2018 Breakups: A Complete List Of Celebrity Couples Who Called It Quits This Year

During the past few years, we’ve seen some truly heartbreaking celebrity breakups. 2017 saw the splitsof Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, and the worst of them all: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (still not over it). Then of course, 2016 was the year of the Great Brangelina Split we’ll never forget. 2015, as we all remember, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield decided they would be going back to being friends after giving love a chance (it was also the year Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani ended their respective relationships).

But, are we crazy to say that 2018 has had the biggest number of shocking and heartbreaking celebrity breakups yet? Couples that we truly thought would be together forever have traded in their his & her towels and covered up their matching tattoos for a shot at single life – again. And while obviously, all we want is for our favorite stars to be happy – with someone or independently – we’re not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt. The following couples called it quits this year – and the list keeps growing every day. Can’t any celebrity couple convince us that true love exists?

43. Kourtney Kardashian & Younes Bendjima

Just weeks after Younes Bendjima was slammed for writing a slut-shamey comment on Kourtney Kardashian‘s booty-ful Instagram post, it was reported by TMZ that the pair had broken up. Even worse – the news came just days after an explosive Instagram fight between Kourt and her sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. The pair started dating in 2016 and unfollowed each other on Instagram in early August.

42. Millie Bobby Brown & Jacob Sartorius

Let’s start off with our youngest couple on the list, Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown and musical.ly star turned YouTuber Jacob Sartorius. The two first spurred dating rumors in January 2018 before they were rocked by a cheating scandal in April. Several pieces of “evidence” popped up of Jacob allegedly asking other girls for nudes on social media and claiming he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Although MBB erased all her pictures of them together, it wasn’t long before they were all loved up on Instagram yet again. In the end of July, however, both Millie and Jacob, who are 14 and 15, respectively, announced on an Instagram Story that they were breaking up but “remaining friends.”

41. Harry Styles & Camille Rowe

Harry Styles kept his relationship so on the DL that we practically forgot he was dating anyone. But, he was, in fact, dating Victoria’s Secret Model Camille Rowe for around a year when they reportedly broke up in late July after his tour ended. Camille had apparently met the family, but the connection didn’t stick.

40. Halsey & G-Eazy

Halsey and G-Eazy split in early July after rumors of G-Eazy stepping out on the “Bad at Love” singer made headlines. Oh, and there were receipts. According to Snapchat screenshots, he was telling some other girl that he’d make a trip to London ~if he had a good reason~ and then even told her the size of his… package. That’s some information only Halsey herself (and maybe his past exes, too) could confirm! Days later, she released a statement. “I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans. G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart,” she said on social media. “I’m eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career, and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best. Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time.” Then she erased their coupled-up pictures from her IG and called it a day.

39. Colton Haynes & Jeff Leatham

In May, after only six months of marriage, Colton Haynes filed for a divorce from Jeff Leatham and sources immediately came out to say they’d been having trouble for a while. To make matters worse, the Arrow star released a song soon after called “Man It Sucks,” which talks about a partner cheating. Fans immediately started guessing it was about Colton’s soon-to-be ex-husband and flooded his social channels with hate. Colton came to Jeff’s defense on Twitter, though, saying, “Jeff would never cheat. He’s an amazing man. Please stop being mean to him. The song I wrote was about a past relationship.”

38. Taylor Nolan & Derek Peth

It’s kind of strange that you expect more from Bachelor in Paradise couples than you do ones that just met on The Bachelor(ette), but we’ve seen quite a few BiP duos wind up married with babies – so we kind of expected the same from Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth, who met on season four of the dating show. But in late June, Taylor and Derek announced they would be ending their engagement after less than a year. Many speculated it was the distance that got between the couple as Taylor had previously mentioned being in an LDR was hard for the two. Who knows? Maybe they’ll show up for another season of BiPAmanda Stanton did it after calling off her engagement to Josh Murray!

37. Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy

Another Bachelor Nation couple bites the dust! This time, a pair from Bachelor Winter Games. They were the first relationship that leaked before the show even premiered – and we really thought Dean Unglert could change his f*ckboi ways to make it work with Lesley Murphy, who was so clearly there for the right reasons. He even gave her a house key on the aftershow! But then they broke up in early April, with Lesley sharing the following words: “I came back to Winter Games because I’ve seen this franchise work miracles before. Through The Bachelor and my journey around the world, I have made deep connections, true meaningful intimate relationships with many walks of life. I know it’s imperative to find someone who chooses us and acknowledges our many layers, who can be open and vulnerable, and most importantly, who is ready.” Dean “not being ready” for a serious relationship came up quite a bit while he was on Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette and during his stint on Bachelor in Paradise season four. Lesley pretty much confirmed their split could be blamed on him – and we’re not all that surprised.

36. Brooklyn Beckham & Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have been on-again, off-again for years (they went public in 2016, but were first spotted together in 2014), but as of Valentine’s Day 2018, they were on again. Until, of course, they were off again. David Beckham‘s son was spotted kissing another woman – despite the world thinking he was still with Chloë – and things only got more complicated from there. First, the actress showed that she was listening to Cardi B‘s song “Be Careful” (which is about Offset‘s infidelity). Then, she ‘liked’ a meme of herself with her middle finger popped up, and the caption “greetings to Brooklyn Beckham from a motherf*cker.” Only time will tell if these two link up once again – but some things are better left in the past.

35. Jennie Garth & David Abrams

Married in July 2015, this Beverly Hills 90210 star’s husband filed for divorce in April, months after reports first surfaced that the two were having some marital problems and spending time apart. Jennie Garth and David Abrams had a whirlwind romance in the beginning – they were engaged four months after they went public as a couple and married three months after that. This is Jennie’s third divorce – she was married in 1994 to Daniel Clark for two years, and she and Peter Facinelli were together from 2001 to 2013 and had three children together. Who knows if she’ll walk down the aisle for the fourth time!

34. Jonathan Scott & Jacinta Kuznetsov

Property Brothers star Drew Scott has been lucky in love this year – he and Linda Phan got married in 2018 after meeting in 2010. His twin brother and co-star, however, hasn’t seen quite the same fate. Jonathan Scott and his girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov called it quits after over two years of dating. After the split, Jonathan spoke out on Instagram saying, “When I met Jacinta in the fall of 2015, I met somebody kind and courageous and a champion for human/animal rights… We grew to respect each other fiercely and know that will remain unchanged for the rest of our lives.” Talk about classy!

33. Steven R. McQueen & Alexandra Silva

This Vampire Diaries actor and model Alexandra Silva are another couple who called off their engagement in 2018. What’s strange is that they also got engaged in 2018. There were less than five months between the end of their relationship in May and him getting down on one knee in January. When asked by Us Weekly about wedding planning, Steven R. McQueen declared, “You know what? Actually, we called it off,” telling the whole world that he was back on the market. HOWEVER, he’s not focusing on dating right now. Instead, he’s having “me time.” Respectable.32

32. Jillian Michaels & Heidi Rhoades

After over eight years together, fitness guru Jillian Michaels and her fiancée Heidi Rhoades decided to call off their engagement. The pair has two children together and they’re dedicated to effectively co-parenting their son and daughter for the rest of their lives. After the split, Jillian made a heartfelt post to social media. “We’ve found we’re better friends and parents living apart than staying together. Life and people change but our love for one another and commitment to raising our two kids as an inseparable team remains,” she wrote. That’s the way to do it!

31. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro & Jen Harley

Are these two together right now? Are they apart? We don’t really know. All we really DO know is that they shouldn’t be together and we hope one of their many public breakups of 2018 actually sticks. To give a recap: Jen Harley got pregnant with The Jersey Shore star’s baby just before he went to film the revival season. While he was there, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro admitted that he still loved his ex Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and may-or-may-not-have cheated on his current GF with a rando in Miami. But they remained together until May 2, when they broke up and published their volatile fight on an Instagram Live video. It appeared to get physical, with Ronnie shouting, “Put your hands on me again… put your f*cking hands on me again I dare you. I f**king dare you.”

