16 Times Abbi And Ilana Were BFF Goals On Broad City

The extremely anticipated season four of Broad City is finally here. If you are among the 1% of people who haven’t seen the show at least once… it is basically a much better, female version of Workaholics. Emphasis on *much better* because two New York self-proclaimed qweens will always be better than any group of males. Abbi and Ilana are honest (sometimes a little too much), optimistic, and hilarious. They tackle every real-life, big-city struggle as best friends and somehow always make it out alive.

These BFFs experience all the cringe-worthy moments that we pretend don’t happen to the best of us, like a bad toilet situation in front of a cute neighbor, but they constantly have each other’s back. We are so on board with how relatable Abbi and Ilana are. We’ve put together a list of 16 times the two girls were complete best friend goals.

1. When They Ate Street Pizza, As Best Friends Do

The girls started the night at a restaurant to celebrate Ilana’s 23rd birthday. As always, the night continuously went downhill when Abbi’s bag got stolen and the two spent all night running through St. Marks to get it back. It’s the conversational moments in between the chaos that shows just how close these women are. The best friends discuss everything from their own funerals to Beanie Babies and end up on a stoop eating pizza where they talked about their past accomplishments and future dreams. If that doesn’t warm your heart a little bit, you don’t know true friendship.

2. When They Got A Caricature Drawing

This one is just adorable. The girls went on a hunt to find Abbi’s iPhone, which in turn gave them an excuse to explore the city. While roaming around the Upper East Side, they stopped by a caricature artist who drew up the ~ladies who lunch~. If you’ve ever been drawn by an artist in the park, you know the suspense of waiting to see the final product — all heightened when you’re with your best friend.

3. Every Time They’Ve Had A Chat From One Bathroom To Another

Abbi and Ilana live separately in the big apple with some pretty eclectic roomies. Their day generally starts with some catching up. They have absolutely no shame when it comes to talking where they spend the majority of their mornings… in the bathroom. What’s a little girl talk if you’re not having it all over the house? THESE GIRLS GET US.

4. When They Went Clubbing

In season three, the girls had a night on the town. After the two decided to list their apartments on AirBnB, they realized it left them without a place to sleep for the night. So what else to do but go clubbing ’til dawn, right? The BFFs grooved their way to the VIP section and the night only got weirder from there. Nevertheless, the best friends ended the night side-by-side which means it was a night well spent.

5. When They Met Hillary Clinton

One of the most memorable best friend moments was when they coincidentally got to meet their idol. Ilana got a job as a bike messenger and she was led to the office of Hillary Clinton, where she signed up to become a volunteer. When the two went back to the office for Ilana to quit, they miraculously ran into Hillz herself. What happened next was essentially a slow-motion montage of their proudest moment in history.

6. When They Went Back To Abbi’S Hometown

Last season, the girls went back to Abbi’s hometown of Wayne, Pennsylvania to clean out her childhood bedroom. IMO, it’s a pretty big deal to introduce your best girlfriend to your parents and show them around your hometown. It’s like combining your past life with your present, and it was as climactic as we would’ve hoped.

7. When They Attended A Rooftop Party

Abbi started to feel like a pushover at her job, so with the help of her BFF, she debuted the new and improved Abbi at a hipster charity party. The two girls partied it up and took advantage of everything the party had to offer, including the hot boys — natch. In classic wing-woman behavior, Abbi and Ilana hook up with a couple of DJs from the party. Turns out the two dudes were best friends, too, and things took a turn for the worse. Those who watched remember.

8. When Abbi Filled In For Ilana At Work

What are friends for if it isn’t swapping work shifts every now and then? Ilana realized she hadn’t completed enough volunteer hours for the Food Co-Op so she convinced Abbi to pose as her while she went to a doctors appointment. Honestly, Abbi pulled it off pretty well since she’s obviously nailed her best friend’s mannerisms. But unfortunately, Abbi fell for one of the workers and revealed her true identity — getting them both banned.

9. The Time They Worked The Coat Check Togeths

The besties worked a coat check at a party with some pretty big names. Working a coat check could only be made fun if you’re doing it with your partner in crime. They essentially did everything wrong and had to work together to decide whose coat was whose. Nevertheless, they slipped up once or twice, leading Abbi on a mission to return Kelly Ripa‘s jacket as Ilana parted on ad adventure of her own.

10. When They Disconnected Together

After falling down the Internet rabbit hole, the two girls realized they need to unplug together for the day. They were looking forward to a day off the grid so they skated to the dog wedding they were attending and enjoyed a phone-free excursion. Of course, Abbi fell into a ditch and Ilana spent the afternoon desperately searching for help. The support of her best friend is what got Abbi out of the somewhat hysterical situation and proved that these two are BFF goals at the very least.

11. When Ilana Was Nursing Abbi After Her Wisdom Teeth Removal

One can only hope that after they get their wisdom teeth pulled they have their best friend there to nurse them through all the pain. Not gonna lie, Nurse Ilana didn’t quite to the best job ever, but how much she cared for her friend was obvious.
Abbi is generally the one to play it safe while Ilana goes a bit wild — but when Abbi got her procedure, their roles completely swapped. Ilana’s statement that if Abbi died in surgery, she’d “still see you because I’m gonna kill myself and meet you in heaven or whatever!” may have been a bit over-the-top but the statement of love was clear.

12. When They Spent All Night Party Hopping

One of the best things about Abbi and Ilana is that if one has a crazy idea, the other one is always 100% in. So when the girls decided to spend the night out partying, it got to the point where Ilana texted every contact in her phone with “party?” to see who’d get back to her.
The night ended in a smoky underground bar and all of a sudden, Abbi was wearing a tuxedo jacket, a hat, and serenading the bar with “Get Happy.” Wild nights with weird endings with your BFF = some of the best nights ever.

13. Every Time They Had The Other’S Back 100%

Best friends talk about their periods, that’s a given but these two always take their friendship to the next level. While on the way to Israel, Abbi started her period — leading Ilana to go on the chase to hunt down a tampon on their flight. The episode was definitely #real and #relatable. If you’ve never embarrassed yourself to find your BFF a tampon, then you’re doing something wrong.
Afterwards, they spend the rest of their flight committed to finding a way to sit next to each other, obvi. We’ve all been there on a BFF trip.

14. The Time They Side-Hustled

In the first episode ever of the show, we see the dynamic of this incredibly strong friendship pan out. Ilana convinced Abbi to ditch work so they could scrounge together the money to get to a pop-up Lil Wayne concert that night. Considering the fact that they would do basically anything together to make a little money in order to have a fun time, this obviously included drumming on buckets in the park and cleaning some dude’s apartment in their underwear.
Most of us have probably concocted last-minute schemes with our friends to make a bit of cash and even though they never work out (neither did Abbi and Ilana’s), it’s usually the experience that matters in the end, anyway.

15. When They Proved Nobody Knows You Better Than Your Bff

Nothing says true friendship like knowing your BFF’s best… assets, we’ll say. Throughout the whole series, it’s made very clear that Ilana loves Abbi’s booty. It even helps Ilana identify Abbi in the big city. Would you know your BFF’s butt in a crowd?

16. The First Time They Met

The season four premiere gave us just want we wanted: Abbi and Ilana’s origin story. The episode shows two universes — one where they crossed paths but didn’t spend the day together, and the other where they become friends.
This basically shows us how much their lives would suck without each other (it’s true). And our lives would suck without them!

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