19 Lorelai Gilmore Outfits That We Would Honestly Wear

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fanatic, you know that everything on that show absolutely screams early 2000s. The jokes, the pop culture references, the theme music, but most importantly — Lorelai Gilmore’s iconic fashion sense. Since Rory is in her school uniform for like, 99% of the show, Lorelai’s outfit choices take center stage.

While some of her outfits are still a little too wacky to wear now, it’s undeniable that certain elements of early 2000s fashion are coming back into style. We’re talking tight and sporty tees, sheer blouses, bomber jackets, little black dresses and flare jeans. Lorelai may have actually been ahead of her time when it came to her outfit choices. Don’t believe us? We’ve compiled a list of some of Lorelai Gilmore’s most iconic outfits that would be trendy AF today.

19. This slinky black dress

We had to start with a timeless classic: the LBD. Lorelei Gilmore looks absolutely gorge in this tight, class black dress. The loose, ruffly sleeves and subtle polka dots on this dress give it a fun, playful vibe, but the overall look is still totally sexy.
This is the kind of dress that you would find in your mom’s closet, but it would mysteriously fit you and basically look good on everyone who tries it on. The dress would chic great with a pair of glamorous, strappy heels or a cute pair of chunky, platform sandals.

18. This baby blue tee and jeans

This is the kind of outfit that you would probably spend a long time picking out in the hopes of achieving that “laid-back, effortlessly cool” kind of vibe. The pastel blue color is distinctly mod and has a very American Apparel kind of vibe. Paired with the slouchy leather bag and a pair of boyfriend jeans, it looks like something you could wear to the library or on a coffee date to look hip and totally put together… but like you really don’t care about fashion and didn’t try too hard.

17. This hilarious but undeniably cute pug shirt

Okay yes — this shirt is 100% ridiculous. But the overwhelmingly-2000s style of it makes it a statement on its own. While Lorelai’s overall good-girl style makes it look straight-up tacky, imagine this paired with a cute black skirt and a destroyed denim jacket, or with some mom jeans.
With the right pairings, this shirt could be totally ironically trendy, think something Ilana on Broad City might wear with some track pants.

16. This cozy sweater/flannel combo

Some things never change! This outfit is a timeless classic, AKA I’m pretty sure I wore this exact thing to class last week. This short, fitted flannel with a baggy oversized sweater? Lorelei Gilmore looks like she walked straight off the campus of a modern liberal arts college. If you want to look like you put some effort into your outfit but aren’t willing to sacrifice warmth/comfort — a baggy, open cardigan is a necessity. Lorelei’s skinny jeans look great with this, but leggings would also work as a comfy substitute for this outfit.

15. This glittery green sweater

Again, majorly 2000s but in a self-aware kind of way. Sheer tops/sweaters are back in a big way, and Lorelai Gilmore proves exactly why in this sexy-cute blouse. The earthy color of it makes it look a little more wearable and artsy rather than overly-gaudy and flashy.
How cute would this look with a simple bralette and some high-waisted, relaxed-fit jeans? Also, talk about outfit diversity, Lorelai can go from wearing a baggy flannel and sheepskin jacket to this sheer number and still maintain her personal style. What an icon.

14. This sexy black ensemble

Lorelai looks super put-together and formal without losing her young, hot mom aesthetic in this all-black number. This is the kind of thing we would wear to some kind of special event or going out for cocktails, but Lorelai rocks it while going to Friday family dinner with her parents and Rory. While the patent-leather pumps kind of date this outfit, it would look great with some strappy heels or chunky, heeled ankle boots.

13. This casual corduroy jacket

This is one of the most classic Lorelai Gilmore ~looks~. All she’s missing is the flare jeans and a bandana. This jacket is a staple in her closet that appears in, like, every other episode. Now, maybe it’s just because we’re Gilmore Girls-obsessed, but we absolutely want one too.
Something about it gives off this effortless, vintage vibe. The belt may be one step too far back into the 2000s, but with a cute skirt or some jeans from this decade, this jacket would look totally cute.

12. This cute graphic tee

There’s kind of a recurring theme here, which is that Lorelai Gilmore knows how to wear a tee shirt. This shirt is casual and cute, plus the graphic on it makes it looks cute and modern. This is the kind of tee shirt that you can either dress up or down. Wear it like Lorelai and add a cute lil’ necklace and some dark wash jeans, or go more casual and wear it with some leggings on your way to yoga class.

