Adorable Pictures Of Guilty Dogs That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Dogs — everyone knows they’re our best friends. But what’s easier to forget is that can be crazy, messy, smelly, mischievous and just a handful in general. Whether your furry companion is a friend of chewing shoes, stealing food, or digging up your garden — you know that raising a pup can be challenging (to say the least). However, you also know it’s impossible to stay angry at their cute, dumb faces for long. Our dogs know how to play to our weaknesses, and use those sad, puppy dog eyes to their advantage. So, if you’ve ever had to scold your canine pal, you know the look of a guilty dog. Here are the most adorable and ridiculous pictures of guilty dogs guaranteed to make you laugh.

40. This dog after my own heart

How could you possibly get mad at a dog for something you know that you’ve done at least once in your life? Diving headfirst into a cake and worrying about the consequences later is something I think we all can relate to. Pretty sure if you scrolled through your iPhone photos, you’d have at least one photo of yourself with cake all over your face, too. Dogs will be dogs and humans will be humans!

39. This dog who is clearly not sorry

While a lot of these dogs look absolutely heartbroken to have been caught in the act, this pup is clearly pretty proud of herself. She’s even smiling! This smug lil’ smirk basically says, “yeah I messed up, but there’s a 100% chance I’m too cute for you to get mad at me.” This dog has absolutely no regrets as she hangs out in the wreckage of her bad deeds.

38. This dog who can’t even look at what he’s done

If I can’t see the damage, it doesn’t exist — right? This dog is basically guilty by his own admission. Despite the fact that he is sitting in a pile of the garbage he clearly destroyed, this dog won’t even look at his own dirty work. If he just closes his eyes, he won’t have to make eye contact with a truly disappointed owner. It’s a pretty smart tactic if you think about it.

37. This dog who lives for crime

Is it just me or is this totally a selfie? This guilty dog looks simply overjoyed at this heinous crime. This smile is honestly a little unsettling in how almost human-like it is. This wrinkly pup looks like he will most certainly be a repeat offender, despite his owner’s attempts to publicly shame him. TBH though, this could be a great tactic for the next time you get caught doing something less than flattering, just grin and accept your punishment with grace — or whatever this expression conveys.

36. This dog who definitely ruined a little girl’s day

Just look at those big, sad eyes! The way this pup is staring up at the camera with those classic, sad, guilty dog eyes just breaks your heart a little bit. Plus (in the dog’s defense) they were in a dog park. That’s a place for a dog to be as wild and dog-like as possible! It’s their territory! It’s not like the dog went to a people park and did this — just saying.

35. These partners in crime

The only thing more adorable than a guilty dog is two guilty dogs. Look at these tiny criminals! They look absolutely bewildered as to why they’re being punished. Despite the fact that this shows how truly gross dogs can be, maybe they were just trying to be considerate. One did the crime and the other destroyed the evidence. Unfortunately, their tiny crime ring has finally been busted.

34. This wall-eater

If you’re not familiar with the “pet-shaming trend,” this dog pretty much exemplifies it. If only this dog could understand the embarrassment he’s going through via social media. Look at how indignantly he’s sitting. He looks so stoic and completely baffled by the fact that he’s being accused of such a horrific crime. Guilty dog? Not here. This dog’s poker face would wear down even the most intense bad cop.

33. This dog that barely left a trace

Sure, this may not exactly be a picture of a guilty dog, but clearly, there’s a guilty dog somewhere in this scenario. That tiny paw print speaks 1,000 words. This is why being a dog-owner requires getting baby locks for all of your fridges, cabinets and all other food-holding areas. The fact that this pup only wanted to leave its calling card, rather than actually eat the brownie is almost even more evil than if it had devoured the whole thing.

