23 Things Every Real ’90s Kid Was Completely Obsessed With

We love the ’90s. All those neon colors, the outfits that make for the best/cutest costume ideas these days, and remember the music?

The days of spending hours playing Pretty Pretty Princess, SEGA, and Nintendo are now long gone and over. The decade made up so much of our childhood and now that we are full-fledged adults (kind of), sometimes a trip down memory lane is just the thing we need to relive the stresses of modern life. Here are 23 things from the ’90s that we’ve all been totally obsessed over at one point or another.

23. Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank was the greatest back in the ‘90s. That betch made pencils, pens, folders, backpacks, sheets, bedding… you name it, we wanted it all. We had to have every item and they each had to match. The bright colors and cute animals perfectly captured our preteen adolecence and no other brand could do it quite like Lisa coult. Good news, people, Lisa Frank is making a comeback.

22. Blockbuster Video Rentals

There was nothing better than hitting up the local Blockbuster for some video rentals on a Friday night with mom and dad. That bright blue sign lighting up the night to help guide you straight to the new releases. The Big Green, Little Giants and Ferngully were some of the greatest movies of all time. Sadly, long gone are the Blockbuster days and two-day rentals. Maybe we can stream some of those classics now instead of paying the $3.99 rental fee (plus 100 dollars in late fees). All that could have put us through college, TBH.

21. Pogs

Pogs were such a strange ‘90s trend but you had to have the best “slammer” or you were nobody. Apparently they were a game, but we are pretty sure we just used them to trade and as elementary school currency.

20. Beanie Babies

Apparently beanies are still a little bit of a thing. If you search the deep, dark crevices of the World Wide Web you are bound to find a hot trading market for some of the rarest beanies out there. Seriously, some of them go for pretty big bucks. Make sure all of the beanies are still in mint condish and have their plastic tag protector on them for maximize your profits.

19. TalkBoy

Macaulay Culkin and Home Alone totally put TalkBoys (and TalkGirls, if you rocked the pink and purple edition) on the map. We thought we were total “B.A.’s” while secretly recording our parents and then distorting their voices back while hiding in our closets. If only those pesky cassettes weren’t so difficult to rewind after the tape came spewing out all over the place.

18. Crimped Hair

Long before beach waves, barrel curls and flat iron curl tutorials, there was the crimp. If you were basic like us, you probably obsessed over having your mom braid your hair in a million little braids after your shower at night so you could wake up with perfectly crimped hair. Or you just rocked the crimping iron before school every day.

17. Mini Backpacks

Cher and Dionne were total #BFFGoals and rocked the mini backpack way before it was cool in the ’95 hit Clueless. They really weren’t ideal at all and you could only maybe fit a stick of Carefree gum in them, but they were so rad. #ASIF

16. Shell Necklaces

Shell necklaces were the ‘90s version of a statement necklace. Both girls and guys alike rocked the shell necklace way before Moana did. You were sure to see the hottest guy rocking his frosted tips and shell necklace or if you were lucky enough, he gave that shell necklace for you to wear with a little spritz of his cologne on it. #RelationshipGoals

15. Starter Jackets

You probably rocked a starter jacket with your favorite sports team on it at some point in your adolescent life. If you were really part of the “in crowd,” it was a pullover jacket with the half-zip and convenient fanny pouch for all of your fashion needs.

14. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips, the trend that is probably best left in the ‘90s. It seemed like the more you could cram in your hair, the more fashion forward you were. Never mind the fact that they dug into your scalp, broke more often than not and hurt like hell if anyone happened to touch or bump one of those plastic beauties.

13. Skip It

Ahhhh, SkipIt. The ‘90s version of a FitBit. These little babies tracked your jumps/steps based on how many times they spun around in a circle while attached to your ankle. Completely ignore the fact that they split open your shins and caused some serious lacerations around your ankles.

12. Trapper Keepers

The ‘90s adolescent version of an iPhone calendar and social media relationship status. You kept all of your important documents and assignments for school in these Velcro bad boys and doodled your crushes name in hearts all over the front. It was how all of your friends kept up with your relationships back in 6th grade and how you accumulated so many blood blisters from those damn metal rings on the insdie.

11. Mary Kate and Ashley

It seems their movies were never available at Blockbuster when we wanted them to be. These two have been acting inspiration, fashion moguls and hair goals since they were in diapers. The ‘90s held some of their best work and still have of us envious of all the hunks they got to mack on in those girls night classics. “Woah baby!”
We are still a bit hurt they didn’t come back for the Fuller House series.

10. AOL

Kids today will never know the pain and suffering we went through in the ‘90s when we just wanted to chat online with friends. We spent what seemed like an eternity listening to the awful screeching of just getting signed online to only get kicked off by our moms because they had to make a phone call five minutes later. Or getting the busy signal when you called your BFF cause their brother was playing some game online. Good times.
Oh how we long to hear the words “You’ve Got Mail” again.

9. Warheads

Nothing says good fun like a lunch period spent jamming sour candies into your cheeks to see who could last the longest with all of that pain and misery. Somehow they always managed to leave little sores on the inside of your cheeks but you had to try every single flavor.


Apparently this sugary, caffeine-infused drink is making a comeback along with everything else ’90s. You most likely spent your Friday nights with friends seeing who could guzzle back the most of these carbonated beverages. Pair them up with Warheads and you were sure to have a crazy night.

7. Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces are one ‘90s trend that have become all the rage yet again in the past few years. These statement pieces came in all forms and we all obsessed over them. The ever-fashionable hemp chokers, leather chokers, fake tattoo look alike chokers… you name it we all rocked them all and will gladly rock them again.

6. Digital Pets

We don’t know anyone who didn’t have a Giga Pet or a Tomagotchi back in the day. These little digital pets were fantastic to clip on your backpack and take care of for approximately five days before completely forgetting about them and coming back to a teeny, tiny digital grave marker. RIP Tomagotchi.

5. Gel Pens

Gel pens were the ultimate trapper keeper accessory. They allowed for hours of doodling all over the front cover and lead to the most fantastically decorated and color coded notes. If you were one of the lucky ones, you probably had the glitter infused ones and would doodle hearts and initials all over the back of your hand as well.


MASH stood for mansion, apartment, shack, house and was the ultimate fortune telling tool. It lead to some pretty unrealistic future homes, numbers of children and future spouses. Sadly we are still upset we aren’t living in a mansion with five kids fathered by Jonathon Taylor Thomas .

3. Furby

Furby was the predecessor to the now-trendy Hatchimal and was quite possibly equally as terrifying. These little gremlin lookalikes would randomly talk and require to eat at all hours of the night. They were quite possibly one of the hottest toys we all encountered at Christmas time in the ‘90s.

2. Original GameBoy

We all spent hours playing Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong on the little pixelated black and gray screen. The invention of the Gameboy light attachment was the perfect accessory for late night, under-the-covers play after lights out. Kids these days don’t know how lucky they are to have auto brightness and touch screens.

1. Y2K

Thankfully the world did not end when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000. We very vividly remember our grandparents obsessing over the world ending and stocking up on canned goods as a precaution to the apocalypse. Although, it did lead to some pretty good boy band music; “Millennium” by Backstreet Boys anyone?

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