Then they apparently got together again, because she went to Las Vegas to see him while filming season two of the revival and they got in another physical altercation… while their baby was in the car. As of July 4, they were hanging out with sources saying, “one day on, next day off,” about their relationship. We get trying to stay together for your kids, but what about when your relationship is so obviously toxic?!

30. Sam Smith & Brandon Flynn

We were really rooting for Sam Smith and his 13 Reasons Why beau, but sadly, these two couldn’t make it work. They were first spotted canoodling in October 2017 and got serious quickly, with Sam even mentioning that he could see himself having kids with Brandon Flynn. But nine months after going public, reports surfaced the Sam and Brandon had split. The two quickly wiped all photos of them together from their Instagrams, but Brandon left one pic (the photo above). Unfortunately, it looks like distance and busy schedules had the biggest part to play in their breakup.

29. Clare Crawley & Benoit Beauséjour-Savard

Okay, we’ll admit that we kind of saw this one coming. After meeting on Bachelor Winter Games, Clare Crawley made it known that she wasn’t ~quite~ as interested in sweet Canadian man Benoit Beauséjour-Savard as he was in her. Then, she left the show when Christian Rauch wasn’t ~quite~ as interested in her as she was in him. It was very complicated. But during the aftershow World Tells All, Benoit and Clare revealed they’d been seeing each other since the show ended, AND Ben got down on one knee to pop the question. You know, the big one. The same week that Lesley and Dean announced their split, this couple did the same. “It’s with a heavy heart that we have mutually decided to end our relationship.” Classic.

28. Emma Watson & Chord Overstreet

Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet‘s split is a strange one because they were never *officially* confirmed to be together and most recent reports suggest the two might be dating yet again. But still, that doesn’t change the fact that there was (allegedly) a breakup in late May. After six months of paparazzi sneaking candid photos of the two canoodling around LA, the two unfollowed each other on Instagram. Emma was very vocal that she would not be talking about her love life publicly, so she never talked about the Glee star, but the photos spoke for themselves. One month after the reported breakup, they were photographed kissing in LA again. Who knows with these two?!

27. Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart

McSteamy is back on the market after Rebecca Gayheart filed for a divorce in February. The pair was married in 2004 and agreed on joint legal and physical custody over their two shared children. Though reports came out saying that their marriage was a “disaster” for more than ten years due to Eric Dane‘s lack of commitment, the Grey’s Anatomy star made a statement to People, saying, “After 14 years together we have decided that ending our marriage is the best decision for our family. We will continue our friendship and work as a team to co-parent our two beautiful girls as they are the most important thing in the world to us.” In any breakup, the kids are the most important thing to think about.

26. Elon Musk & Amber Heard

Elon Musk and Amber Heard started dating in 2016 while both of them were going through separate divorces. They made their first public appearance together in early 2017 before splitting in August, saying it mostly had to do with the distance between them while they were working. But at the end of January 2018, they were spotted together again – with sources saying they were back on. Not for long, though!
Just one week after they were reported to be dating again, a source mentioned they’d broken up again and claimed Amber’s need for independence was to blame. Now they’re apparently having awkward run-ins all over Hollywood from the Met Gala to Oscar parties, but it doesn’t seem like a reconciliation is on the table – for now.

25. Jesse Williams & Minka Kelly

Jesse Williams is going through a nasty divorce, and we’re sure that didn’t make anything easier when it came to his relationship with Minka Kelly. The two began dating in summer of 2017 (or earlier), with both denying that there was any overlap between their relationship and the ending of the Grey’s Anatomy star’s marriage to his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, whom he’d married in 2012 and had a 13-year relationship with prior to their breakup. A week after the news of Jesse and Minka’s split went public, the actress was spotted smooching a mystery man in LA. Nothing came of the photos, however, and neither Jesse nor Minka decided to reveal what led to the split.

24. Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt

Zero Bachelor Winter Games couples actually made it (fine, except for Courtney Dober and Lily McManus from New Zealand and Australia), but this one was double the shock because they were the season’s winners. We really wanted Ashley Ianconetti to get her love story after getting jerked around by Jared Haibon for all these years. And, on the show, it looked like she did. Ashley and Kevin Wendt left the show a power couple, but they were dunzo just a few weeks after the finale episode aired.