32. This death-defying dog

Once you set aside the fact that this dog somehow drank 12 chocolate liquor bottles without dying, this is honestly hilarious. TBH, haven’t we all felt the next-day regret of either eating too much chocolate/over-doing it on the liquor and felt some seriously intense regret the next day? Right. So we all know that this dog is truly paying the ultimate price for his own actions with a wicked headache, the spins, and some serious nausea. Someone get him some aspirin and a Gatorade.

31. This pup in a time-out

FREE THIS PUP! How could you stand to see those tiny eyes and that lil’ nose peeking over the box of shame? Honestly, we don’t care if this is a guilty dog or not, he’s just too small and cute to be punished like this. This dog could eat everything in our fridge, bite us, pee on the carpet and burn our house down and we would still never put it in the box of shame. It’s okay pup, we like to eat everything we see, too.

30. This seasoned criminal

OMG. This guilty dog straight up looks like a teeny lil’ baked bean. Despite, the fact that dogs destroying clothes is one of THE most aggravating things ever, doesn’t this dog look just so, terribly full of regret? Look at those ears flat against her head and those big, watery eyes! Plus the fact that her list of crimes fits on a post-it that’s roughly half the size of her body is so adorable. This dog needs some tiny little handcuffs.

29. This dog with a strange way of showing brotherly love

The only thing better than an adorably guilty dog is an equally-adorable baby. The best part about this pic is that despite his family’s disapproval this dog looks pretty unfazed by his disgusting deed, and his “brother” looks pretty overjoyed as well. Putting a puppy and a baby in the same house honestly sounds like a recipe for chaos, but look how freakin’ cute they are. If these people ever need a pet or babysitter, we’re 100% down.

28. This dog that regrets nothing

Look at her, peacefully sleeping away. This is hardly the face of a guilty dog. The best part about this pic is that she clearly destroyed her owner’s garden, made a huge mess on the chair (and probably throughout the rest of her house), brought the plant to the chair to play with and then immediately fell asleep — blissfully unaware of her crime. Despite the huge mess that she made, how could you stay mad at a face as happy as that?

27. This regretful, mushy pup

UGH. Couldn’t you just cry? There’s something about the mushy, wrinkly face of bulldogs that somehow makes them look like tiny babies and super old men at the same time. This pup looks like he might actually burst into tears. Bulldogs have that signature underbite/frowny face already going for them, and this dog seriously knows how to work it to his advantage. He looks like he’s in complete disbelief — lost as to what may have happened. If this chewed up every piece of paper and document I owned, I could probably stay mad at it for about 10 minutes.

26. This furry theif

Now THAT is the face of a guilty dog. TBH who can blame him for getting over-excited and probably gleefully running out of the store with an unpaid-for toy in his mouth? It would have been way cooler if he pulled off some sort of super-sneaky, professional-level heist. He won’t even look at the camera or his owner, those big sad eyes give him away 100%. It’s okay pup, we would buy you every toy in the store if you keep it up with those signature puppy dog eyes.

25. This dog who won’t be changing his ways

This is for sure a guilty dog, but he doesn’t look to torn up about it (HA, torn — get it??). In fact, he looks overjoyed with his most recent act of destruction. Those tiny little legs and that fat belly probably made it pretty difficult to waddle away from the scene of the crime. But this pic proves that no matter how destructive our furry best friends can be, we just can’t stay mad at them.

24. This guilty dog named Denver

If you want to truly grasp the cuteness of one of the word’s most guilty dogs, check out the full video here. After breaking into a package of cat treats, Denver’s owner caught him in the act when he couldn’t hide his guilty smile/grimace. Have you ever seen a dog make this expression before? Because we can’t tell if it’s just hilarious or totally sad. Denver just looks so upset with himself, and if we could reach through the screen and give him a hug we absolutely would.

23. This pup who can make a toy from scratch

Quite honestly, if this were my dog I’m not sure I would even be upset! I mean, what am I really going to do with a cardboard roll such as that? Unless I was saving it for a rainy day, why shouldn’t my beloved pup be encouraged to explore their creativity? Clearly, this one knows he’s doing something his owner would prefer he didn’t, though!