11. This mod red turtleneck tank

OKAY, LORELAI. I definitely just paid $60 for this exact tank top at Urban Outfitters. Turtlenecks/mock turtlenecks are back in a big way. Sweaters, tank tops, crop tops — you name it, it exists in turtleneck form at literally every store you go into.
Also, this pic is kind ~less than flattering~ for Rory, but it kind of proves that Lorelai is the real fashionista of the duo. Who knew that Lorelai Gilmore invented turtleneck sweaters in the early year of 2002? What a trendsetter.

10.This awesome lacy dress

LOL, hi, Luke. But ignore him and check out Lorelai’s stunning dress. Seriously, this is one our favorite look of hers because the dress is way ahead of its time. It might be a bit much with the glittery sweater, but the dress on its own is chic AF. Everything about the cut-outs, the lace detail and the cut of it is super glamorous in an understated way. Basically, if you saw someone wearing this on the red carpet it wouldn’t look out of place.

9. This #iconic bomber jacket

Lorelai Gilmore coming in hot with another classic look. The sheepskin bomber jacket is basically the Gilmore Girls mascot. Not sure if it’s just the coziness of this jacket but we honestly want one so badly. It would be the perfect jacket to transition to fall. Can you just picture yourself heading out into Stars Hollow with a warm cup of coffee, taking in all the colorful changing leaves? No?
Regardless, this would look awesome with a denim skirt and your favorite pair of fall boots.

8. This millennial pink peacoat

Again, Lorelai Gilmore is the ultimate trendsetter. This peacoat might seem like a bit much, but does the color look familiar? That’s right, it’s millennial freaking pink. Lorelai looks like an actual Barbie in this pic. She seriously looks like Cher in Clueless — cute, spunky and a tiny bit crazy (in a totally charming way).
Jackets like this might seem a little much on your mom, but Lorelei’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

7. This chunky sweater

This is kind of what we hope we look like when we’re having a lazy Sunday, chilling on the couch and watching Netflix (probably with slightly more Cheeto dust, but whatever).
This chunky, fluffy sweater looks straight out of a Free People catalog. The knit on it is super interesting, and the material would feel like wearing a blanket all day long. Now that it’s slightly colder, we’re trying to figure out where to cop this look ASAP.

6. This awesome sheer blouse

This blouse might look a little outdated and maybe a tiny bit tacky to some, but in our opinion, it’s one of those hidden gems you would find at a thrift store and be like “I can’t tell if this is cute or not?”
Trust us — it is. With a messy bun and some destroyed jeans, it would take this shirt from being early 2000s mom-chic to just straight-up fashionable.

5. This tee fit for any “cutie”

This is another one of those shirts that kind of makes you roll your eyes and say, “seriously, Lorelai? You are a mother.” Regardless of the fact that Lorelai looks a little bit ridiculous in this tee, we want it. These kind of graphic tees are seriously trendy rn, and with a pair of some white Adidas and track pants, this shirt would make for an awesome streetwear outfit. Think Sporty Spice.

4. This sporty ensemble

SPEAKING of trendy streetwear, we saved this GEM of a Lorelai Gilmore look for last. This just shows how she was truly lightyears ahead of her time, fashion-wise. Like, there’s a 99% chance that Kylie Jenner has worn this exact outfit. The black tee, the denim jacket, AND the track pants. 10/10.
Rory was seriously mistaken in that one episode where she tries to convince Lorelai to throw away a bunch of her clothes. These are treasures. Don’t stop doing you, Lorelai.

3. This fall ensemble

So, jury’s still out on if this long, chunky necklace would be allowed in a 2017-2018 fashionable look (my gut’s saying it’s a firm ‘no’), but I can say with certainty that this off-white sweater and brown, leather jacket combo would kill it in the fall fashion game nowadays. Picture those pieces with a tight, black skirt and knee-high boots. Plus, accessorizing with some shopping bags? Even better.

2. This stylin’ dress

This dress is the perfect business casual look that transitions from summer to fall seamlessly. The tie-up neck accent is something that we’re seeing more and more in modern fashion trends and we’re not exactly upset about it, either.

1. This Cold-Weather Combination

Bringing it all the way back to season one, there are many things about this ‘fit to point out. The peek of the knee-high purplish leather boots, for one. Where can I get those? Headband? Check. Long black coat? Check. Warm, snuggly scarf? Also, check. This is the perfect date night outfit for when fall starts turning into winter — which makes Lorelai sitting with Luke all the more appropriate!

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