In a strange turn of events, Ashley is now engaged to Jared, and it looks like dating Kevin (and breaking up with him!) was just what she needed. Not all love stories follow the same format. Kevin wished her and Jared the best after news hit headlines. We were never sure he was ~there for the right reasons~ anyways.

23. Usher & Grace Miguel

In March, the news hit that Usher and his wife Grace Miguel were breaking up after almost ten years together and two years of marriage. The pair told Us Weekly, “We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives. The enormous amount of love and respect that we have for each other will only increase as we move forward.” It’s the “Confessions” singer’s second divorce after he split with Tameka Foster in ’09.

22. Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison

OK, this is a split we kind of (totally) saw coming, too. The pair was married in 2011 when Courtney Stodden was controversially only 16 years old. Doug Hutchinson was 51 at the time. In 2017, it was reported that the two were “separated,” though they were still living together. The two also took a break from their relationship briefly in 2013. However, in March of 2018, Courtney officially filed for a divorce from her husband despite the fact that in January she’d publicly pleaded on Instagram for him to consider getting back together. “Me and my husband have been going through a really rough time — separation, and ultimately divorce, coming up in a week. I’ve, at the last minute, realized that I don’t want it and I want to try to make things work,” she wrote. Sadly, it seems to be all for naught.

21. Alicia Silverstone & Christopher Jarecki

The ’90s were a big decade for Alicia Silverstone. Not only would she snag her most iconic role as Cher from Clueless, but she’d also meet the man she’d spend twenty years of her life in a relationship with, Christopher Jarecki. The two linked up in 1998, were married in 2005 and had a son together, Bear Blu, in 2011. Their rep made a statement to People in May, saying, “They still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends but have mutually decided to separate after being together for 20 years.” Co-parenting is their number-one priority, as it should be.

20. Claire Foy & Stephen Campbell Moore

Though Claire Foy and her husband Stephen Campbell Moore didn’t announce their separation until February 2018, the two also said in a statement that they “have been [separated] for some time” by that point. Claire shot to fame with her role on Netflix’s The Crown, but it was filming her first film, Season of the Witch, when she met Stephen on set. The two were married in 2014 and had a daughter together the next year.

19. Sarah Silverman & Michael Sheen

Sarah Silverman announced her split with Michael Sheen in February saying, “We just live in different countries [and] it got hard.” The comedian had spoken about the pair’s difficulties with being in a long-distance relationship on several occasions, even calling Michael her “on-again, off-again lover” on ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel‘s talk show. Sarah and Michael were first romantically linked in 2014, and she had a recurring role on his show Masters of Sex, which was canceled in 2016. Michael has a daughter with Kate Beckinsale, with whom he split in 2003.

18. Julie Bowen & Scott Phillips

Phil and Claire Dunphy have a marriage that many could only dream about – but it looks like Julie Bowen‘s relationship with her IRL husband wasn’t as smooth-sailing. The actress filed for divorce in February of 2018 after being married for 13 years. They, too, have three children together – eight-year-old twins and another ten-year-old son.

17. Lena Dunham & Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff famously said they wouldn’t get married until gay marriage was legal in all 50 states, but the pair never made it that far. Their split went public in early January, and a month later, an essay she’d published said that they began growing apart as she prepared for a complete hysterectomy. The two first met after being set up on a blind date in 2012. In March, the Girls creator was spotted with a new guy just after Jack went public with Carlotta Kohl at a Knicks game.

16. Brooke Burke & David Charvet

Brooke Burke and David Charvet called it quits in April 2018. Brooke filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” They had been separated since January, though they were spotted together just weeks prior to the divorce filing at a red carpet event. Brooke was (at the time) mysteriously not wearing her wedding ring. This was Brooke’s second marriage, and she’d expressed immense regret over the first one’s failure. “I regret having a marriage that didn’t work because divorce is ‘forever’ for children. I regret that my two oldest daughters have to grow up knowing that sometimes a family falls apart,” the former Dancing with the Stars host told New You. Brooke and David have two children together – aged 11 and 10. The two assured fans there was nothing “scandalous” about their decision to split.