22. Get down from there, pup!

Even though the one on the couch is clearly the one disobeying mom and dad’s orders, it looks like his accomplice is feeling pretty guilty about the whole debacle, too! Maybe she’d just hopped down from up there? Or perhaps there’s a surprise waiting on the other side of the couch! It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words… but we could use a few more here.

21. This one who was not ready for bed

Honestly, we remember when we were little and didn’t want to go to bed, too. Sometimes you just get a little carried away with the destruction. Little does this cute lil’ pup know, however, that sleep is literally the best thing in the world and your bed is the most peaceful place ever. It’s okay — he’ll learn!

20. This dog who’s just trying to have fun

Let’s just let this guilty dog have fun, okay? Honestly, what could be more tempting to a dog than a giant, bouncy yoga ball? And hey, if mom isn’t taking advantage of all that potential for fun, someone should. Still, we can imagine how shocking it would be to hear that giant *POP* from a few rooms over.

19. This dog who found a nice way to occupy himself

In all honesty, it seems like this dog was really just trying to help. Is all that excess toilet paper getting in the way while you’re trying to clean out your bathroom? No worries, this toilet paper-eating dog can help you out. Granted, you may find yourself in a compromising situation later on, but he looks like he’s really sorry, doesn’t he?

18. This dog who’s literally made of money

Some people may claim that they’re “not made of money,” but not this guilty dog. Look, no one said adopting a pup would be cheap, and this dog serves as proof. The only thing greater than this dog’s sad eyes is the disapproving look from what remains of George Washington. He looks just about as exhausted as this dog’s owner probably is.

17. This dog who couldn’t resist a delicious treat

OMG. This sad, guilty dog looks absolutely devastated by his own wrongdoings. His miserable expression is proof that public shaming is definitely an effective way of punishing your misbehaving pup. He just couldn’t resist chowing down on his friend’s toy. But hey, if you make your best buddy cry, there have to be some negative consequences.

16. This #CleanEating Dog

First of all, Odie is probably the most fitting name for this chubby lil’ dachshund. Second of all, you’ve gotta commend this little guy’s commitment to the clean eating lifestyle. We all know that this guy wouldn’t have even thought about eating a chapstick unless it was gluten-free, vegan, free range, GMO-free and organic.

15. This lil’ corndog

Have you ever seen a more guilty dog in your entire life? This bloated lil’ guy can’t even look at the camera. Not only did he eat four corn dogs while his family was away, he went to great lengths to get them. This dog is a dangerous combo of hungry, agile, and determined. Let this be a lesson to dog-owners everywhere: lock up your corn dogs.

14. This dog who loves pie

Speaking of gluttonous and guilty dogs, we have this pie-eating champion dog. In his defense, those are some teeny-tiny pies and it wouldn’t be that hard to plough through about four or fifteen of them. But just look at those big, sad eyes. They’re filled with genuine confusion and sadness. You mean those pies? They weren’t for me?

13. This snack stealer

Just look at the shame. That’s a guilty dog if we’ve ever seen one. Unfortunately, those big, sad eyes don’t distract from the fact that this pup went on a seriously successful pantry raid. This dog knew where the good stuff was. I mean, Pringles? Granola bars? He’s not messing around. Also, take note of the empty bowl behind him. That’s one ravenous dog.

12. This bed-wetter

This guilty dog is basically a work of art. Not only do bulldogs constantly look like they’re frowning as it is, this one looks absolutely miserable. He’s got his tongue lolling out, eyes droopy and sad, and he’s got his squishy little body all curled up on his makeshift bed. When nature called, this pup just had to answer. Unfortunately for his owners, it was all over his brand new beds.

11. This dog who’s going places

That is the face one a dog truly caught off-guard. This dog wouldn’t be quite as guilty if it weren’t for the fact that his pal is clearly upset. We all need a friend to support us from time to time, but it looks like this guy took it a little too far. Aside from that, the physics of this whole scenario is pretty impressive. How is this dog holding himself up? We can practically hear him commanding, “to my food bowl, Champ!”

