-up.

Dinner in a German palace

Can you imagine how much it would cost for your date to rent out an entire palace just so the two of you can set up a tiny table and enjoy a couple of steaks? Luckily, Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried didn’t have to worry about the check. Honestly, most people would probably just be happy to eat out at an above-average restaurant in a nice-looking part of town. But in case you were wondering how Desiree truly felt just like a princess while on this date — she blogged about her Bachelorette experiences and you can read all about it!

Makeovers from celebrity makeup artists

On this date, bachelorette Andi Dorfman and contestant JJ O’Brien did something a bit… unusual. They got celebrity makeup artists to make them look 50 years older, and then they sauntered through the streets of Santa Barbara to understand what it means to be “young at heart.” Awww! The idea is adorable, but unless your celebrity makeup artist is your college roommate who just happens to be decent with a cosmetics brush, you may have to pass on this one.

A private advanced movie screening

Adding the word “private” in front of something instantly makes it sound more romantic. Doesn’t a private movie screening in your date’s living room sound so dreamy? It’s probably what most normal people do since most normal people have no way of attending advanced screenings just for themselves. Andi and Brian Osborne got to see The Hundred-Foot Journey all by themselves before the movie was even out in theatres. Oh, did we mention the screening was in France? We’re totally jealous.

A picnic on a cliff in Ireland

Okay, first off, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Chris Strandburg took a helicopter ride over Ireland to get to this cliff. Second, it was just any old cliff—it was the Cliffs of Moher. If you’re a Harry Potter nerd, er — fan, you might recognize the Cliffs of Moher from a scene in The Half-Blood Prince. Having a couple of sandwiches on top of a 700-foot cliff is the perfect excuse to stay close to your date. You probably won’t be able to take a helicopter to it, but you can carry your picnic basket to the top on foot among all the other tourists. Unfortunately for Chris, Kaitlyn decided their journey was over during this date and she left him at the cliffs when she got back into the helicopter and flew away.

A hot tub date in a forest

Date in a forest? Doable. Date in a hot tub? Also doable. Both, together? A little more difficult. There’s probably no other way to make this date any steamier than it already was — and not just because Jojo Fletcher and Luke Pell were in a hot tub together! Seriously, their babies would have been adorable. But wait, it actually gets sweeter. To get to the tub, the couple had to hop on a sled pulled by fluffy little huskies and were pulled there nestled together. Hot tub? Dogs? Nature? Sounds like the perfect date. If you’re running short on adorable doggos, try getting a reindeer.

A ride on the Goodyear Blimp

It’s no magic carpet ride, but it is the freakin’ Goodyear Blimp we’re talking about here! The amount of dough it would require to score a ride for two on the iconic blimp is probably unspeakable, but bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her date Dean Unglert got to take in the sights of beautiful South Carolina while on board. This was low-key extra, though. A hot air balloon ride would’ve sufficed.

An outdoor flash mob

Ummmm, sounds fun, but flash mob doesn’t exactly spell romantic. Especially if you’re not ~the best~ dancer. In fact, it just sounds plain awkward on a first date! Going out to a flash mob may be a cool hangout with someone you’re already comfortable with, but we seriously doubt all the hip, young couples today are on the lookout for one to join. Ashley Hebert and Ben Flajnik were in Louisiana for this… bold… date. They killed it, and flash mobs were all the rage at the time, so we’ll leave this date idea for the reality stars.

Scaling a building to get to a rooftop dinner

Talk about working for your dinner! Rock climbing is probably a little more realistic for a date for two, but anything else that involves the skill set of Spider-Man is borderline insane. Sure, it was kind of sweet that Chris Bukowski was able to comfort Emily and protect her while the two were strapped into harnesses (classic Bach), but honestly the police would probably get involved if two people decided to scale a building to have a rooftop dinner. Don’t try this one at home, kids.

Sailboat racing… in Bermuda

Okay, this one is actually pretty interesting because racing remote control model sailboats might actually kind of be boring. This was actually a race for a group date during Emily’s season. She split the contestants into two teams and each team got their own sailboat to maneuver around the waters of Bermuda (oh yeah, definitely sounds more fun than tiny sailboats in a lake). And it was no easy feat. One of the guys even hurt his finger while working to win the race, and, yes, there was blood.

A floating hot tub in the middle of a German lake

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s rewind a little here. You’ve got a hot tub that’s motorized to float in the middle of a lake. Consider us officially mind blown. If this isn’t proof that hot tubs are the epitome of romance, we don’t know what is. Desiree took two lucky contestants on this date—not one, but two insanely good-looking men. It was actually a recipe for disaster because the two couldn’t put their differences aside to just enjoy the moment with her. If you wanted to re-create this date, don’t.

Dinner in the middle of a fountain

No, not next to the fountain; not in front of it; but in the middle of the Bellagio Fountain. Crazy things usually go down in Vegas, but our girl Ashley and William Holman were lucky enough to enjoy this probably once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do we even have to ask? You’d probably have to pay top dollar to pull off a stunt like this. Lucky for Billy, he didn’t have to spend a dime — it was all on ABC.

An underwater photoshoot

If you’ve never borrowed your dad’s DSLR to pose for artsy pictures with your friend, it requires some planning and in some cases can be hard to do, depending on what you’re going for. So imagine trying to pose in a cute way and making sure your hair isn’t sticking out strangely while underwater. Kaitlyn and Clint Arlis snapped a few pics under the sea in Vancouver, and the results are straight from something in the movies!

A dance performance complete with judges

Got any Dancing with the Stars fans, out here? Talk about ~the dream.~ But unless you’re already super comfortable with your date (and you’re a great ballroom dancer), you probably wouldn’t want your date to basically be a dance competition. That’s a recipe for disaster, and maybe a recipe for a little awkwardness, too. Kaitlyn and Ben Higgins had to perform the Texas Two-Step dance in front of judges in San Antonio, and luckily both are such carefree spirits that they made the most of the situation. So if you really insist on challenging your date to bust out their best Dougie, consider doing it where other people can’t see you.

A helicopter ride to the top of a building

Hold on, it gets crazier. When Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez landed on top of a 20-story building, they proceeded to walk across a high wire together to an adjacent building. We’re all for adventurous, adrenaline-pumping date ideas to show your date how wild you can really be, but this takes the cake. If you have a fear of heights, we don’t recommend.

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