Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Makeovers We’re Still Not Over

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more exciting than when our favorite celebs seriously transform themselves. It might be something as little as a new hair color, or something as dramatic as a complete new hair/style/makeup look (*cough* Kylie Jenner *cough*).
Although a few of these makeovers are from years ago, they’ve secured a spot in our minds for good because they were so revolutionary we may never be totally over them. So, whether it was a small-scale change or a full-blown glow up, here are some of the most iconic celebrity makeovers that most likely left you speechless.

16. Emma Watson getting the chop

In one of the best #TBT celebrity makeovers, remember when Emma Watson finally made the chop? Gone are the days of Hermione’s super-bushy mane. In its place? An incredible sleek, mature and elegant cropped cut. The short hair made Emma look much more like a serious actress, which is perfect for all the serious career roles she’s taken on outside of Harry Potter. Basically, Emma should teach a course on how to flawlessly transition out of being considered a child star to becoming known as a serious actor.

15. Khloe’s entirely new look

Pretty crazy to think that the incredibly toned, platinum blonde Khloé Kardashian is the same Khloé from a few years ago. Khloé wasn’t shy about speaking up about her huge makeover. She got crazy fit, dyed and chopped her hair, upped her style game, and stepped out with a endless amounts of newly-found confidence and self-love. She even started a new TV show, Revenge Body to help other people have their own lewk transformations. Let’s be real though, it’s not the hours in the gym that transform your appearance, it’s all about your confidence — and Khloé is living proof.

14. Kristen Stewart’s shaved head

It’s hard to believe that the edgy, badass Kristen Stewart we know and love now is the same girl who played the timid, nervous Bella from the Twilight series. Gone are the days of her waist-length, brown hair — say hello to K-Stew’s new, blonde buzzcut. I think we can all agree that she pulls off this daring look in a major way, showing off her excellent bone structure and sultry eyes. We can’t wait to see what Kristen has instore for us next.

13. Nicole Richie’s style transformation

While we now know Nicole Richie as a style icon, entrepreneur and most likely the coolest mom in the world, this wasn’t always the case. In terms of celebrity makeovers, no one has done it quite like Nicole Richie. She started off as Paris Hilton’s party-girl sidekick on The Simple Life, and could be found wearing the most stereotypical-2000s outfits in the world. A few years later and she’s a wife and mother with an incredibly unique and sophisticated fashion sense. We live for it.

12. Snooki blooming into a glamorous mama

SPEAKING of glamorous and hot young moms, can we take a minute to praise all the hard work of miss Nicole Polizzi? When we were watching her on the Jersey Shore, it seemed pretty much impossible that Snooki would soon be one of our favorite super moms. Since the show has ended, Snooki has undergone one of the most unexpected celebrity makeovers of all time. Once she stepped off the shore and cut way down on partying, Snooki looks better than ever, and is a successful businesswoman and mom!

11. Kelly Osbourne’s mature, new look

It may be hard to remember, but before her days on Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne would have most likely been one of the Fashion Police’s biggest victims. Daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, rock and roll’s Prince of darkness, Kelly’s old look was about as goth as you can get. We’re talking jet black hair, crazy-dark makeup, and clothes that looked like the catalogue from Hot Topic. However, with her new platinum hair and refined (but still unique and super-cute) style, Kelly Osbourne looks like a whole new version of herself.

10. Gwen Stefani’s solo career makeover

While Gwen Stefani has never been one to shy away from bold style choices, her post No Doubt transformation showed a shift towards more mainstream style. Gwen’s new look may not have been the most dramatic of celebrity makeovers, but she was able to effortlessly move into her new career path with a slightly more grown-up look. She said goodbye to her blue hair, fake braces and fuzzy bras, and went for sleek, platinum blonde hair and bright red lips. She kept her offbeat style, but made it a bit more natural and effortless, and is still rocking her look as one of the hottest moms on earth.

9. Justin Timberlake’s new ‘do

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few guys and their iconic celebrity makeovers. One of the most important being Justin Timberlake’s — without a doubt. You may recall Justin’s hair during his days as a member of *NSYNC. That’s right, the curly, Ramen noodle-esque locks became a thing of the past, along with JT’s boy band career. At the start of his solo career, Justin decided to keep things simple by buzzing his natural hair, and to this day — we sure are glad he did.