10. This trashy dog

This poor pup’s guilt was written all over his face. Or rather, dangling precariously around his head. Imagine this poor guy sticking his head in the garbage, looking for a treat, only to be immediately headlocked by the lid. Luckily, he’s playing it cool as a cucumber. What garbage can lid? He has no idea what you’re talking about.

9. This guilty dog who’s just as shocked as you are

The series of pictures of this guilty dog tell a compelling story. It basically looks like the dog is just as surprised as the owner is that there’s a mess on the ground. He acts like he’s noticing it for the first time, and looks absolutely shocked that some sort of animal would have the audacity to leave a bunch of trash sprawled on the ground. It’s almost unthinkable.

8. This thieving dog who got caught red-pawed

Have you ever seen a dog look more absolutely shook than this guy? With his eyes wide open and his mouth agape, he looks like a criminal caught robbing the bank. Look at that sneaky lil’ paw going right into his owner’s purse. Clearly, his pickpocketing plans went awry when his clever owner realized just what he was up to. If you ever want to see what it looks like to be caught red-handed, reference this photo.

7. This dog who’s just chilling

Oh me? Oh, I’m just taking a quick rest. You know, ~chilling~ out for a while. Well, at least that’s what we imagine this dog’s thought process being. The best part of this is that he doesn’t even look like he’s trying to steal any food, but truly just trying to hang out and relax for a little bit. Basically, this isn’t a truly guilty dog and should be left in peace if we have something to say about it.

6. That’s not the bathtub!

Oh no. This poor, gross, little guilty dog. Look how absolutely adorable and happy he looks just hangin’ out in the toilet. It would honestly be impossible to get mad at this dog. Imagine walking into your bathroom and seeing your adorable husky pup absolutely lounging in the toilet. The only thing we know is that we definitely don’t want to be the person who has to bathe this guy afterwards.

5. This guilty dog who might be the Grinch

Well someone just isn’t in the Christmas spirit. This dog looks like he straight-up knocked that Christmas tree over while looking his owner right in the eye. He’s like the walking definition of “no regrets.” There’s honestly not an ounce of regret on this guy’s face. He’s basically saying “what the heck are you going to do about it? Christmas is cancelled.”

4. This mushy dog who looks guilty AF

Aw, sweet little mushy dog. We’re not quite sure what he did wrong but it looks like he’s truly beating himself up over it! Not only has he curled up his tiny little body to be as invisible as possible but his expression is one of the purest sadness we’ve ever seen. And his tiny nose smushed against the chair? We want to go over there and tell him that it’s not that big of a deal and everything can be solved with a simple ‘sorry.’ Honestly, we would probably get this dude get away with murder.

3. This not-so-sneaky dog

Can you imagine how unbelievably hilarious it would be to walk in and find your dog caught up in this disaster? Something about his posture makes him look like an unbelievably stressed out cartoon character. We can pretty much guarantee that there was some kind of squirrell, or intruder, or y’know — a leaf — outside that made this guy go absolutely bonkers and get trapped in the blinds. Either way, we’re loving it.

2. This near-sighted fool

First of all, let’s discuss this underbite. This dog is so unbelievably silly and sad-looking. This is one case, however, where we can totally understand why the owner is absolutely done with their dog’s BS. He was just trying to get up on the couch and say hey, but ended up violently headbutting his owner to the point where she breaks her nose. But he looks really sorry, doesn’t he?

1. This dog with a strange phobia

We’re all afraid of something and pants doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch considering there’s no better feeling in the world then getting home after a long day and taking your pants off! Clearly, this dog, although not a pants-wearer felt the vibe and it meant something to him. Sure, maybe it’s extra annoying for his owner to be wearing pants considering it’s bark-city whenever they do — but clearly, the pup means well!

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