15. Ariana Grande & Mac Miller

You’re living under a rock if you don’t know how this one ends! After two years of dating, a couple song collaborations, and a few inspired tracks, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller split in early May. Within days, the pop princess told the world that her relationship with Mac was “toxic” and there would be no turning back. Then, within days of that announcement going public, she met Pete Davidson, they hit it off and were engaged within a month. Talk about doing a complete 180!

14. Pete Davidson & Cazzie David

Here’s the other relationship the Pete/Ariana saga left in its wake. Pete was reportedly “on a break” with Cazzie David when he and Ariana got together, meaning she was probably the most shocked when news that the Saturday Night Live funnyman had gotten two new tattoos for his new girl made headlines. Pete announced that he’d broken up with the daughter of Larry David just days before news that he and the “Dangerous Woman” singer were “casually dating” went public. We wouldn’t quite call what they’ve got going “casual,” but we do kind of ship it.

13. Liam Payne & Cheryl

After dodging rumors for months that they were broken up, Liam Payne and Cheryl confirmed that their relationship was over. They’d been together ever since reuniting on The X Factor in late 2015 during One Direction‘s last show pre-hiatus (or ever, who knows?). They met during his first audition for The X Factor when he was 14, which is a little creepy, but didn’t start dating until he was well above legal age. They were notoriously private about their relationship and basically refused to confirm that Cheryl was pregnant with their baby – despite rumors – until she looked like she was about to pop! They named their son Bear, but it wouldn’t be long before rumors of their split plagued newsstands. They tried for a while to deny it before finally saying they were done in July. Luckily, it looks like they are committed to co-parenting Bear amicably, which is all you can hope for when kids are involved in highly-publicized celebrity breakups.

12. John Cena & Nikki Bella

Not going to lie, we still have not given up hope for a reconciliation between John Cena and Nikki Bella. Just weeks before she was set to walk down the aisle, the Total Bellas reality star ended her engagement with John, saying she didn’t want a “pity wedding” and could tell he was getting cold feet. The two constantly bumped heads over their future – whether they’d get married and have children or not – and Nikki realized that John’s proposal might have been more about her than him actually having a change of heart about what he wanted. Just after that news went public, John pleaded (on television!) to get her back – saying he wanted to marry her and have children with her. The two are still working on their relationship, but as of early July, are “just friends,” according to Nikki.

11. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

This is another strange example where one of the two is already engaged to another person after splitting with her S/O earlier this year. To be fair, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s revived relationship was never confirmed after they got back together in late 2016, but they were spotted going to Church together – and kissing – so it was pretty obvious the flame had been relit. She posted an Instagram for his birthday, even! But then, things were apparently off again, and Justin had hooked back up with his other ex, Hailey Baldwin. Mere weeks after they were seen canoodling in NYC, their engagement in the Bahamas sent fans into a tizzy.

10. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan

When you think “devastating 2018 breakups,” you almost certainly think about Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Seriously, who would’ve imagined these two couldn’t make it work?! The two were married for almost nine years after meeting on the set of Step Up and had an adorable baby named Everly together. “We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together,” they told People in early April before the internet completely lost their $h*! over the news. There were rumors that Channing’s partying got in between them, but Jenna was quick to shut that gossip right down. Instead, the two have remained good friends. On Mother’s Day, Channing posted a sweet Instagram Story for his baby mama, even calling her “baby”! We’re not crying – you are!

9. Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

Okay, it’s possible that when you think “devastating 2018 breakups,” THIS is the one you think of. We saw Jennifer Aniston through that terrible breakup with Brad Pitt and thought that this time, she’d truly found “The One” in Justin Theroux. That was until February 2018, when they announced their breakup after two years of marriage and almost seven years as a couple. Technically they were broken up at the end of 2017, but since we didn’t know we had to mourn this couple until 2018, we’re still going to count it as a 2018 celebrity breakup.

8. Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid

This is another broken up celebrity couple that is currently back together. With all the on-again, off-again relationships in Hollywood, it’s almost impossible to keep track who’s together! Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid first sparked dating rumors after her breakup with Joe Jonas in November 2015. By the new year, they were all sorts of official before a brief relationship break in the spring. Obviously, it didn’t stick, and the two were going strong as one of the hottest celebrity couples ever until they released breakup statements in March 2018. But, by June, they were Instagramming photos together yet again and seemed to be full-on back together. Not all celebrity breakups last (and that’s a good thing).

7. Daniel Franzese & Joseph Bradley Phillips

The Mean Girls star and his fiancé Joseph Bradley Phillips announced their split in late June, with Daniel Franzese telling People, “Sometimes shooting stars shine so brightly that they burn out and now we must go separate ways but I hope my path always crosses with his.” Poetic. The two were engaged in ’16 and had been together for over a year before Daniel got down on one knee. Sadly, they’re just one of many engaged celebrity couples who never made it down the aisle.

6. Geena Davis & Reza Jarrahy

Geena Davis and her husband of almost 17 years Reza Jarrahy called it quits earlier this year when Reza filed for divorce in early May. It turns out the two had actually separated in fall of 2017 but waited until this year to formally move forward with ending their marriage. The two share three children together – twins named Kaiis Steven and Kian William and an older daughter named Alizeh Keshvar.

5. Miranda Lambert & Anderson East

In April, this country crooner and her R&B; musician man’s decision to split after two years as a couple was confirmed, though the two had been battling breakup rumors for months prior. Miranda Lambert and Anderson East paired up months after her divorce from Blake Shelton – however, their loved-up photos came to a screeching halt at the end of 2017, when many believe their trouble in paradise began. No official cause has been announced at the center of this split, but like so many celebrity breakups, it’s likely that their hectic work and travel schedules had a part to play.

4. Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett‘s nine-year marriage was not without its ups and downs. They’d suffered through Kendra’s post-partum depression, a highly-publicized cheating scandal and marital problems portrayed on Kendra’s reality show Kendra on Top. But the two eventually decided to throw the towel in, with their official separation date listed as January 1 when the former Playmate filed divorce papers in April. A few months later, she got into a public Twitter feud with the former NFL guy before she deleted the tweets and apologized on social media. There’s always drama with these two and it’s unclear if this most recent spat will be the last.

3. Olivia Culpo & Danny Amendola

Why do so many celebrity couples break up and make up like it’s no big deal? Sure, sometimes you realize you made a mistake in ending things – but deciding to actually call it quits is a big choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola are another example of a Hollywood reconciliation. After fans noticed the NFL player unfollowed Olivia on social media, they speculated that there was a breakup announcement coming. Sure enough, the model told Access Hollywood, “We are broken up and it’s just so fresh for me. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it,”at the end of March. Sources told E! News that Danny “couldn’t handle Olivia’s demanding lifestyle and wasn’t pleased with certain choices she was making.” …whatever that means. But it looks like he changed his tune. The pair was officially back together in early June and getting restaurant complaints for their PDA by July. Yes. Really.

2. Logic & Jessica Andrea

Logic had a pretty amazing 2017 – winning an MTV Video Music Award and getting nominated for a Grammy – but sadly, his 2018 has been a little more difficult. After marrying Jessica Andrea two years ago, the couple announced their split in March. “After two years of marriage, we have come to the loving conclusion that we are much better as friends,” he wrote. Aren’t all these breakup announcements starting to sound the same? He added, “No fighting, no cheating, no nothing. We love each other and will continue to support each other for the rest of our lives.”

1. Amber Rose & 21 Savage

In March, Amber Rose and 21 Savage decided their relationship wasn’t working and broke up less than a year after announcing they were officially together. Weeks after their split, Amber posted a heartfelt love letter on Instagram about her former man, saying, “I Love this man so much. I know the Internet portrays me to be some heartless person or they feel like I’m incapable of love, but I love him so hard. He is not only one of the most talented people I have ever met but he is so real, humble and smart as hell.” However, it doesn’t seem as if that did much because by July, Amber was reportedly in a relationship with NBA player Monte Morris. Best way to get over someone is to get with someone else, right?

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