8. Matthew Lewis’s magical new looks

Anyone who cared even slightly about the Harry Potter series is still not over that time when Matthew Lewis got hit by the puberty train. You know him best as Neville Longbottom, one of Hogwart’s least-skilled and goofy young wizards. Young Matthew Lewis fit the part perfectly. With a few makeup and costume adjustments, he was basically the poster boy for super-awkward 12 year-olds. However, something happened around The Goblet of Fire, and Neville became the object of every HP fan’s obsession. To this day, we’ve seen few glow ups as successful as this.

7. Katy Perry’s pixie

No one knows how to switch up their looks like Katy Perry. While she’s constantly experimenting with hair colors, outlandish outfits and bold makeup looks — Katy’s most recent haircut was pretty unexpected. The singer decided to ditch her signature long hair and bangs, and instead go for an edgy blonde pixie cut, in what may be one of her best looks yet. Katy looks grown-up, badass, and stunning. TBH, it seems like all ladies should try going for the full chop at one point or another because it seems to work well for the majority.

6. Miley’s legendary makeover

Yeah, remember when this first happened? Few celebrity makeovers have shaken the world to its core like Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop”-era transformation. It’s probably because it wasn’t just a new look, it was a total personality makeover too… or so it seemed to the public, at least. Any remaining evidence of the long-haired, flannel-wearing, super-wholesome Disney star was gone in a flash. Instead, Miley debuted her new platinum-blonde haircut and entirely new fashion sense, all while grinding on Robin Thicke and swinging naked from a wrecking ball. While she’s been toning it down recently, her 2013 transformation is one we’ll never forget.

5. Millie Bobby Brown’s signature style

We had to give a shout out to everyone’s favorite (and possibly, smallest) new fashion icon. While the world is completely obsessed with the adorable Stranger Things crew as a whole, Millie Bobby Brown has truly come into her own by showing off a sophisticated and unique fashion sense that’s all her own. While we knew her as Eleven at first, a nearly-mute little girl with a buzzcut, Millie has recently been seen showing off a fashionable new haircut, all while serving levels of #looks that most of us can only hope to achieve in our lifetimes.

4. Ariana’s Newly-Grey Locks

When you think Ariana Grande, you probably think of her signature, super-high, bright red ponytail. Or maybe her signature, super-high, brunette ponytail. Well, either way, not anymore. Recently, Ariana traded out her usual hair colors for a more modern, gray-blonde look. Since the days of Victorious, the songstress has kept her signature look pretty standard, which meant that fans were pretty surprised to see it turn into the edgy platinum/grey. While the color is an unusual choice, it goes super well with Ariana’s cool style, which proves our theory that the “Dangerous Woman” could probably pull off anything.

3. Cara DeLevingne’s return to the brunette life

Since the start of her career, Cara DeLevigne has pretty much remained true to her signature look of natural-brown hair and of course — her beautiful, bold eyebrows. Sometimes her hair’s long, sometimes short. Either way, she looks amazing. But recently, she decided to go for a platinum blonde pixie cut. The platinum blonde was a hit, especially against those dark brows. But somehow what’s even more amazing is the way that going for a dramatic look then back to a more natural one can be an even more surprising celebrity makeover. Back to a softer brown hair color, Cara looks like a woodland fairy and we are here for it.

2. Kim Kardashian goes blonde

Never afraid of a bold look, Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known masters of celebrity makeovers. The one thing that always remained constant, however, are the starlet’s signature dark, glossy locks. Aside from a few brief stints with lighter hair, Kim has always stayed true to brunette. This year, however, she seemed to be more platinum blonde than not! Kim can pull off pretty much any look, and her super-light hair is no exception. The platinum looks modern and edgy, and we hope it sticks around for a bit.

1. Kylie Jenner’s seemingly-overnight makeover

This is probably one of the most highly-debated celebrity makeovers of all time. Mostly, because a lot of people question how much of Kylie Jenner’s new look was surgically enhanced. While the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew admits to getting lip fillers, it seems like the ten year-old from the early seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is nowhere to be found. While Kylie definitely found her own signature style, it seems like her appearance made a total 180 overnight. We’re still pretty shook, TBH.

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