5 Mistakes Tourists Make in Australia

Australia Mistake #1

  • Don’t eat at Burger King, eat at Hungry Jack’s. Sure it looks like Burger King, has the same menu as Burger King, and is in fact the same company, but it’s different Down Under. (Some smart-ass bought the naming rights to Burger King before they got here and wouldn’t sell). If you wanna fit in, tell people you’re going for a burger at HJs.

Australia Mistake #2

  • Don’t drink Fosters, drink pretty much any other beer. Fosters is the stuff the Aussies export coz nobody likes it. After that, beer-drinking in Australia gets pretty complicated but as long as you’ve got a beer in your hand you can’t really go wrong. Some people are really getting into boutique beers (especially with the lemon in the top) but others find it just more important to have a big enough carton full of cans.

Australia Mistake #3

  • Don’t stay in suburban western Sydney, stay in the tourist zone. For once, this is the right thing to do. Because you just have to experience Sydney’s amazing harbour (complete with that famous bridge and opera house) as much as possible, every day that you’re there. Hang the expense.

Australia Mistake #4

  • Don’t visit just one city when you could spend time in the Outback too. Yeah, 80% of Australians live on the coast and most of those in big cities, but there’s just all that empty land out there that’s actually really beautiful. And quiet and peaceful. And just gorgeous!

Australia Mistake #5

  • Don’t expect to understand an Aussie, even if you think you share English as a first language. And when you do understand them, don’t believe everything they tell you: 99% of Aussies do NOT have a kangaroo in their backyard.
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